Furniture and Paint – Let’s Change the Vibe

Dreams only come true when you work for them. Nothing comes easy and if it is coming easy then maybe it is not just meant for you. For every goal that you want to achieve you will have to work so hard that you get forced to be pushed out of your comfort zone and stay that way for really long until you finally have achieved your goal. It is not a piece of cake, no, it is one of the toughest challenges that you will be facing, making and conquering to and with each other.

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Take some help from time to time

Yes, it is alright to take help when offered and when you feel you need it or ask for it. The path never seems to be easy and it is not but on your way to success what you can do is take some help to make the whole journey at the very least, tolerable.

This help can be of many kinds. From a supporter to be there for you to a guide to guide you all your way to an hour of peace every day to a comfortable home that you can come back to after a very tiring day to a comfortable office where you can work at your convenience for the whole day long, there are many ways that you can help yourself in making the journey tolerable. It is already difficult enough, so don’t be harsh on yourself and take that help. You never know what might work for you.

To begin with, clearly define your goals and purpose. To achieve them, set your vibe. The physical space you and work in have a lot to do with it, much like your emotional and mental space.

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Consider all factors- here is a major one

When we talk about comfortable homes or comfortable offices, what comes to our mind at the very first instant is the furniture of the house. Well, that is a major factor in creating your space and making it your own; be it your office or your home.

Few other factors often go overlooked but should not because these factors also matter as much as the factor of the furniture does. Furniture changes the overall look of an area. From an uncomfortable space to a space where you can sleep very cozily even if there is just an Ergonomic chair or an office chair in front of you, changing furniture does the trick.

It helps improve and define the standard of living of the people using it. The quality and type of furniture used, design, functionality, flexibility, strength, durability, model, etc. have a huge role to play in this.

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The theory

While it does a significant contribution in changing the look of a room, what it cannot do completely is change the whole vibe of the room. To change the whole vibe of the room, something more than the furniture is going to be needed and this is where paint comes into the picture.

The colour of the walls, tiles, and the furniture itself of your room will play a major role in making your space more hospitable and comfortable. The theory is adapted by many interior designers and the same have been successful in creating a marvel in the form of buildings and liveable spaces.

This is most prevalent when we start to compare the interiors of a mall and that of a museum or a classroom compared with an office. Depending on the purpose, age group, usage and other such factors, the colours and textures of paint and furniture are chosen. A simple renovation of wall paint or a different set of furniture used can completely change the look of a place.

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Colours decide

It is said that the colour and the colour combination of the room will decide the kind of vibe that the room can and will give. If the walls of the room are painted in a bold colour then the room will give the vibe of boldness. If the walls of the room are painted in a soothing colour then the room will give the vibe of a liveable, belonging place. If the walls of the room are painted in a very light, boring colours then the room will give a vibe of boredom and laziness.

Believe it or not, it has a lot to do with the user’s purpose and personal characteristics. Colours hold the power to solely change the entire mood and feeling of a person. That is also why all colours stand for something or the other like white for peace, red for love or anger, green for jealousy and so on.

Similarly, brands and designers have started using colour combinations to attract customers, help create a long-lasting image of themselves and retain customers thereby. Let us discuss this in further detail.

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Combinations and their play

It is always advised that one plays with colours and creates new combinations and shades to set a vibe and define the identity of the room. It helps avoid confusion and set a purpose. A lot of it is often used in theatres, plays and cinemas.

If you use bold and light colours together, mixed and showcased through painted walls and furniture then the vibe will be rather professional and work- like. Same goes with the other colour combinations. It is always said and followed by many designers that a few of the elements of the room should be coloured differently from each other but in a rather synchronised manner. Bringing two opposite colours together for display will only make the space look bad.

On your path to success, this is just one of the help that you can take and make your path slightly easier by making your room space or office space a liveable and comfortable place to sit, work and relax. Start with colours and finish with furniture. That is all the mantra is.  Ergonomic chairs can indeed do wonders while changing the vibe.