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Is it time to redecorate your dining area? For many, this is a task they’ve been putting off because they have the perfect-sized dining set for the space. It may have taken days or months of shopping around to find a set that was pleasing to the eye and had the perfect dimensions. This can be especially true if the dining room is small.

Or perhaps you’ve moved into a new home, and while you may have a sizable dining space, there is an area you want to turn into a breakfast nook for quick, informal meals and snacks. If this is the case, you definitely don’t want something that will overwhelm the area. That’s why taking measurements is so important before you begin shopping.


Are you looking for something to eat or counter height? What would look best in space? A small counter-height dining set is just right if you want to stand while you drink your morning cup of coffee. If you do have a seat, positioning the table in front of a window will give you access to a beautiful view to enjoy.

Standard dining heights are great for children and those with limited mobility who may find it difficult to climb in and out of a counter height stool. Also, anyone with poor circulation will find being able to place both feet on the floor better for their overall health condition.

Aesthetically, if the space has low ceilings or hanging light fixtures, dining height tables are the practical choice. Counter height tables work well with higher ceilings as they complement the longer lines and are much more visually appealing.


Whichever you choose, be sure to consider all of the room’s natural elements as you decide the best area to place the dining set. If the room receives a large dose of sunlight, be sure to use it to your advantage. This will help when it’s time to choose colors and materials for your set.

If you want to keep the vibe of the room light and airy, light-colored woods or white furniture will brighten the room. A white set will send light bouncing throughout the room, which will reflect onto other surfaces, making the room feel bigger. A glass tabletop will also have the same effect.

There are plenty of storage options available with the smaller dining sets as well. You can find one with shelves built into the frame of the table. These are great for storing plates, cups, and other regularly used dishes. They also make excellent displays for decorative items.


If you’re thinking about your budget and that’s the only thing holding you back from purchasing the dining set, then you’re in luck. Search online, and you can find dining sets starting at $182. 1StopBedrooms has a wide variety of sets in all heights, colors, and shapes.

Speaking of shapes, they are another aspect to consider when searching for your dining set. Round, square, and rectangular are the typical options you’ll see for smaller dining table sets. Each one has its benefits.

Placing a rectangular table against a wall can save space. If it is an extendable table, that’s even better, as you then have the versatility of turning a square table into a rectangle when you have guests over. Square tables look great in square and rectangular rooms as long as the proportions between the two match.

Round tables are just right for small dining rooms as they have less surface area and therefore occupy less space. The lack of sharp corners also means any little ones running around will be safer. Not having corners to bump into saves a few band-aids and trips to the emergency room.

There’s also the social factor to keep in mind as the shape of the table has a direct impact on how your household or guests will interact with one another. Round tables encourage more intimate interactions as everyone is equally distanced and facing each other. This ensures the entire table is participating in the conversation. The same is true of a square table.

An extendable rectangular table has more space for serving dishes, making the dining experience much more comfortable. However, when it comes to conversation, some may feel left out, or there may be more than one conversation taking place at the table.

Drop leaf table sets are another great option for smaller spaces. The round edges of the table can be let down to save space when it’s not in use and expose a small rectangular or square table. They work well in studio apartments or tiny homes.

If you want to add some character and charm to the area without taking up a lot of floor space, try a corner bench set. These corner sets make for an ideal nook area and create space in the room you can use for other furniture. You can opt for one with a bench which children will enjoy using as they won’t feel penned in.


As mentioned earlier, you can find a dining set to fit your space for an affordable price. Just visit the website, and you’ll see a host of corner nooks and dining and counter height sets in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

If you prefer an industrial look, there are sleek black finished metal frames that will meet your standards. If your preference is more contemporary, you will find simple sets that boast a neutral color palette, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. Or maybe you want a more natural look, and a rustic dining set is what you’re looking to buy.