How Often Should You Take Your Wig Off?

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We can notice that many people are now interested in wigs because of the benefits they offer. The main advantage is that you can simply improve your visual appearance with a great selection of human hair wigs available on the market today. The interesting thing is that a lot of people get surprised when they hear that many celebrities are wearing them all the time. You will understand why they choose to wear them when you learn more about the benefits like convenience, appearance, protection of your natural hair, ability to experiment more with your look, and much more. If you are interested in buying a human hair wig, click here.

On the other side, you should learn more about these products to know how to make the right choice when you want to buy them. There are natural and synthetic options available, and each one of them brings some benefits. However, there are some differences between them related to maintenance and lifespan. Also, you should learn more about the proper ways to take care of your wig to use it for a longer time. Besides that, many people are not sure about how long can you wear it without taking it off. We are going to analyze more on that topic in the following article.

Lifespan of Natural Option

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Buying a human hair wig is the most popular choice today. The main reason for that is related to appearance. It makes it hard for anyone to notice that you are wearing one in the first place when you choose this option. This is especially good for those who want to buy the product that will help them to keep the natural appearance.

On the other side, you can experiment with colors as well, but you should know that dyed wigs often have a shorter lifespan due to chemicals used in the process. When it comes to the market, there are numerous options available, and it should never be an issue to find the exact texture that you want. In most cases, a human hair wig can last for more than one year. However, it is essential to use additional methods and products to keep it in good condition all the time.

Synthetic Hair

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For those who are interested in a more affordable solution, we recommend you choose this option. The biggest deficiency, when compared to natural hair, is the lifespan. This model can last only up to six months. Still, there are some advantages as well, such as the simplicity when it comes to styling, and an excellent way to experiment more with unique haircuts.

Getting several options would not be a problem when this option is quite cheaper than the natural one. However, maintenance can be more difficult, and it is important to learn more about the proper methods of keeping it in good condition. For example, you should never dry it with a hair drier since the high temperature can damage it.

How Long Can You Wear It?

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The simplest way is to take it off whenever you go to sleep. This will help you to keep it in good condition for a much longer time. However, we are aware that many people are not following this rule all the time. For example, some people maybe don’t want others to find out that they are wearing it in the first place, or they are too tired to take it off that one night.

On the other side, placing it and removing it from the head require some experience. Also, some models are more complex in terms of placing them. In that matter, you should learn more about the factors that can help you to keep it in good condition even if you don’t take it off regularly. First of all, you should know that sleeping with it can easily cause some damage.

Therefore, the great solution is to wrap it around the head and avoid too much friction. Another great way for that is to replace your standard pillows with silk. Moreover, when you wake up, be sure to apply proper products like creams and oils and use a comb to get the right appearance. This is much easier with the natural option.

When it comes to synthetic, it is not recommended to sleep with it. You can easily damage it, especially if you are not sleeping still while wearing it. However, there is a great solution if you are interested in sleeping without the need to take it off every night, and that is a special sleeping wig that you can place over your head that will protect even the synthetic option.

The Bottom Line

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The quality of the product your buy also represents an important factor related to longevity. Therefore, if you select the high-quality option, it will be much safer to sleep with it. On the other side, human hair can be quite expensive, and there is not a reason to risk damaging it only because you wanted to sleep while wearing it.

The conclusion is that products with higher quality can last longer and you won’t damage them if you sleep with them from time to time. Still, the best option is to take it off every time. That will help you to keep it in good condition for a much longer time. Besides that, the best solution is to buy a couple of wigs instead of wearing the same one all the time.

That will provide you with the flexibility to keep them clean. You should wash it at least once in two months, while some additional products like lotions are recommended more often. When it comes to the selection between natural and synthetic, it is related to personal preferences of people.

If you want to keep the natural appearance and hide that you are wearing it, the best option is to wear natural hair. On the other side, if you want to experiment with all sorts of hairstyles and look more unique, then the synthetic is the best option.