Faze Tfue Net Worth 2024

What Is FaZe Tfue’s Net Worth?

FaZe Tfue Net Worth: Turner Tenney is a well-known gamer on YouTube and Twitch whose internet name is FaZe Tfue or simply Tfue. His fortune comes from streaming Twitch, uploading videos on Youtube, participating in competitions and merchandising.

Today, FaZe Tfue’s net worth is estimated to be close to $4 million dollars.

(Turner Tunney) FaZe Tfue Net Worth / Image Credit: Instagram

Faze Tfue Net Worth:

$4 Million

Net Worth: $4 Million
Real Name: Turner Tenney
Date of Birth: January 2, 1998
Age, How Old: 22 years old
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: / How Tall: 1.91 m 5ft 6” (1.71 m)
Occupations: Gamer, YouTuber, Vlogger
Last Updated: 2020

How Much Money Does Tfue Make?

He has developed prominence expertly playing video games for FaZe Clan together with different individuals.

Tfue has collected the highest watching streamers on Twitch and averages over 20,000 viewers per stream.

Twitch additionally adds to his source of income through ad revenue, fan subscriptions of around $4.99 per subscriber, Twitch bits, fan donations, merchandising and Affiliate income.

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He has around 53,000 paid subscribers with 54,000 sub-points on twitch, adding ad revenue, bit Donations, and sponsorship of which he brings home estimated more than $150,000 every month altogether.

Tfue’s views on Youtube channel averages around 3 to 4 million for each upload so far and gets estimated over 60 million views per month for his videos.

After Youtubers cut he could make over $60k to $120k a month, depending on ad rates and other factors considered with an average of $1 to $2 per thousand views.

He could be earning additional income from YouTube Premium viewers who pay a premium for ad-free content, and Youtubers earn according to the match time of the viewer.

Who Is FaZe (Turner Tenney) Tfue?

How Tfue became the World’s Best Fortnite & Twitch Player

FaZe Tfue or called just Tfue was born as Turner Tenney on January 2nd, 1998, in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Faze Tfue’s age is currently 21 and lives in Florida, he occasionally moves into his FaZe clan house in Los Angeles, California.

Tfue started gaining enthusiasm by playing computer games when he was just a 12-year-old boy, paying serious attention to each video game he played.

Tfue started playing intensely and Halo quickly became the first most dependent game of his career.

At that point, Tfue’s brother Jack Tenney, a YouTube Vlogger, carrying an online identity as JOOGSQUAD PPJT, helped propel his YouTube career by adding collaborative videos of creative fun stuff together.

Tfue initially started making appearances with stunts, skateboarding, and surfing, as a member of his brother’s YouTube channel and proceeded onwards playing different other games expertly.

Tfue Twitch

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Tfue started becoming very effective in playing games like “Call of Duty” and “Destiny,” as a progressive gamer, he decided to start his collaboration with Twitch services to propel streaming of his gaming ventures.

His dedication towards gaming helped him to post ongoing game to YouTube, he has also been known to set a record on ‘Destiny.’

Tfue very soon started monetizing his Youtube videos such as posting gameplays of ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ that he first posted on Nov 16, 2014.

Inside a brief timeframe, he started earning a decent amount of cash from Youtube and streaming on Twitch as well.

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He soon started streaming games like ‘PUBG’ and ‘H1Z1’ on Twitch and likewise attending proficient ‘H1Z1’ competitions to get more introductions of game recreations.

While visiting gaming tournaments he meets another popular gamer and internet personality called Ninja, and both started contending on gaming later.

Tfue became one of the primary players to soon master the Fortnite game, as an experienced “battle royale” player, he was seen as an established player of the new game.

He started successful gaming endeavors after joining the FaZe Clan in 2018, he soon started to pick up fans exponentially on his YouTube and Twitch accounts.

His YouTube (Tfue) channel is currently holding over 10 million subscribers and his Twitch (Tfue) account likewise has over 5 million followers to date.

As famous as he is for his gaming skills, he was also involved in many controversies. His initial “40 kill solo game (King of the hill)” video that he uploaded on Youtube had been criticized heavily. Viewers claimed the video was a setup, without actually playing it.

Alongside gaining notoriety for being famous in mid-2018, his infamous controversies have been taking haul over and over again.

Why Did Tfue Get Banned From Twitch?

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On May 17, 2018, Tfue’s account was prohibited from streaming on Twitch, it was due to utilizing racial slur, he later clarified his honesty and apologized on Youtube for which his ban was taken off.

A similar situation occurred on June 22, 2018, when he tried to sell his Fortnite account to another user for which he was permanently banned from the game.

Later he pledges not to endeavor any purchases from Fortnite and created a new account “Not Tfue.”

On August 7, 2018, Tfue’s social media accounts became center of controversy when all his accounts were hacked.

Through his Twitter account, the hacker posted offending tweets to other Fortnite streamers including Keemstar, Ninja, and Myth, under the username “FaZe Gurv.”

Later a few hacking programmers deleted his YouTube channel and Twitch account due to harassment, yet he managed to restore both the account by September 5, 2018.

As of 2024, FaZe Tfue’s net worth is valued at an estimated $4 million dollars.

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