8 Most Common Gambling Superstitions Among Slots Players

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Superstition is as old as humanity. People have always been inclined to believe in supernatural forces, and thus in certain actions that can change something, although this is not logical nor has the usefulness of these actions been proven in any way. Every nation has its superstitions and those beliefs have not stopped even today. We can see many world-famous athletes who have a lot of superstitions and never fail to follow all the actions they think they need. The best examples are Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal, with whom superstition is constantly noticeable.

We would be lying if we said that each of us also does not have some superstition and that at least occasionally we think that it has some effect on our lives, even though it seems completely irrational. And the group of people among whom superstition is perhaps the most prevalent are gamblers. Even professional gamblers have an endless array of rituals. Amateurs too, especially slot players. That is why today we will present you the most common gambling superstitions among slots players and we are sure that a lot of facts will entertain you, and maybe some of them will even shock you.

1. The warmth of coins

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Don’t be surprised. There are really many slot players who think that the heat of the coins they put into the machine will affect the outcome. Most think that a hot coin will bring them good luck and then they try to warm them up in various ways, like rubbing, before putting them in the machine. However, there is a contrary belief that a cold coin will bring good luck in the next spin. We are not sure how they are trying to cool them down. In any case, it is clear that this is completely superstitious and that in no way can the heat of the chips affect the machine or the outcome.

2. Sitting or standing

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If you have ever been to a casino, you know that there are always chairs in front of slot machines and that most people sit down when they start playing. But you will recognize an experienced, superstitious gambler compared to the rest by standing in front of a machine. The reason for such a belief is that they believe that the machine feels when you are comfortable and that in this way your concentration decreases and that therefore there is an incomparably less chance that you will win money.

Also, they think that because the machine knows you are comfortable, it will assume that you are less likely to get up and change the slot and that it will use it against you. These superstitions have even started to be applied by people who play slot online, so they stand in front of their computer, no matter how pointless it may seem. However, to reassure you, feel free to sit or be in whatever position you want. Every spin is totally random and nothing can change it, especially not the position of your body at a given moment. If you don’t trust us, we’ve contacted experts from slots-o-rama who have confirmed that nothing can affect the slot.

3. Location of the slot machine

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Gamblers believe that the closer the slot is to the entrance, the better your chances of winning. According to their superstition, the closer you sit near the entrance, the better your chances. And if you sit right at the end of the casino, you certainly won’t win money.

Compared to other beliefs on our list, this may still be true. And the reason is not any supernatural force, but that if the casino workers notice that people are more successful on a certain machine, they will probably place it near the entrance. They will do this to create a winning atmosphere and for the people who enter to feel it and then engage in gambling themselves. This is not a confirmed theory, but it may be true.

4. If you lose money, change the slot

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This is the most common phenomenon, applied by all gamblers, no matter if they play slot, roulette or any other game. If you lose money on the slot you play on, change and your chances of success grow. Also, they think that on the newer machine you have greater the chance of winning .

5. Touching the screen

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Pay attention the next time you are in the casino. You will notice many players touching the screen, even though it is not touch-sensitive. We will explain to you why this is so. They believe that if they touch a certain symbol, there is a good chance that it will appear in the next spin and that they will get a big payout. So don’t be surprised if you notice dirty screens, this is the reason.

6. Wearing red

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Many believe that the color red will bring them happiness. It is deeply rooted in many cultures, most notably in China, that the color red brings good luck. That is why we dress red in happy moments like a wedding or the birth of a child. The same logic is applied by gamblers. Research has also shown that more people play red at roulette than black. It is probably subconscious, because we all have in the subconscious that red is the color of happiness. So you will notice that many have at least something red on them.

7. Playing on a slot on which no one has won money for a long time

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This is both a question of superstition and a question of logic. Whoever is superstitious just thinks that bad luck has to change and that if no one has won money for a long time on a certain slot, maybe that luck will change just while they are playing. As for logic, these are people who think machines are rigged. So they think that they work according to certain cycles and that if they are filled with money, that at some point they will “allow” someone to win money.

8. Personal rituals

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In addition to all these general phenomena that we notice when we go to the casino, everyone also has some personal rituals that they apply. And they are doing them at different times. As they enter the casino, when they deposit money and right before they place a bet. One of the most common things is crossing fingers and the like.


Did you recognize yourself in any of this? If no, we believe that you at least have a friend who is superstitious.