Ways to Understand Whether Your Friendship is Turning into Romance

Not every friendship is made to last. Sometimes, they turn into a romance! How can you tell when your friendship is starting to become a relationship-in-the-making? We’re going to show you the ways you can tell if your friendship is growing into something a little more!

Your body language and feelings changes

One of the typical “symptoms” that your friendship is starting to take on some romantic undertones is the way you approach the relationship changes. For example, your body language might start to change toward the person. You may desire to be closer to them physically, so you will sit near them, stand near them, and start to become more aware of where you are relative to them. It’s a subtle change, but it’s one to know. You will notice that you are completely absorbed in conversation with them, too.

You hang on their every word even if they are talking about something completely mundane. You should also feel a change in the way that you think about them. You will start feeling like they’re not just your friend but also someone you care for and want to care about you. That’s a big distinction and a sure sign that things are changing. When you feel a change in your relationship with a friend, and you suspect that you are falling in love, use the advice of this site to check it out.

Source: Business Insider

You get jealous

Let’s start off by saying that jealousy is not healthy. However, it is a sign that you have a fear of losing this person in some way. You might be jealous when they hang out with another potential romantic partner because that would ensure you never have a chance with them. You might be jealous that someone else is spending time with them when you are not able to. That feeling of bitterness and anger will linger in the back of your mind and boil in your stomach, and that’s how you know the relationship has a new dimension to it.

If you hang out with someone else, they become the third wheel

Another way that you can tell your friendship is morphing into something more romantic is when you hang out with other people. When you and your best friend hang out with a third person, do you notice that one of you is being edged out? Do you and your friend constantly find things to talk about while the other person has to sit on the phone or try fruitlessly to butt into your conversations? That means they’ve become the third wheel, a person who does not have a partner to talk to. The reason that you and your friend can’t stop talking is that you find one another so interesting.

You can barely take your third friend’s feelings into account because your desire to chat with your romantic interest is so powerful. You will never understand how awkward it can be to be the third wheel until you are one. But as soon as you become the third wheel, you will see that the other two people are bound for a relationship, even if they don’t realize they’re starting to like each other!

Source: NBC News

Your friend is constantly on your mind

When you find out something interesting during the day, who do you want to tell? If the first person on your mind is that one specific friend over and over again, then it’s a sign your friendship is deeper. Sure, it could mean that you have a very strong bond and want to share funny jokes or occurrences with each other. Yet, if there are times during the day when all you do is think about them, then there is probably a very good reason for that.

You want to be with them and talk to them because you have a romantic interest! It’s that simple! The constant thinking, worrying, and jealous thoughts that you have throughout the day are all a sign that you want to be with that person. You hold them in such high regard that you might space out for minutes just wondering what they’re doing and how they’re feeling right now.

You always talk about him

The last sign that your friendship is turning into a romance is that you’re always talking about him. Every time someone talks about a topic, you manage to find a way to bring your friend up. There are a few reasons for this to occur. First off, that person is on your mind all the time, so you can’t help but mention them when you’re chatting with friends. If you catch yourself doing this, your friends have probably already noticed that you mention him all the time, and they’re aware that you want to date him.

A second reason that you bring up your friend all the time is that you want other people to give you their opinions about him. You might want to hear what your friends think of him before you pursue him, or you may wish to hear if someone else in your group of friends is interested in him as well. Either way, after a few dozen times of casually mentioning a guy in a conversation, your friends will get probably tell you that they know you like him and that you should start laying the groundwork to tell the friend! Either way, if you can’t stop talking about his dreamy eyes, wonderful ideas, or personality, then your friendship is turning to romance.

Source: The Gottman Institute

Romance can be a subtle thing. You might be friends with someone on Monday and then want them to be your boyfriend by Friday. It happens slowly and over time, but there are signs that it’s starting to happen. Turning a friendship into a romance can be complicated, though. After all, you have to be sure that your potential partner feels the same as you, and you might not want to ruin what you already have. If you can’t stop the feelings, then you have to take a chance!