6 Fun Learning Games and Activities for Kindergarten Students

With modern technology, streaming services, a great selection of toys and devices, and many other entertaining things, keeping your child amused is not complicated. However, introducing some games that will boost education from a young age is very important. Therefore, you should consider adding some new games that will help your kid to learn new things and prepare for elementary school. Even though you should not force your kid to learn so much before the age of 6 or 7, you can use various techniques to teach him writing, math basics, and many other things, and the main advantages are that the kid will be amused and more interested into learning new stuff.

Therefore, you should learn more about various interesting games that your kid will be happy to play with you, and that will make his kindergarten much more useful. For example, you can use a counter to show him the basics of mathematics, or worksheets like those available at nofusstutors.com that will help him to achieve the basics literacy before starting elementary school. Here are some of the best activities and games for kindergarten students.

1. Writing Lessons

Source: The Riverdale Press

It might not sound so exciting to kids, but you can find a way to make it much more interesting. The main point is to not force the kid to learn and keep writing letters and words. Instead of that, you will have to find a way to make these lessons entertaining to children. Also, you can choose some funny phrases and terms that will keep a kid focused and motivated to learn how to write them. Moreover, it can be beneficial for them to learn reading and writing before they start going to elementary school since they will have fewer struggles with standard lessons there.

2. Learning Games

Source: Tiny Bop

When it comes to learning games, you can choose from numerous titles available on the market in various forms. Also, we have to mention the great advantage of tablets and smartphones today, since you can install an app and make it even more convenient for the kids to learn new things. Here are some of the best of them.

  • Spelling City; One of the best ways to teach the kids to write words correctly is by showing them how to spell. However, it might be boring for them. In that matter, you can use the interesting video game where they can compete with each other and be more motivated to learn new words and how to write them.
  • Tiny Bop; You can download this game on both Android and iOS devices, and the main feature is related to the ability to teach the kids more about science, space, nature, animals, and any other things related to basic education.
  • Coding Basics; It might sound as too complex for the kids to learn math and coding from such a young age, but there are many apps and video games that could improve logical thinking and help the kids to learn more about elementary things related to computer science. The main advantage is that you will introduce the world of computers to the kids.
  • Social Studies; This one is another excellent title that will teach them more about history, nature, society, countries, the importance of ecology, and much other stuff. It is developed for kids that have between 2 and 10 years.

3. Music Lessons

Source: The Chapin School

Besides teaching them about nature, science, and math, you should also include music lessons in your kindergarten classes. There are many benefits from these lessons. For example, it is proven that kids who start playing instruments from a young age can become much more efficient in many other lectures as well. Also, it is a great way to notice if some of them are especially talented and help it to develop the skills on time.

4. Experiments

Source: FirstCry Parenting

This one can be especially interesting for them, but you will have to pay attention to the right selection of experiments to perform since some of those might be dangerous. Some of the most popular ones are fizzing colors, baking soda volcano, bend candy canes, melting ice experiments, and many more. The main advantage is that they can learn basic processes in nature by observing these interesting phenomenon’s.

5. Planting

Source: Kinder Haven

One of the best methods to motivate the kids to learn more about nature is to take them outside and make them more interested in flora and fauna. You can take them on occasional trips to the nearest wood, lake, or river, or create an action where all of the kids will be planting various sorts of trees and flowers. Moreover, this is another excellent method for teaching them about the importance of the nature preservation and recovering process.

6. Watch Movies

Source: Parents

The TV is one of the main sources of entertainment for kids where they can watch their favorite cartoons, TV shows, and movies. Therefore, you can use the TV to teach the kids about new things by showing them some interesting documentaries about history, science, and other lectures. Since the TV is much more engaging than reading books, the kids will stay focused and interested in these lessons.

Last Words

There are many other activities and games that you can choose from as well. Therefore, there is plenty of space to make a great interaction with the children and keep them amused for a longer time. There is a much higher chance that they will learn new things with these methods instead of the basic process where they have to read books. You should use the advantage of multimedia devices and make your kids more interested in some TV shows or movies that are educational instead of only letting them play video games throughout the whole day. The best way is to prepare all sorts of combinations of these activities that you can change from time to time and set an hour or two for each day in the kindergarten where they will learn new things and enjoy that.