7 Great Gifts To Get For Your Teenage Son in 2024

Finding out what your teenage son is into to give as gifts can be difficult if you haven’t been paying attention. Not only do they change their minds about particular things, but there are other things that they will keep as secrets.

Thus, discovering a teenage boy’s tastes is a tough challenge even for the most engaging of parents. But that’s why we’re here. We’ve done our homework and bring to you a list of 7 great gifts for 2024. With all that said, let’s start.

1. Video Games

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Boys will be boys and they’ll always be into video games. While we’re seeing a huge change of demographics, with more girls getting into video games as of late, a video game is a great gift to give your teenage son.

According to a survey, there are a few titles that boys prefer. Sports games rank very high on this survey. Games such as Madden 21 and FIFA 21 are on the wish list of thousands of hardcore gamers.

Many more prefer Call of Duty, the very popular first-person shooter. And an entirely different set of boys prefer Nintendo games such as Zelda or Super Mario.

While it can be difficult to uncover what they’re into, there is a very strong chance that your son will love one of these as gifts.

2. Wireless Earbuds

Source: Yamaha – Yamaha Corporation

Modern pop culture influences millions of people worldwide. And as we’re seeing of late, athletes and artists are getting on the earbuds hype train. Firstly introduced by Apple, wireless earbuds are cool and they make the wearers tech-savvy.

We see them more and more in popular talk show interviews as we’re forced to stay at home and so do the celebrities that come onto these shows.

But being cool isn’t the reason why you should get your son a set of wireless earbuds. The fact that they’re wireless makes them very convenient and easy to use. Long gone are the days where the cable gets twisted into your pocket. Nowadays, wireless earbuds are the gadget to own. They perfectly accommodate our music needs and are a must-have for teenage boys.

3. Hoodies and Jackets

Source: www.leavershoodies.com

Teenage boys are particularly into hoodies and especially spring jackets. As spring is officially here, what better way to finally experience the outdoors than with a Champion jacket?

Comfortable clothing is a trend that every single teenage boy follows. No one wants to wear clothes that feel like they have a grip on us, and that’s why hundreds of thousands of teenage boys prefer hoodies and jackets. You don’t have to buy anything spectacular. A single-color jacket or hoodie such as black or dark green will suffice as a gift.

Just make sure to get your son a color that they don’t have already.

Jackets and hoodies are also excellent 18th birthday gifts. Although teenage boys are pretty used to getting clothes as birthday gifts, getting them something they truly want will be more than enough.

But if your son doesn’t want a hoodie or jacket as a gift for 18th birthday, then we suggest you read more about other potential presents to get.

4. Vans Sneakers

Source: Time Magazine

Name a teenage boy that isn’t into Vans? The popular footwear company is right there on par with the likes of Nike and Adidas. And you can get really creative with this one as Vans has recently released an old skool sneaker line that many millennials are familiar with from their teenage years.

Also, Vans are great because they break the monotony of the Nike and Adidas monopoly. Sure, everyone can wear Nike’s Air Force One’s or Jordan’s, but can they rock an Old Skool?

5. Gift Cards

Source: CNET

Another great gift to give your teenage son is a gift card from their favorite shopping place. This can be anything from Steam to Amazon gift cards.

The reason why gift cards are so popular is that they eliminate a key issue. Namely, if you have no idea what video game your son likes for you to buy as a gift, then why not get a Steam gift card and let him spend the money as they like?

This will eliminate plenty of headaches when you think that your son is into Madden, only to realize that they like FIFA more.

Sure it might be cheating, but your teenage son won’t mind at all.

6. Cryptocurrenies

Source: arabianbusiness.com

Seeing as cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular, it’s only a matter of time before your son gets interested in this mysterious and unknown world.

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin and its glorious rise. But are you aware that there are over 5,000 other currencies out there? If you’re particularly tech-savvy, then you probably know more than what we’re giving you credit for.

So that begs the question, why shouldn’t you open a portfolio and invest in cryptocurrencies as a gift for your son? Not only can this be a long-term strategy, but they might pick up an interest in it and pursue it as a hobby.

7. Bean Bag

Source: Entrepreneur

If we know anything about teenage boys is that they lie around pretty much all day. This is especially the case in our current predicament as we’re forced to stay at home.

Since they got nothing else to do, why not get them a bean bag to make all that sitting around that more comfortable and exciting? Bean bags are great and they’re very convenient. They’re also great for smaller rooms as they don’t really take up any space.

Your teenage son can use it when in his spare time or maybe he’ll use it when reading a book? While we do know how unlikely that is, a bean bag is a great way for your son to chill while at home.


Finding the best gifts for a teenager might sound difficult, but we hope that our article helps. You can even use it as inspiration to try and think of potential other gifts that will be of more use.