How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Center


Hair loss, which affects millions of people around the world, has a devastating effect on the psychological and emotional health of individuals. Today, most of hair loss is caused by genetic disposition. In other cases, it is observed that it develops due to factors such as stress, illness, hormone disorder, drug use and nutritional disorder.

Hair transplantation refers to the process of transferring grafts harvested from healthy areas of the scalp by an experienced dermatologist to the bald or thinning areas on a person’s head. Although there are various techniques in hair transplantation, it generally involves grafting the hairy skin obtained from the donor area with good hair density and implanting these grafts into another balding area. Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic is remarks that it is crucially important to find the best hair transplant center to have the best hair transplant operation. To get more details about our hair transplant center please visit for more information.


What are the Features of the Best Hair Transplant Center?

First of all, what bears the utmost importance for patient health and effective results is that hair transplant center has the highest hygiene standards. After all, you should not forget that you will have an -though minimally- invasive operation.

Consultation is also one of the most important factors affecting the success rate of hair restoration treatment. Before undergoing a hair transplant, you need to make sure that your hair transplant doctor thoroughly examines your scalp and hair to determine the optimal treatment. This is followed by having an experienced team of hair transplant technicians and patient representatives who support you in the recovery process after a hair transplant.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Hair Transplantation Center?

There are two basic elements to consider when choosing a hair transplant center. The first of these is the fact that the procedure is carried out in a sterile environment with quality equipment, and the other is the expertise of the physician. DHI and FUE techniques are the most popular methods utilized during hair transplant surgeries. These two methods are the most successful methods, yet the good aspects of the methods themselves aren’t enough to guarantee the best hair transplant results. Therefore, when choosing a hair transplant center, you need to check how many years of experience your physician has with these techniques is quite essential.


Is There a Certificate Required to Perform a Hair Transplant?

In order to facilitate a hair transplantation center in Turkey, the Ministry of Health has set forth several prerequisites and certificates that certify the eligibility of the said medical center. While the physicians who will perform the hair transplant operations should specialize in the field of Aesthetic Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive and Dermatology, and thus are authorized to perform a hair transplant; and hair transplant technicians similarly need to have a medical background as well.

What are Hair Transplant Standards?

Hair Transplantation should not be taken too lightly, as it is a medical procedure after all.  Therefore, it should be applied in a clinical setting to minimize the possible side effects. Specialist doctors trained in this field carry out detailed study in order to obtain the best results. As long as the correct technique is applied in hair implantation, the success rate is quite high.

The most successful technique among the hair transplantation standards is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. It is a less invasive method than traditional hair transplant treatments such as FUT which we do not perform. Therefore, it does not leave a linear scar after the treatment and does not require stitches, unlike FUT.  Under the control of a specialist doctor, hair follicles are taken one by one with the FUE technique from the donor areas and transplanted to the balding areas of the head. You can return to your home within the same day after your hair transplant operation, therefore it is an outpatient treatment, and then you can come back for dressing and controls.

In the DHI technique, grafts taken from the donor area are transplanted with an implanter without creating a recipient site. Accordingly, the grafts taken from the donor area are placed easily under the skin.


What is the Medical Equipment Used in Hair Transplantation?

  • Hair transplant needle FUE punch
  • FUE micromotors
  • CHOI implanter pen

Which Equipment Do the World’s Best Hair Transplant Centers Use?

When the most successful hair transplant center is mentioned, well-equipped and patient satisfaction-oriented centers come to mind. In this direction, the following equipment can be used, which gives better quality results:

  • Sapphire FUE tip
  • Use of multiple DHI pens to achieve quality results
  • Robotic hair transplantation (Robotic transplantation is an important tool for hair transplantation surgeons. However, it cannot decide on the selection of suitable candidates, hairline design and where the hair will be placed. This decision belongs to the specialist, but an experienced surgical team is required for a procedure that will yield the best results.

What is the Effect of a Doctor in a Good Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant doctor is a person who specializes in hair transplants after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine. Like any other medical procedure, a hair transplant procedure also has the risk of developing some complications if certain rules are not followed. However, complications are much rarer if performed in a hospital setting by an experienced physician.

Some of the complications mentioned in hair transplantation are; dislocation of grafts, itching and infection. Choosing the right doctor in hair transplantation will both protect you from possible complications and help you achieve a successful and natural hair transplant.

The importance of choosing a doctor in a good hair transplant is particularly well understood in the post-op process. Keeping in touch with your patient representative to ask what you should do, and you should avoid after a hair transplant will help you attain good results.


What is the Effect of the Experience of the Hair Transplant Team on the Hair Transplant Results?

The hair transplant team is an important factor for successful results from the transplant. Hair transplantation centers demonstrate a very selective attitude when employing hair transplant technicians as it has a direct influence on the results and the reputation of a clinic. Accordingly, the education levels and experiences of the people to be selected during the team building phase should be considered.

However, although experienced hair transplantation is directly proportional to success, the success rate may depend on many parameters, including:

  • Required clinical infrastructure (technology used by the clinic, sterile environment, etc.) to perform the surgery effectively.
  • Communication of the doctor and the team with the patient after the treatment
  • Working in harmony and efficiency of the team