Want to Get a Job at Facebook? Read This Guide

Facebook – the social media giant that has the largest market share in the social media industry. For most of us, Facebook is just another means of connecting with people and learning about the new trends of social media. But for so many people across the world, Facebook is their dream company.

A job at Facebook is their dream job. There are many reasons why people leave no stone unturned to get a job at Facebook. Not only its employees are well-paid, but a job at Facebook also provides you with so many amazing perks!

Not to forget, the work environment there is what dreams are made up of.  But alas! Getting a job at Facebook is not as easy as updating a status there. As per research, Facebook receives more than 250,000 job applications each year!

That’s a massive number to compete against, isn’t it?  So, what must differentiate you from so many people to help you land a job at Facebook? Read this guide to find out your answer.

Source: Johnson Search Group

1. Skills over degrees or experience

People who have a past experience of working at Facebook have been giving this very advice to Facebook aspirants worldwide.

For your employers-to-be at Facebook, skill is of more importance than experience. Unlike the conventional interviews, where applications are mercilessly assessed on the basis of past experience, Facebook does not really seem to be adamant about it.

So, even if you do not have the required qualification, it is always suggested to send in a job application for the desired job post because, at the end of the day, all they care about is skills and knowledge.

So, if your dream job is at Facebook, the cue is pretty simple – start working on your skills rather than piling up degrees.

2. Research about Facebook

Yes, I know, there’s hardly a human alive on the planet who doesn’t know about Facebook. But, to apply for a job there, you need to conduct proper research because, as unlikely as it may seem, Facebook is not all fun and games.

Just like you do detailed research about a company prior to interviewing for it, you need to research about Facebook too. Don’t limit your research there, do your homework regarding the job post as well.

Since Facebook is a widely popular public company, you will not have to work hard to access information about it. Read all the articles relating to Facebook, opinions on Quora and learn about the company’s policies and way of functioning.

It is time-consuming, but the results will surely be worth it!

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3. Understand yourself and your passion

The ultimate key to acing interviews is being accurate about what you want for yourself. Facebook’s interview is no exception.

If you want to excel at the interviews for Facebook, declutter your thoughts and express them in a way that allows the interviewer to understand your skillset. Allow your interviewers to figure you out as a person so that they can offer you a payscale worthy of your skill set alongside ensuring that you prove an asset to the organization.

Be passionate, highlight your skills and your interests. Make the interviewers realize that you will bring valuable growth to the company.

4. Prepare yourself mentally

The Facebook interview will be tough, but you have to ace it because obviously – nothing good comes easy. Prepare yourself mentally, for you may be asked a variety of questions.

For a technical position at Facebook, it is only possible that you may be asked to write codings on a whiteboard. You need to brush up your knowledge of different subjects right before appearing for the interviews. Knowledge of the basic algorithm and a good knowledge of various computer programs are a must!

Apart from this, it is very common in interviews to ask questions about hypothetical situations. So, you might need to read a handbook on tactical thinking and problem solving as well. Pro tip? Watch your body language and stay relaxed. It indeed plays a huge role!

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5. Optimism and enthusiasm is a must

Again, just like in any other interview, you must maintain enthusiastic and optimistic body language while appearing for Facebook’s interview.

You will be surprised to find out but it is true – Facebook does not just care about skills and technical knowledge, but also equally cares about how passionate you are to work for them. And why not? In the long run, any company depends at the mercy of employee satisfaction.

The previous and the current employees at Facebook have always been loud and clear about this – a positive attitude is often the key to acing the interview. Be positive, keep a calm stance, and channel all your efforts into convincing the interviewers that you are the best fit for the position.

Frequently asked questions at Facebook interview:

Although there is no rigid curriculum when it comes to the questions which may be asked at an interview for Facebook, here are some frequently asked questions, just for a start –

For a technical position:

  1. If we ask you to design a universal file sharing and storage app similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, how will you do it?
  2. Will you be able to design an API rate limiter?
  3. Do you think requirements determination is important for a project? If yes, at what phase and why?
Source: Business Insider

Questions based on teamwork and collaboration:

  1. Are you a team player? If yes, rate yourself from 1-10 in team-building skills.
  2. How do you resolve challenging team situations like miscommunication?
  3. What will be your contribution to the team?

To get a hint of more such questions, read the detailed article at Interview Kickstart or watch the entire video at Interview Kickstart on Youtube.

Over to you…

Getting a job at Facebook is definitely not easy. It requires dedication and relevant skills to help you achieve the job of your dreams.

Here, we cited the top 5 things that you must keep in mind while applying at Facebook. Apat from these, just believe in yourself and you are sure to come out with flying colors!