How to Get A Free Turkey for Thanksgiving in 2024

With inflation, bird flu and supply chain issues pushing turkey prices higher than they have been for the past five years, some are looking for alternatives and want to offer everything from roast beef to pizza. But if you know where to find a free turkey, you don’t have to sacrifice that once-a-year indulgence for many.

When shopping online, many supermarkets can help you save money on almost every part of your Thanksgiving meal with deals and promotions, or how to pack a free turkey. Before you start shopping, financial expert Charlie Waters from CouponBirds suggests looking for coupons on sites to see which retailers have turkey deals on Thanksgiving.

If you want a free meal this Thanksgiving instead of online shopping and waiting for turkey delivery, here are some ways to get a free turkey.

The following stores offer free turkeys



For the third year in a row, you can get free Thanksgiving turkey and meals simply by using the Ibotta app. New for 2024? Instead of having to shop at Walmart, you can shop at several different participating retailers. If you want to save money on your Thanksgiving meal, this is one of the best deals.

This free Thanksgiving turkey offer will be available from November 1-23, but only in limited quantities while stocks last. If you are an existing Ibotta user (and already know all the terms), you need to complete the turkey and noodle bonus by November 18th to unlock the offer of free turkey and three noodles (plus gravy). After unlocking these offers, you can redeem them and receive a free Thanksgiving gift through November 23th.



In 2024, get a free Thanksgiving turkey from BJ’s from Nov. 1 to Nov. 10 with a single transaction of $150 or more.

So fill your cart with the $150 worth of stuff you already need, then open BJ’s app for your free turkey coupon. You can redeem the coupons between November 12 and November 23.

Butcher Box


When you visit Butcher Box online, you will see a pop-up window asking if you want to sign up to receive text alerts. This is done because you can save $100 on your next box and get a free Thanksgiving turkey.



ShopRite’s annual turkey promotion will return in 2024 for members of the Price Points loyalty club. You must spend at least $400 between Oct. 16 and Nov. 24 to earn enough points to buy a free turkey or ham. The ShopRite free turkey offer runs through Nov. 24, when you need to pick up your free items.

Weis loyalty club


In 2024, Weiss will have the same Thanksgiving sales as last year. Weis Preferred Shoppers earn one point for every dollar you spend. You can redeem these points for free or discounted Thanksgiving food from November 3 to November 24. A 200 credit (costs $200) gets you a free frozen turkey (or other options). 200 points will get you salmon or ham. 400 points ($400) will get you either a tofu chicken or a tofu ham.

Free turkey or Thanksgiving dinner for low-income families

In addition to free turkeys from selected grocery stores, you can also find free turkeys or free Thanksgiving meals at nearby charities. Here are some charity events that might offer a free turkey or a free Thanksgiving meal.

United Way 211

United Way 211 is the information hotline for United Way Assistance. When you call the number, you can tell the operator where you live and ask if there is a charity in your area that offers a free turkey or Thanksgiving meal.

Note that the United Way may not have information on every charity that offers free turkey or a free Thanksgiving meal. However, they try to keep up with the news that charities are helping with Thanksgiving.

Local food pantries


An area charity near you may give away a free turkey or Thanksgiving meal. Charitable organizations can take many different forms. Charities can provide food, shelter and other services, such as helping people get out of abusive relationships or other unhealthy situations. The Free Food website may help you find free food near you. Or, you can check with your city’s Chamber of commerce for information on finding local charities that provide free food.

Religious organizations near you


Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other organizations may help you get a free turkey, or may offer their own free Thanksgiving meal. Many of these organizations have programs that offer free turkeys (and other Thanksgiving food), coordinate turkey pickup days, or can serve Thanksgiving meals inside their buildings. Contact local religious organizations directly to find out if they are giving away free turkeys or Thanksgiving meals. Or search for events in your local newspaper. Another option is to check local community groups on Facebook or ask if anyone knows of religious or other organizations in the area that give away free turkeys.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to get a free turkey this Thanksgiving. If you are in need, do not hesitate to accept the generosity of those who are willing to help.