Gazebo Decoration Ideas for Weddings

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Gazebos are stylish structures that can be used to add elegance to your wedding day. One advantage of a gazebo is that it provides shade for you when you sit under it. You can use a gazebo to provide shade at a wedding. This is why they are present at many wedding venues and banquets. They can be decorated in various ways — from plain and simple design to themed and flamboyant decor — to meet your needs. Since your wedding is considered incomplete without decorations, your styled gazebo can transform your wedding into one you have always envisioned. Adding that wedding decorations can be quite challenging as preparation and creativity are paramount. Here are ways to decorate a gazebo for a wedding.

How to Decorate Your Gazebo for Wedding

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Custom Neon Signs

It’s a good idea to have neon signs with both names on the wedding gazebo. You can decorate your gazebos with custom neon lights or place them next to wedding welcome signs. It will add a lot of positive vibes to your wedding. Custom Neon Signs is recommended for wedding gazebos, which are very convenient and can be customized with any pattern. After the wedding, you can also take home to do wall decoration, which is also a kind of memorial.

Hanging Flowers Basket on the Gazebo

Flowers are a great way to makes your gazebo beautiful on a wedding occasion. It is because flowers have different colours that make them worth hanging. And flowers can easily radiate their beauty on any object that they are hanged on. You can get a flower basket and look for tiny ropes to hang the basket to the gazebo. After that, you can put the flowers inside the basket. The suspended flower will create beautiful scenery for your gazebo and wedding.

Also, the combination of flower and organza is perhaps the most common pop-up gazebo wedding decor. According to, you can use clusters of flowers to decorate the wedding arch and drape the organza all around the gazebo to serve as a backdrop. It provides a romantic touch to the wedding. If the gazebo is painted white, you can use colourful organza like pink to contrast beautifully with the gazebo. You can also use black organza draping if you want bold and striking wedding decor.

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Use Draping Fabric

If you want to add vogue to your gazebo, you can use draping fabric to line the side of the structure. White draping fabric will brighten up the occasion. Most draping fabrics come in white and is a little transparent with little lines on them. You can hang draping fabric to the top of the gazebo or the gazebo’s roof and ensure that it covers the gazebo. For your audience to see what is going on in the gazebo, you can fold the draping fabric and tie them to the pillars. Another advantage of draping fabric is that they go well with flowers. You can hang flowers, vines or creepers on your draping fabric to make your wedding gazebo attractive. Click here to see some of the most attractive vacation rentals anywhere in London.”

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Simple Pillars

Adding pillars to your gazebo is one way for you to make it beautiful for your wedding. Of course, gazebos have pillars, but you can add oversize pillars that will attract attention from afar for wedding occasions. This simple pillar will enable you to hang a flower on it. Note that if your draping fabric is white and your flowers are also white with a little colour combination, your gazebo pillars should be white. It will create a beautiful theme for your wedding and match with wedding colour. Some gazebo owners will add a little structure covered with draping fabric in the centre of their gazebo for convenience. This structure will function as a table, and you can place things on it.

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Hang Garlands on your Gazebo

Garlands are an easy and cost-effective way to dress up a wedding gazebo. You can string the garland in any way; they can be hung on your roof to the ceiling or spun around columns and pillars. You can use garlands to enhance your wedding décor through the following:

  • You can use grapevine garlands to decorate a gazebo. It is key to create a wine-themed wedding.
  • Velvet or emerald green ribbons work great in any bridal party. They are inexpensive decorations for your gazebo.
  • Dressing up your gazebo garlands with balloons is another low-cost way of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your wedding venue.
  • Add flowers (synthetic or natural) to your garland and display them on your gazebo.
  • To create an elegant and graceful appearance at nighttime, you can use garlands on your gazebo. They blend well with flowers.
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Light Up Your Gazebo

One way to decorate your gazebo is to light it up. It is because gazebos traditionally are without light. Light, most especially bright, attractive lights, can create a beautiful theme in your gazebo. It will light the event if you are having your wedding in the evening or when the sky is not lit. Lighting enhances your wedding venue appearance and accentuates certain features of your decorations, such as tables or centrepiece. Lighting is also an important factor in capturing clearer photographs of the bride, groom and members of the wedding train. There are several kinds of light that you can add to your gazebo.

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Candles are inexpensive lighting options. They can add charm and magical effect to your wedding, but many reception venues prohibit open fire. When it comes to decorating, it is safe to steer clear of unnecessary risks and use LED candles instead.

  • Use clips to affix the candle to the gazebo’s railing.
  • You can also hang candle lamps from around the roof of the gazebo.
  • Candelabras can be positioned at the altar section.
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Light strand

Light strands are cheap yet highly romantic decorative features that can add magical beauty to your wedding venue. Although a gazebo does not have a light, it has outlets positioned on every side of the structure. White light strands can add glow, particularly when dressed with a garland. You can alternatively choose a light strand from your wedding colour such as yellow or blue.

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Bottle Lanterns

Another kind of light that you can add under your gazebo is the bottle lantern. Depending on how large your gazebo is, you can add several bottle lanterns. Most gazebo owners use bottles and candles to make a bottle lantern. This kind of lantern will make your gazebo lively even when it is dark.


There are several gazebo decoration ideas for weddings. One decoration idea that you can put on your gazebo is using draping fabric. So, after touching all this gazebo decoration it is needful to capture all of your amazing moments to know more click here. Another is by hanging flowers or vine on your gazebo. You can also lighten your gazebo up by bottle or jar lanterns.