5 Proven Tips To Grow Instagram Followers From Scratch – A Cheat Sheet For Beginners

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Instagram with more than 2 billion active users and 44% of Meta revenue source, is the most commonly used social network. With its unique content engagement via pictures and short videos, it has gained popularity among the millennials. People are using Instagram for their personal branding and showcasing their businesses. Instagram is a good source for connecting with your potential customers. You can also generate sales and revenues for your business. It is the most suggested platform by marketers to build your brand’s social presence. Moreover, you can reach out to millions of people around the globe who are interested in your business, products, or services.

The more you have followers on your Instagram account, the more chances to increase engagement and ultimately the growth of your account. But, with a handful of followers, it will be hard for you to grow your business and expand your audience. Growing your account on Instagram from scratch requires proper time, effort, and strategy. To assist you, here’s a proven stepwise strategy to get more followers and build your brand presence on Instagram.

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1. Account Optimization

Optimizing your account is the first step to getting your target audience. The Instagram profile you created for your business or branding should be in professional mode. Your Instagram account should be purely niche-oriented and hit your domain completely. Focusing on one industry on a single Instagram account is preferred to get targeted leads. It is suggested to add your business bio, website, location, and contact properly so your audience can find it easily. You can integrate your Instagram handle into your website to get traffic to your account. Another important tip is to add your business-centered keywords and hashtags to your bio to get more reach.

2. Content Calendar and Posting Strategy

Random posting without any content strategy can cause to not much growth of your Instagram account. There should be a perfect balance while posting Reels, Single Image Posts, Carousals Posts, Videos, and Stories. Here’s a cheat sheet you can follow or convert as per your business schedule.

Monday: 1 Carousel Post + 1 story

Tuesday: 2-3 Stories

Wednesday: 1 Reel + 1 collaboration post/story

Thursday: 2-3 stories + 1 single image post

Friday: 1 Reel + 5-6 stories

Saturday: 1 Carousel Post + 2-3 stories

Sunday: 1 Reel/Q and A/Go live

Your content calendar should be organized for either monthly or at least weekly content. Scheduling posts is another advanced way to keep your posting strategized. You can either schedule your posts from Meta Business Suite. Multiple post-scheduling sites can be used for that purpose including Hootsuite.com, Buffer.com, and Later.com

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3. Hashtag Strategy

A hashtag is any keyword including letters, numbers, or even emoji represented by # notation and is clickable. Each Hashtag used on Instagram opens into a separate page having relevant posts. Instagram hashtags are a great way to get more and more dedicated reach if used with a proper marketing strategy. People may follow hashtags of their choice on Instagram. Using hashtags in your posts can be shown to someone’s feed even if they are not following your account. A hashtag strategy covers the combination of low-medium to high-volume hashtags. These hashtags may include products/service/niche hashtags, location-based hashtags, event-specific, and industry or brand-specific hashtags. The suggested number of hashtags per post is 3-5 at least to 10-12 most per post.

4. Instagram Ads

Instagram advertisement is a paid marketing strategy to promote your content. Running ads on Instagram to get targeted customers is an effective and fast approach to organic growth strategy. By choosing your campaign objective, ad type, budget, ad creatives, ad copies, target audience, and ad placement you can run your ad campaigns. While turning on a campaign you can observe your ad performance and further retargeting to get optimized results. You can sell your products or services via images or videos as ad creatives. While spending on Instagram ads, you can either choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget.

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5. Influencer Marketing Approach

An influencer is a trusted person; a content creator or a celebrity having significantly engaging followers on social media. They are authentic people who share values and people love them and their opinions. They share genuine opinions on multiple topics including products, services, brands, and much other valuable stuff with authentic information. In the influencer marketing approach, we hire such influencers to talk about our brand, products, or services via their Instagram handle. In this way, their audience can develop trust in our brand and even convert into our followers or customers in the future. While finding out influencers, we must keep in mind that the relevant person should have gained popularity among his followers from brands and customers previously.

6. Acquiring Instagram Followers

Having a high number of followers on your Instagram account is an indication of a trusted brand. The more followers you have on your profile, the more you will get content reach. The probability of converting customers increases if you have huge and highly engaged followers. Besides the above organic and paid strategies, here’s another quick way to acquire Instagram followers from SocialPro. There are multiple service providers in the market with various packages for buying Instagram followers. You can choose any package as per your budget or followers requirement, and instantly receive followers on your Instagram account. Social Pro Uk is one of the trusted and leading social media service providers.

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7. Content Strategy

The content you share on your Instagram should be unique, engaging, and audience-oriented. Making reels on trending topics in your domain is a leading way to become viral and get more reach. You can add challenges, competitions, or giveaways to gain the attention of your audience. Your content should be a perfect balance of education, entertainment, and encouragement for your audience. Posting at the right time is a step ahead in caring for your audience. You can check your audience insight and schedule your posts according to the active time of your audience. Cross-promoting your content on other social handles is another effective way to increase brand awareness and traffic. Engaging with your audience in the comment section and private message chats is a unique selling proposition for any brand to build the trust of its audience.

By adopting all the steps and strategies above, you can not only grow on Instagram but even lead with your customers’ trust and extreme grow of followers.