8 Best Family Movies On Netflix That Are Worth Watching And How To Download

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Netflix has been the optimal streaming service of all time for both children and adults. With  Netflix Video Downloader, you have the liberty to pick and watch all the best Family movies on Netflix both online and offline. Enjoy the best family comedy movies on Netflix while relaxing with your family and friends offline. We will guide you through the step-by-step tutorial below.

This slate of movies entails the Best Family Movies on Netflix including Psychological Thriller and the Best nonanimated family movies on Netflix:

1. Feel the Beat (2020)

This is among the best family movies on Netflix that any parent would enjoy watching with their kids. If you enjoy watching family dance comedy-drama films, Feel the Beat is the perfect selection for you. It is about a self-absorbed dancer April (Sofia Carson) from the movie Descendants, who returns to her home after blowing a Broadway audition and accepts to tutor a squad of young hopefuls for a big competition. She learns how to be kind and Patient as she continues to coach the students for the competition. You can watch this movie easily with Netflix Video Downloader.

2. Enola Holmes 2 (2024)

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The movie adapts the first novel in The Enola Holmes Mysteries, Enola departs to London in search of her missing mother, Eudora but ends up on a breathtaking adventure. It is a mystery film starring Millie Bobby Brown as the main character Enola Holmes, who is the teenage sister and the youngest sibling of the well-known Sherlock Holmes a detective. Enola is a brilliant, observant, and prudent girl who disregards the social norms for women of all time. Eudora has trained her on how to play chess and motivates her to be a strong-willed and free-minded lady.

3. The Princess Switch (2018)

The Princess Switch is a mind-blowing best family movie on Netflix, which proffers a healthy dose of a holiday, is charming, entertaining, and is a delightful romantic comedyfilm for any hopeless romantic out there. It involves two young look-alike ladies of about the same age who are distant relatives who agree to switch lives for fun. They look very much alike that they even fooled their boyfriends at some point. Some days they switch with another look-alike relative as young as they are.

4. After Life of the Party (2024)

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If you are looking for a movie to crack you up, this one will get you there. The film stars Cassie (Victoria Justice) and her friend Lisa (Midori Francis) who encounter challenges in their relationship upon reaching adulthood where their social lives and interests are now different. Cassie realizes she has some wrongs to do right here on Earth after she dies in a freak accident after an argument at the party that they attended with Lisa to move on to a happy afterlife.

5. It (2017)

Some fans prefer cozying up on the couch under a blanket watching the best family horror movies on Netflix during Halloween. It is a horror/thriller movie based on Stephen King’s terrifying 1986 novel, starring Bill Skarsgard as the murderous clown. It tells the story of a group of Seven outcast children from the Losers’ Club who are terrorized by the evil clown which emerges from the sewer, as they face their demons in the process. This movie will haunt your dreams.

6. Hush (2016)

If you can classify Quiet Place as the Best Family Movies on Netflix, Hush, also turns silence into a horrifying plot device. In the film, a deaf writer Maddie Young lost her hearing ability after contracting bacterial meningitis. With hopes to advance her writing career, Maddie leaves New York City and begins living her life in the woods which is a very isolated area with her cat. Maddie has to fight for her life after a killer who hastily deduces that Maddie is deaf enters her home.

7. Holiday in the wild (2019)

Fans who love the best family Christmas movies on Netflix should watch Holiday in the wild. Kate Conrad surprises her husband, Drew with a honeymoon to Zambia after their son, Luke, leaves for college. Kate feeling jilted by Drew who wants them to get separated now that their son has joined college decides to go on the trip by herself where she meets an elephant conservationist, Derek who notices her and strikes up a conversation with her.

8. Sing 2 (2024)

This is one worth streaming due to the engaging soundtrack and fun performances. It is among the best family movies on Netflix, where Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) and the gang present the biggest show on a new stage, although this time they have to persuade Clay Calloway (Bono) a superstar who has been in hiding to collaborate with them in an opening of a new show.

Step-by-step Method on how to Download Movies using Netflix Downloader

1. Install StreamFab Netflix Downloader software from the authorized website, then launch it from your device.

2. Go to VIP services on the left pane of the downloader. Click on Netflix as demonstrated below;

3. Sign in to your Netflix account

4. Once you find your best family movies on Netflix, click on them and begin playing them.

5. Click the Download button on the Netflix Downloader window that comes next to download and watch your video.

Reasons why it is preferable to use Netflix Downloader

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The advantages of using Netflix Downloader are that it enables you and your family to watch the best family-friendly movies on Netflix, you can view the best family movies on Netflix offline without any constraint. From the Netflix Downloader, one can browse Netflix picks for exceptional children-friendly scary movies that the entire family will love. Some of Netflix Downloader features are:

  • Download the Best non-animated family movies on Netflix from all regional sites, Netflix Downloader allows you to enjoy your favorite and latest TV shows and series on Netflix, if you are in a country that is supported by the streaming service when online with zero restrictions from any streaming service and when you download the videos, you can view offline.
  • Auto-download newly released episodes at the scheduled time, Netflix Downloader keeps you updated on newly released episodes so if you have the best Christmas movies on Netflix that you are following, you can download the episodes from the downloader software.
  • Batch Download Mode and Rapid Speed,Netflix Downloader not only allow you to download the best family movies on Netflix 2024 to watch offline but also aid to save time for the downloads are fast so if you are eager to view the best family movies on Netflix right now.


Some People prefer spending the holidays under a blanket watching movies on Halloween or sharing candy and wearing unique costumes, while others find fun in taking vacations in diverse parts of the world during Christmas days. You can experience all these adventures while streaming and viewing the best family movies on Netflix for both kids and adults. Netflix Downloader is easy to use, and flexible for you can pause the movies when downloading and continue as frequently as possible also you do not have to worry about time for Netflix downloader has a fast speed for downloading videos.