6 Essential Grill Tools You Need For Your BBQ Party – 2024 Guide

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Hosting a BBQ party might be impossible during the Coronavirus lockdown, but you’ll still need essential grill tools when the lockdown lifts.

It’s safe to say that a BBQ party is the best way to socialize with friends and family. Everyone needs to loosen up every once in a while, and hosting a BBQ party will do just that.

But do you lack the necessary tools to pull it off? Or are you unaware of what you need? If so, then we have just the article for you. Don’t go anywhere as this article will provide you with the necessary information on the essential grill tools for your next BBQ party.

1. Long-Handled Tongs

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Is there a better way to handle the meat on the grill than with long-handled tongs?

This tool is a must-have for any grill expert, and if you don’t own a pair then the first thing you should do is go and buy some.

Long-handled tongs are capable of handling all types of meats. From hamburgers to steaks and even sausages, they are the ideal tool for maneuvering the food across the grill.

But the thing that separates them from the likes of forks and other handling tools is that they don’t impact the juiciness of the meat when handling the meat, says culinary expert Jase from Perfectly Smoked. Unlike forks, they don’t pierce through the meat resulting in a loss of liquids.

If you want to handle your meat with extra carefulness, without needing to be careful, then make sure to get one of these.

2. A Stainless Steel Spatula

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Owning a handler will allow you to handle your meat with extra precautions, but a stainless steel spatula is an ultimate and most flexible item to have on display.

A spatula is a grilling tool used when needing to go over the flame from the grill. A spatula is used best when needing to flip a burger, a stake, and any other type of meat on the grill.

But it can be used for far more than flipping meat. A stainless steel spatula will ensure that the item is never damaged under any circumstances while grilling, while also providing you with a lot of maneuverability and flexibility.

A spatula should be used in a supportive role while the handler always a core item.

3. Thermometer

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Have you ever wanted to properly measure the temperature of the meat itself? Are you always unsure whether the meat is done or not? Well, a meat thermometer is quite possibly the best tool to measure the temperature of the meats on the grill.

This is yet another essential item that every BBQ master owns in their arsenal. It allows you to measure the doneness on the meat and it allows something very important.

Namely, a meat thermometer will prevent you from overcooking or undercooking the meat itself.

If you want to host a kick-ass BBQ party where the invitees will bask in your BBQ skills, then make sure to visit giftwits and browse through the best smoker grill thermometers out there.

4. Brass Brush

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Are you regularly looking after your grill after finishing? If not, then you need to start cleaning after every grilling to ensure proper hygiene and prevent meats, fish, and vegetables from sticking to it.

As you all know, every BBQ expert will tell you that a brass brush is their best friend when needing to clean after. This brush, thanks to the brass, is very hard and can eliminate any leftover foods that are stuck onto the grill.

It also does this super conveniently and super easy and you use it as you would use any other brush. After using it, you should learn how to clean the grill brush for the next use. To know how to clean your grill brush, click here. If you don’t own one, then make sure to change this but you can also use a substitute in the form of a hardwood paddle.

A hardwood paddle is less effective, but it does a good job of not damaging your cooking grates.

5. Flat Blade Stainless Steel Skewers

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Every kebab lover must own a pair of flat blade skewers as this item is the best way to turn a kebab without doing anything remotely negative to the contents themselves.

However, using anything but flat blade stainless steel skewers will not move the meat itself when turning the kebab. This is a very common problem amongst amateur cooks that is solved by simply acquiring a bundle of flat blade stainless steel skewers.

As you’d expect, they’re reusable and quite versatile. They can come in multiple sizes and shapes that easily accommodate your BBQ needs.

A great substitute for stainless steel flat blade skewers is to use wooden ones. However, avoid making the rookie mistake by soaking them in water for 30 minutes before applying the kebab. This will prevent the wood from catching fire and ultimately prevent your meat from burning on the inside.

6. Gloves

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Sometimes we need gloves to protect us from the grill itself. Roasting on a mean grill can be sometimes problematic, but don’t think that your oven mitts will do any sufficient job.

Oven mitts aren’t suitable for a BBQ job, so you’ll need the aiding hand of specific BBQ gloves that are carefully designed to protect the wearer from the mean grill.

Luckily for you, your options are endless as there are different types that protect you from different problems. One type of gloves protects you from the harsh heat or flames that could burst out from the grill at any moment. Others protect you when needing to redistribute the coal inside the grill, while some protect you when needing to handle the meat.

You can even find a pair of gloves that protect you from all problems, but chances are these might cost an extra buck or two.

However, seeing as you’re a soon-to-be BBQ expert, spending a few bucks on the perfect items will only aid you in your objective.

These are some of the items that you’ll need for your next BBQ part, and we’re betting on the idea that you cannot wait for it. While there are countless others, we’ve singled out the most essential ones.