5 Tips to Get Some Fast Cash in a Pandemic

We’re nearing the end of a summer that has been unlike any before. In Spring, COVID-19 drove people to quarantine inside their homes as much as possible. To help slow the spread, people only left home for weekly or bi-weekly groceries unless they were frontline workers.

Unemployment has soared across North America. In Canada, the government has responded to this major employment disruption by issuing to people who qualify $2,000 a month. This has been a welcome relief, but the fact is, in Toronto, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is around $2,000.

You may be facing a dire economic situation because of the pandemic, or perhaps you simply need some extra cash. Whatever your reasons, here are five ways you can make some fast cash.

1. Visit a Gold Buyer

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Do you have any valuables lying around that you don’t use or need? Sometimes people inherit jewellery they don’t wear. If this applies to you, consider seeing a gold buyer.

It’s important that you find a reliable gold buyer. Look for one that has been in the neighbourhood for a couple of decades. The longer they’ve been in business, the more trustworthy they are likely to be. They’ll have more user reviews online, too.

Some of the best gold buyers like Pintocashforgold.ca also buy other valuables, like designer handbags, antiques, coins, or luxury watches. They should be fully transparent about the market price of whatever you’re selling, and never pressure you to make a sale.

Finally, look for a gold buyer that stresses security and discretion. Some are even willing to visit your home, making things extra convenient and safe.

2. Deliver Food

Source: Eat This, Not That

In many regions, ride-share companies have made it possible to find work on short notice without giving them any long-term commitments. While the weather is still nice out, you may enjoy couriering food to people on a bicycle. You can always try it, and because there’s total freedom to set your own hours, you can quit the instant you don’t feel like working anymore.

But biking food to people is essentially a way to get paid to work out. After months of quarantine during the spring, and with winter not too far down the pipeline, there are far worse ways to make money than exercising outdoors.

If you have your own vehicle and you’d like some short-term work, you can deliver food. But driving entails paying for gas, and it won’t help you burn any calories.

Though consumer confidence has returned, when you’re travelling throughout the city, make sure you follow the recommendations of local health experts in relation to COVID-19. Don’t forget to follow the standard protocol when in public: wear a mask, sanitize your hands often and thoroughly, and practice social distancing.

3. Give Lessons Online

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Do you have any skills that you can teach from home? The internet is very good at matching somebody with a skill to teach with a student who wants to learn.

It could be something specialized, like a musical instrument. Many school districts are looking into incorporating E-learning to allow children to safely learn from home if schools need to be shut down. It’s not the same as learning in a classroom, but conducting a class via webcam can still be quite effective.

If you know how to speak and read English, some companies may hire you to tutor local students or teach ESL. You can also try to find students on your own, so you can teach them privately.

Try to be creative, and think about what skills you have. Use your networks online to share what you’re doing, because any free promotion is good promotion.

4. Test Websites

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Website developers need to know that what they’re building works properly before the site launches. Affiliate marketers and really all kinds of companies pay good money to have third-parties objectively assess their site and mobile applications for UX and probe for bugs.

For this, they need testers. You don’t need any special expertise, because they’re probably looking for how an average user would interact with their site or app.

Look online for people in need of website testing. It’s a safe way to make some quick money without having to even leave home. Like anything online, verify that the website you’re using is safe.

5. Put Your Belongings Up for Sale

Source: NBC News

Everybody has stuff in their home that they don’t use. Before you throw it out, consider if any of it has value. Maybe you have a friend who can really use something you have, or maybe someone in your city will pay good money to own it.

Sometimes things just collecting dust around the home are more valuable than you think! There are cases where people threw out items that turned out to be very expensive. Maybe you’ve been on the other side, where you were at a garage sale and saw something precious for pennies. Don’t let this happen to you!

Create an ad for what you’re selling that is honest and upfront about the product. Is it in good condition? Are there defects? Describe it accurately, because if someone comes to your home to buy it only to see there’s a problem once they get there, it’s just a waste of everybody’s time.

You can and should clean the product you’re selling before photographing it for your ad. Use flattering lighting, and describe it accurately but in a positive light. People are more likely to buy what you’re selling if the ad and the photo are effective, so take your time when creating them.

The world has changed a lot over the past few months. Fewer people are working, and depending on the industry, business may be drying up at jobs that used to exist. If you need support to help you pay your bills, check to see what government assistance is available. But if you need to supplement your income with some fast cash, keep these tips in mind.