5 Hottest Gadgets That Can Enhance Your Road Trip Fun

Road trips are the best adventures. Most people love to go for a long drive with family or friends, and that’s where they need these essential things that can improve their road trip experience. These gadgets are equally beneficial for other people who travel for work, including small vehicles to big trucks. Here are some of the best useful gears; you will surely like to have them.

1. One Touch Wireless Car Mount

Source: Android Central

When you are out on the road, your responsibility increases if you are the one driving the vehicle. It is essential to take safety precautions before you hit the road. This one-touch wireless car mount will help you during your travel, and this is not only a one time use gadget you can use it for a long time. It is prohibited to use the mobile phone while driving, but some calls are necessary to attend, and here you may increase the chance of danger if you are not using any car mount.

A wireless car mount is perfect for your car that allows you to put your phone over the phone hanger. It will connect using Bluetooth and also offers two extra USB ports so you can charge multiple devices as well. Easy to install on a dashboard or windshield, it is sturdy enough to absorb the shocks and give you comfort during travel.

2. Drawing Tablet

Source: Engadget

Unleash your creativity by using a drawing tablet. A long trip may get you bored, but if you have a drawing tablet, you can spend the best time in making drawings, it will increase your fun during the travel. You can do the freehand drawing by using the pen and create unique digital designs, and the design is limited to your imagination.

They come in different sizes and styles, most of the time, you will find similar features, but some of them offer a few extra premium features that you may be looking for yourself. Drawing tablets are compatible with Illustrator, OneNot, Photoshop, etc.

You can use Windows or Mac’s latest operating system according to your likeness. This is an amazing device that offers several various features, and it is the best travel partner. If you want to know more about the magical features of the drawing tablet, please read more.

3. Portable Charger And Jump Starter

Source: Brif.rs

Keeping your mobile battery during the trip is another essential need. When you go out for a road trip, you take pictures and make several videos for your social media or to keep them as good memories, so typically, you consume much battery than expected.

A power bank is a perfect thing to carry with you, but when it comes to a road trip, you can not use a standard power bank. Find jump start with multiple devices charging feature, and you will get two benefits of using jump-start, one it will help you to boost your mobile battery, and the second you can jump start your car if required.

It comes in a handy shape that is easy to carry and offers multiple ports for several device connectivities. It provides a flashlight for emergencies, or you can use it for other tasks as well. It is a portable charger, flashlight, and jump-start, so what more a person requires.

4. CB Radio For Truckers

Source: Signal Connect

CB radios remain in use because they are the norm for truckers who have been working from 10-15 years in the industry. Some truckers have changed the communication ways and are using different truckers’ apps on their smartphones. A CB radio is more good than mobile applications; a truck has to cross other areas by using several rigid paths, and most of the time, they run out of signals.

There may be some areas everywhere that may have low signal strength, or you may face disconnection in certain areas so that you can communicate. A CB radio allows you a vast range and possibilities to keep your communication going; if you are facing signal issues with CB  radio, use the best CB antenna for truckers.

You can increase the quality of CB radio buy using two antennas and also increase the length of the antenna so they will be covering a large area. Mount both antennae in the front right and left side of the truck, so if one antenna faces a blockade, then the other will keep working.

5. 12-V Cooler For Refreshments

Source: The Home Depot

Smart 12V cooler is perfect for hot summer traveling. You can use it for refreshments, a cooler is an essential part of travel and keeps beverages chilled for you. If you do not want a nuisance like a melting ice pack all the time, then you must have it. You can connect it with USB by suing car USB port or cigarette lighter socket.

It is portable and comes in handy size so you can store it in the compartment when not in use. Some of the travel coolers come with dual options, cold and hot, and they help you to chill cold drinks and provides you a hot coffee as well. The cooling ability is 4C, and it can heat up to 54C, which so good and makes it more convenient and excellent for use.


Traveling without some useful gadgets and products may be a little complicated, but if you have packed some of the best travel things, then you will enjoy more than ever. You can make your journey comfortable and enjoyable, some products are suitable for entertainment and some for the refreshment but do not forget your safety.

Make sure you always carry a first aid kit and some other things that can be used in an emergency. It is better if you make a complete list of your essential items that you are going to need during your travel so you can check that list right before you leave to ensure you have carried everything.