4 Reasons Why The Global Electric-Vehicle Market Is On The Rise

Most of the popular brands started introducing models of electric vehicles in recent years. There are many reasons for that. First of all, people are interested in EV because they are much better for the environment, and most recent models come with amazing appearance.

According to current trends, many industries are trying to replace oil, coal, and other types of fuel with advanced sources of energy, such as electric power made in the power plants, nuclear plants, or gathered from solar energy. These new energy sources represent a much better option when it comes to saving the environment. Moreover, electric vehicles are much more efficient, especially when it comes to charging bills.

There are many new models with the most recent technologies integrated into them, and some of the most popular are Nissan Leaf, Tesla, Mercedes-Bez B-Class, BMW i3, and more.

As you can see, the most popular brands are keeping up with the trends by introducing new models of electric vehicles each year. If you are a real car enthusiast, visit Autofun.co.th to read more about interesting news and reviews of the most recent models made by famous and luxurious brands.

Furthermore, when it comes to the popularity of various brands and models, a lot of people still prefer classic petrol or diesel engines because they provide a unique sound, and you can easily refuel them when traveling long distances on any gas station. On the other hand, EVs are also rapidly developing and offering some modern and more advanced solutions. Here are the main reasons why the global electric-vehicle market is on the rise.

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1. Electric Vehicles Represent a Cheaper Solution

While it might seem as surprising to many, because the price tags of electric vehicles are in most cases significantly higher than similar models that use petrol or diesel, when you create a calculation about the costs, the conclusion is that EVs are a much cheaper solution. You can charge the battery at home, and the average cost of charging a full battery is around $10, while you will spend around $25 for an average vehicle for the same distance.

That is especially beneficial for people who are traveling on long trips more often. Aside from the prices, there are also other advantages related to maintenance. For example, there are no gasoline filters and other parts in the electric vehicles, and those parts require constant replacement.

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2. They Have Great Performances

Besides Tesla Model S, which is known for its incredible performances, speeding to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, and a maximum speed of over 150 mph, other electric vehicles are also made with great engines that can develop excellent speed. For example, Nissan Leaf, which is much cheaper than the Tesla Model S, also has great specifications, such as around 150 horsepower and a little over 7 seconds for 60 mph. The i3 model from BMW is a little faster than Nissan Leaf and has a great range of the battery of around 150 miles.

There is also plenty of other models with a variety of performances, and it is important to know that many of them are even faster and more agile than vehicles with standard engines. The only downside and the main reason why some people still avoid buying an EV is that charging of the battery is not so convenient when you are traveling on long-distance, because you will have to wait more than 30 minutes if you are charging it over a quick charger on some gas station. Charging it at home will last much longer. Depending on the size of a battery, it can last between 6 to 10 hours.

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3. They Are Better for the Environment

The major reason why companies started developing batteries and engines powered with electricity is that petrol and diesel are huge pollutants. The awareness about the importance of finding new and renewable energy sources is improving over years.

Therefore, electric cars are much cleaner since there is no emission of toxic materials when you are driving them. Nevertheless, when the electricity used for charging is made in a nuclear plant or from solar energy, you can say that your vehicle is completely harmless to the environment.

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4. The Governments Support

Many countries have come up with a plan to motivate and support people interested in replacing their old vehicles with electric cars. For example, you can get a great discount or the ability to avoid paying any taxes or registration fees when you choose to buy an EV.

Moreover, some countries are offering subventions or loan participation to motivate more people to switch on electric cars. In some countries, you will be freed from paying for registration plates and many other taxes related to the owners of vehicles. Nonetheless, some countries in the European Union introduced some privileges related to the drivers of these cars. For example, free parking lots, charging, and more.

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The Bottom Line

For many drivers, there is still a great debate over which type of vehicle to choose. While there are still many enthusiasts who claim how drivers will never be able to feel the same experience from driving electric cars as when they are driving ones with petrol engines, we think that some other factors, especially ones related to the environment are much more important. The manufactures are developing new and advanced solutions to create new models with a better range of batteries, autopilot systems, faster charging, and more.

Another excellent benefit of driving an electric vehicle is that it is much quieter, both inside and outside. Some of them are so quiet that the companies decided to install fake sound in them to be less dangerous on the road, especially for passengers. Moreover, considering that the costs of maintenance are much lower, paying $40,000 for an EV would be a better choice than getting a similar model with a petrol engine for around $20,000.

In the end, we also expect that there will be an even wider selection of electric cars in all segments and classes, which means that you will have the ability to choose from a much wider price range.