Commercial Exterior Design Tips to Improve Your Business

Being an artist is not something we can all achieve to do. You truly need to possess certain talents that will allow you to participate in that industry. Despite that, you must regularly work on your skills. The talent won’t improve alone and it might even disappear if you don’t take care of it.

You should know as well that artists are curious people. They feel unsatisfied when certain things are unclear to them. Despite that, they will invest a lot of effort to experiment with things and discover something new. Fortunately, it seems that some artists manage to accomplish the researches they do. Because of that, art and real estate are now more connected fields than ever before.

The exterior design of your property plays a crucial role. There are many reasons why people decide on that move. First of all, real estate businesses want to raise the price of the property they are selling or renting. On the other hand, businesses from other fields are doing that because of promotion. If their property is unique, people will start talking about it.

Connection of Art and Real Estate Isn’t New

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We don’t want to say that the influence of the art of real estate didn’t exist before. The traces of that connection are visible in many ways. As we said, curiosity, together with admiration, are two traits commonly found in art lovers. Thanks to Tom John Light, both industries got a creation that will probably cause some major changes. He invented LightArt, a brand that has the goal to combine Art and Real Estate.

Combining these two industries was a fantasy for a long time. Some artists before Tom tried to do the same thing. Unfortunately, the results were not good enough and different ideas didn’t turn into reality. Fortunately, LightArt launched its branded real estate.

The story about Tom John Light is entertaining He is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur born in Israel. He was only 18 when he moved to the USA and started a couple of businesses. Logically, real estate and art were two of his biggest passions. Many years later, he started to collaborate with real estate developers and share his talents and skills with them.

The team of designers, architects, and artists works hard to complete the entire job. They will manage to improve your interior and exterior and add some traces of their style. Doing that is not easy, but you probably know that because you came here.

After telling some interesting facts about both industries, let’s get to the point. LightArt is proof that these two industries are perfectly matchable. Because of that, we would like to share certain exterior design tips to improve your business.

Let’s find them out together!

Start with Windows


Choosing the windows for your commercial property probably is the most difficult part. You will need to pick those that feature durability. If you want to follow trends, you might want to decide on larger and expensive windows. These windows start from the floor and they go up to the ceilings.

On the other hand, we know that some people are bigger fans of traditional style. In that case, rectangular white-paned windows would probably be the better choice. Of course, all the windows of that type need to be symmetrically stated. That is the only way to make that type of exterior attractive.

Be Careful with Office Textures and Materials

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We don’t want to say that number of options you will find is low. Because of that, deciding on materials to decor your office exterior will be a tough challenge. The recommendation that we have is to balance durability with aesthetics. In other words, it would be good to make office exterior matchable with your style.

Modern minimalists would probably be bigger fans of sleek steel. On the other hand, tumbled stones and cedar shingles are a better match for a country style. Yet, making these decisions alone might not be the best thing to do. It would be a lot smarter to consult a skilled design architect. Doing things alone might lead to certain mistakes that can cost you a lot.

There is one online tool that might bring you peace of mind. You can use so-called visual tools that will tell you which choice is the best one. By basic Google research, you will manage to find a lot of them. However, even then, it is recommendable that you talk with the designer.

Pick the Right Color Combination

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Picking the right color combination for your property exterior is tough. For instance, some people like to use basic colors while others would rather choose bold ones. You can also match it with your interior, but you can also make it completely different. All these decisions make things a bit more complex.

Because of that, we suggest you use two shades of the same color. That is going to be the safest solution you have if you hesitate to risk with some other combinations. Logically, one of the colors should be lighter while the other one should be darker.

Different Design for Front Entrance

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It is crucial that you somehow highlight the front entrance of your property. Logically, the first step you should do is to paint your front door. However, you should also add two shared or tints. That can bring some effective and interesting results. Some companies decide on using bold and contrasting colors. In that way, they strive to make their entryway sand out.

Still, colors are not the only thing you should worry about. Adding certain features might freshen up your entrance as well. For instance, you can add rugs, plants, or even style-lightning.

Use the Benefits of Landscaping

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You should consider a few more things before you decide to use plants. Before everything, you need to know which type of plant will be there. Some people are bigger fans of native plants and local soils. Keep in mind that those plants won’t grow immediately after you place them. It takes time until they get the most beautiful look. That is the key reason why you should start your “journey” as soon as possible.

Final Thought

Brands like LightArt might help you to get out of the box. As we said, the most modern exterior designs will raise the value of your property. If you don’t plan to sell it, you will, at least, become recognizable among people. It is hard to believe you will get better advertising than that.