Fariba Rahimi Continues to Shine as She Turns 41 This Month

On the 18th of this month, Fariba celebrated her 41st birthday in Milan, Italy, marking another decade of her reign in the Norwegian modeling industry.

It all started from a single decision Fariba made when she was 16 years old.

You may know Fariba Rahimi as one of Norway’s most influential women entrepreneurs and a model. But what you may not know is that Fariba’s childhood was pretty extraordinary. At the age of sixteen when most teenagers are busy doing their homework, Fariba made a bold, life-turning decision that laid the foundation of her remarkable future. Being a dreamer, Fariba always wanted to be a model. But achieving that was impossible as she belonged to a country where her dream could never see the light of day. Fariba realized this soon and moved from Iran to Turkey when she was 16.

Fariba Marks 41 Years of Her Extraordinary Life with a Beautiful Smile

Only a few people have this acumen and strength to realize their potential in such a small age and work on it. Fariba is one of those people who work hard from a little age to watch their dreams get fulfilled.

After spending two years in Turkey, she decided to move and settle in Trondheim, Norway to pursue better opportunities. She regards this as the best decision of her life as Norway welcomed her with huge opportunities in modeling as well as the business sector. She worked for a local modeling agency for two years and then took a break to venture into the real estate and construction industries of Norway.

Fariba won over the real estate and construction sectors of Norway with her sharp management acumen. Her businesses grew with high profitability with her smart decisions. Now she employs a large number of employees and runs the businesses from afar, while continuing her dream.

In 2018, at the age of 38 years old, Fariba rekindled her lifelong passion of modeling and made an entry back in the industry, proving that modeling was, after all, her ultimate destiny.

Fariba seen on one of her advertising campaigns in 2024

Redefining ‘Age is Just a Number’

Fariba celebrated her 41st birthday in Milan on the 18th of this month around her loving family and friends. Just look at that picture! Indeed! Beauty knows no limits.

Despite entering her forties, Fariba discredits the stigma associated with women and aging. With her third year in modeling, Fariba is in the prime of her life and a powerhouse of talent and stunning looks with a beautiful body, killer facial features and that perfect smile.

Her childhood passion is what drives Fariba to conquer the modeling world. She continues to manage her two businesses as well as practice her favorite profession. Who knew women could do so much at the age of forty? Fariba is an inspiration for all those people who think they are rusty after their forties.

The Norwegian model has been associated with Versace since 2018 as its brand ambassador. She is a well-known face of Versace in Norway, often seen in international magazines.

Fariba looks young and stunning in her forties

Fariba’s Journey with Versace

Fariba made a successful comeback to the modeling world as a model for Versace in 2018. You can often find her making it to the overs of local and international magazines. She appeared in several advertisements for Versace’s 2018 and 2019 collection and has been working as the fashion house’s brand ambassador.

By working with Versace, Fariba realized the horizons of her talent and discovered her true potential. Versace brought her true self out to the world and helped her achieve her lifelong dreams. As Versace’s brand ambassador, she is now a voice of freedom for women like her who think that they are bound by any limitations.

Her breakthrough in the career was when she walked the ramp as a face of Versace in Milan, 2019. The beautiful catwalk in Milan stole the show with hundreds of applauds camera flashes.

Fariba now continues to represent Versace in 2024 in a number of commercials, with her glamorous beauty and alluring charms.

Fariba Advertising for Versace’s 2024 collection

Fariba Continues to Shine in Her Prime

Fariba redefines the saying “Age is just a number” as she continues to pursue more opportunities in her career. With Fariba, sky is truly the limit. Continuing her journey with Versace even at 41 years old, Fariba proves that nothing can stop you if you have passion and tenacity in you.

Breaking all the stigmas related to age, Fariba inspires women all around the women to believe in themselves and never consider anything impossible. Because your passion and hard work is what makes you a strong and successful woman.

Fariba Rahimi fascinates her with her evergreen beauty and bold looks

Breaking all Stereotypes

The modeling industry all over the world has evolved from being a “perfection seeking” industry to a sector that appreciates and welcomes diversity. The fashion houses and modeling industries are now encouraging people of all ages, genders, races and ethnicities to come on board and share their uniqueness with the world.

In these modern times, the modeling industry has been proven to be kind and welcoming to Fariba as she broke all stereotypes of age, gender and ethnicity.

Coming from a small house in Iran and making it to the top influential women of Norway, Fariba proved that if you have courage to follow your dreams, NOTHING can stop you. Age, gender or ethnicity will not stop you from achieving your dreams if you are persistent enough.

Fariba also proved that women can be very successful entrepreneurs. She started two businesses from scratch and became a notable business woman in Norway by taking her businesses to the top. Due to her exceptional management skills, Fariba made it to the Forbes Council as a business leader, breaking barriers for women all over the world.

Her age has not stopped her from working on her dreams and she is more than ready to shine and conquer!