5 Movies About People Who Were Stranded on No Man’s Land – 2024 Guide

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Movies and shows have been a great escape from boredom and being stranded in your thoughts, but how about watching a movie that itself is about the people who have been stranded. If this is your taste, then there is much to watch on the online streaming channels. I have compiled a list of 5 movies about people who were stranded in No Man’s Land. But before we get on to the list, let me tell you what one thing that is common in all these movies is, it is the will to fight and survives, it is the will to not give up, and if you want something to ignite a spark of not giving up, then pick one of these movies and start watching right now!

1. 127 Hours

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How often do you think of adventures that are life-taking? Well, not too often surely, but the lead actor here in 127 Hours likes to take on to things that can make him feel alive. He, with a wish to explore some unchartered territory, goes on to an abandoned mountain. While enjoying his adventure, he faces an unexpected turn, the turn that takes his life. He falls off the canyon that he was trying to take on, and a big giant rock falls on his hand, making him unable to move even an inch. With just no food and water, he is now stuck in a no man’s land. In his fight for survival, he tries to cut the rock off, but it is just too much for him to do, and after 127 hours of the fight, he finally gets an idea to break his arm after cutting through the flesh and climbing the 65ft canyon to be found by tourists who save their life. Do you know what the most shocking thing about this movie is?

Well, it is based on a true story. Yes, this all happened with a man from the US, and this gives us all the lesson that we can survive no matter what happens. An editor from StreamingRant stated, “It is hard to believe that this movie is based on a true story because the way Director has shown the shots it was truly giving a feel as if life was slowly walking out of the actor. The camera has done justice with the story, and this is the reason that I like this movie.”

2. Cast Away

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The first movie on our list today is Cast Away. Released in 2000, this movie to date is one of the best movies about survival, putting in a fight for life and whatnot. This Tom Hanks starrer starts with a pretty casual opening of a FedEx agent who lives his life by the rule of books. Earning a pretty good salary, he is all good and happy with his family, but his life turns upside down when his plane crashes in the Pacific during a job task. This plane crash causes a disaster killing everyone to expect Hanks and then begins his journey of survival. He now is all alone on an island with nothing but the hope that someone will rescue him. It turnouts that no one is there for him, and he will have to survive until he is either found, which is no less than a miracle, or is dead—a perfect watch for anyone who loves to see survival and fight for life.

3. Life of PI

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The life of PI is again a great movie about survival. The boy traveling with his family loses everything and everyone in the middle of the sea due to a thunderstorm hitting the ship. All his family members are now dead, and he is all alone on a lifeboat with nothing but a tiger. Yes, a tiger is what he is all alone with. Sea is one of the life-threatening challenges for him, and now the boat has the tiger. He sees nothing but death from here, but the kid does not give up. He survives all his days until he reached shore and is found by the people on that island. This movie is a great treat to watch for all the fans of survival movies. The movies have even got an Oscar for its amazing story and great screenplay.

4. In the Heart of the Sea

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Well, you would have judged this movie by the name that it is something about the sea. But what you need to see here in the movie is the greatness of survival and not giving up. Few men from a village go out on the hunt for Whale oil but drastically encounter an angry whale that wrecks their ship and makes them fight for life. These men are left stranded in the sea and are fighting for life. The survival takes 180 days to get some help and make their way back to their home. It is a mix of emotion, survival, and some amazingly crafted scenes.

5. The Martian

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Well, all of the above movies are about survival, but they are about survival on earth. On the other hand, The Martian is about survival on Mars. Nasa’s team is on a mission to explore another planet, but it turns out that they have met some unexpected turns, and they have to abort the mission. But while aborting the mission and return to earth, they leave one of their team members behind, thinking that he is lost and dead. The scientist left alone is now all alone on a planet that has nothing but some great challenges. He grows some food and finds some water to make his survival mission successful. But for this movie, I won’t reveal much, and I guess you should see it yourself.