Where To Find Sure Football Betting Odds In The Philippines?

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Sports betting particularly football betting is a highly entertaining field at the moment. With lots of tournaments and football leagues to choose from, bettors face a daunting task at beating the bookies. This has led many of them to consult sports prediction websites for tips on how to beat the bookies. In this article, we take a look at sure football betting odds and where to find them.

Every Filipino punter must have once heard or searched the phrase ‘sure football betting odds’. The primary reason for the prevalence of this phrase among football bettors is their common desire to win big from their favorite sports teams. So what then are sure football odds? Sure football odds as the name suggests are accurate football predictions and tips.

However, this phrase is often confused with fixed football odds that are touted for a fee. Fixed football odds are pre-planned matches that go against the tenets of sportsmanship. As a result, match-fixing is outlawed by football’s governing body, FIFA. Several footballers, referees, and Football Association members have been banned and prosecuted for match-fixing.

These fixed odds are not only detrimental to the game but are also sold to unsuspecting punters. The football games sold to these punters are mostly fake and unreliable. Due to the profiteering motives of the websites, the games are often exchanged only after payment. And in the desire to win big from sports betting, many punters in the Philippines fall prey to these scammers. It’s also no surprise that these fixed games are from less popular leagues with low data availability.

Sure football odds are the results of well calculated and analyzed games that take into consideration several match data and statistics. The reasons for the expert picks are also publicly available and for free too. It’s thus essential to make use of top football prediction websites such as mightytips.ph.

Where Can I Find Accurate Football Tips In The Philippines?

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Depending on where you look, there are football predictions everywhere. What separates the top prediction sites is their degree of research and accuracy. At Mightytips Philippines, Filipino punters are assured of finding well researched and analyzed football predictions. The website not only provides tips and predictions, but it also reviews bookmakers operating in the country. This helps punters to make informed choices on what events to wager on, and what bookmaker to bank with.

Mightytips football predictions are calculated through team strengths, past meetings, goals scored and conceded amongst others. Thus, the predictions are based on real-life happenings and not guesswork. They are also not based on intuition or gut picks but actual data. This helps to ensure higher accuracy and increase your chances of winning. For example, in a fixture between Arsenal v Leicester, recourse will be had to their H2H performances and goalscoring capabilities. The calculations will also include team strengths, weaknesses, set-pieces, and injuries. It might be difficult and time consuming for a punter to calculate these datasets which is why using reliable and accurate prediction sites is necessary.

What Are The Differences Between Fixed Matches And Football Predictions?

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As stated earlier football predictions and fixed matches are different from one another. So where does the difference lie? Some of the essential disparities are highlighted below.

  • Fixing matches is an illegal activity. This means that it’s hardly done, and when it is, the information is highly guarded. Several Football Associations and FIFA itself have sanctioned those who engage in match-fixing. Football predictions on the other hand are legal. Making or using football predictions doesn’t violate any gambling and footballing laws.
  • The offers touted as fixed matches are usually just speculations. More often than not, punters who pay for these games get scammed. However, football predictions are made based on easily accessible data and calculations.
  • Football predictions are more reliable and accurate due to the degree of analysis and calculations involved. Fixed matches on the other hand lack this accountability as there is no way for the punter to verify the claims.
  • The prediction websites that tout fixed matches always require punters to make payments for them. Genuine football prediction sites always provide tips for free and hardly demand any payment for the services rendered. Rather, they make their income through sponsored ads.

Benefits of Using Mightytips.ph Football Predictions In The Philippines

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As with other top prediction sites in the Philippines, certain benefits accrue from consulting Mightytips when selecting what games to wager upon. Some of these benefits will now be itemized below.

  1. Using Mightytips Philippines predictions increases your chances of winning as they are well calculated
  2. The predictions provided are free of charge without the need for payment
  3. Mightytips.ph conducts reviews of bookmakers and sportsbooks. These reviews are fundamental as it’s not enough to pick the right games. Your chances of winning are heightened with higher odds and reputable bookmakers that pass their rating system.

According to Evelyn Blyton, punters need to trust the prediction website they use, just as they trust the bookmaker they bank with. That is, there’s no point using a football prediction website or sportsbook if they aren’t trustworthy.


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In conclusion, football betting in the Philippines is a highly profitable venture. However, punters need to be careful and minimize the risk by consulting verifiable sources. Like with most industries, information is power. What separates a winning bet from a losing one may be the prediction site used or H2H analysis. Thus, it’s imperative for punters to consult accurate prediction websites like Mightytips to augment their winning chances.

Punters should also note that fixed matches are phishing scams that rid them of their money. It’s not advisable to pay for fixed football odds when you can access quality football predictions for free. In their quest to win big, Filipino bettors should place emphasis on quality odds instead of quantity.