How to Choose Color for Bridesmaid Dresses

For the bride-to-be, after deciding on your wedding theme, the next important thing is to determine a bridesmaid dress for your squad, first color, then the style. It’s important to opt for the color that compliments the overall wedding theme, while still be flattering for your girls skin tones.

In this blog, we are discussing useful tips on how to make the decision on bridesmaid colors.

Step 1: In Which Season is your Wedding?

The season is the first thing you need to consider when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid color. If you’re having a summer wedding, cool and airy colors like light blues, greens, and yellows will create a beautiful and timeless look. For fall weddings, try burgundys, earhty tones, or burnt oranges to capture the cozy feeling of the season.

Winter weddings are often accompanied by darker jewel tones such as emerald green, navy, or burgundy. Finally, for springtime weddings, opt for soft pinks, peaches, and even some florals to bring in the pastel vibes of the season.


Step 2: Consider the Venue

The venue can play a big role in deciding the color for your bridesmaid gowns. Think about the atmosphere of your wedding theme. Is the wedding formal or casual? Is the venue outdoors or indoors? What is the overall theme? All of these factors should be taken into consideration when selecting the right shade. If the ceremony and reception will take place in a traditional church, look for classic and timeless hues like navy, champagne, and blush.

For an outdoor wedding, choose more vibrant and fun colors like eucalyptus, sage, or burnt orange. And if you’re having a modern celebration at an industrial-style loft, opt for bold shades such as sapphire blue, emerald green, or fuchsia.


Step 3: Complimenting Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress style is another important factor. The bridesmaids will be with the bride together for most time of the wedding, their dresses should look good together, not clash with her dress. Try to pick a color that is complimentary to your wedding dress. For instance, most brides will dress in white or ivory, and thus most color will combine perfectly with white or ivory. If she’s wearing a bolder color, like red or purple, consider shades of beige, gray, or navy.

It may also help to find out if there is a specific shade of the chosen color for the bride’s dress. If so, you’ll want to select a dress color that matches as closely as possible. If you’re having difficulty finding a complementary color, consider asking your bridesmaids to each choose a different color and then put them together in an ombre look. With this approach, each bridesmaid can show off her individual style while still looking unified in the wedding photos.


Step 4: What’s the Overall Theme of the Ceremony?

After you have determined your overall theme of the ceremony, you can finally narrow down the color choices for bridesmaids. The bridesmaid gowns should be complimentary to the bride’s wedding dress, as well as the wedding theme. So choosing the a cohesive color with your wedding palette will be good. If your wedding is a formal evening wedding, opt for elegant and sophisticated hues such as black or navy, while an outdoor wedding calls for softer hues.

The wedding decos will set the whole atmosphere of your ceremony, taking them in consideration is necessary and important. Additionally, if you are having a themed wedding, like a beach, or vintage wedding, choose sea foam greens or blues, sea glass colors or aqua will be complimentary for beach weddings.


Step 5: Discussing with your Squad

Two heads are better than one, not to mention you own a squad! You don’t have to go it alone. Talk with your squad and listen to their idea. Before you start shopping, keep in mind what shades you want to browse. Involve your squad in the decision and let them help you pick out shades that are complimentary and flattering. You can also get some inspiration from bridal magazines and online.

Remember the style of the dress need to be comfy to wear and flatter the body shapes of all your maids, no matter what color you opt for.


Step 6: Order Some Swatches First

Once you have decided on some specific colors, it better to order some swatches first before ordering the dresses. Swatches are very important because they will give you a real look on how the colors looks like, when shopping in the internet, sometimes you may come to the problem of color mismatches caused by monitor screen.

When ordering swatches, make sure to order enough for each bridesmaid to have one to review in person. This will also allow them to see how the color looks with their skin tones and undertones.

It’s also a good idea to take the swatches with you when you go shopping for accessories and shoes, so everything will match perfectly.

Swatches are also helpful when ordering multiple sizes of the same dress. They will help ensure that all of the dresses are dyed exactly the same color and will ensure that there won’t be any unexpected color discrepancies when the dresses arrive.

Ordering swatches is an inexpensive way to make sure that everything matches perfectly and helps to reduce the risk of having mismatched colors in your wedding party photos.

With these tips in mind, you will be more than sure that you will find the perfect color for your bridesmaid dresses! If you still can’t find the ideal color, try eDresstore where you can find more than 120 color options, there must be one you love!