Guide for Traveling in Tanzania 2024

Tanzania is famous for safaris more than any African country. It is the home of wildebeest, hippos, elephants, chimpanzees and many other species that can only be seen here. The whole country offers enormous natural wealth, so the tourists can take a boat safari to see crocodiles spending time in their natural surroundings or admire giraffes besides ancient baobab trees. You can see lions gliding graciously around National Parks or explore the coastline of the Indian Ocean where you’ll be able to see the Swahili culture from up close.

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Things to see

In order to see all the beauties that Tanzania has to offer, make sure you choose the best time during the year when the days are warm and the sky is clear. The climate in Tanzania is clearly divided into two seasons. The dry season begins in July and ends in September and this is usually the time that tourists choose to visit. The rain usually starts to fall in March and slowly stops in May, with short rainy episodes in October and November, but don’t let the rain stop you if you want to visit this beautiful country.

The coastline of Tanzania is incredible! The beaches resemble postcards and they are perfect for people who like to enjoy holidays by sunbathing, swimming and diving. The main three islands are Pemba, Mafia, and Zanzibar. Zanzibar is usually the choice of most tourists because of the unique mix of luxurious feel and the old, native culture. Pemba should be your choice if you want a nice getaway from everything, and simply let the stress go. Mafia is perfect for tourists who like the adrenaline rush and go for a dive or snorkeling, and simply have a great time. These islands are beautiful above the crystal clear water, just as they are under it.

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You can’t visit Tanzania and skip Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a chance to climb to the roof of Africa itself and be amazed at the sight you will see from the top. It is certainly a breathtaking experience that you will remember as long as you live! It is the highest peak of Africa and the highest freestanding volcano in the entire world. If you decide to climb Kilimanjaro, make sure you’re in the right shape, so you can feel the thrill of going to the top and feeling amazing all the way.

Serengeti is the number one destination for tourists who wish to see the wildlife of Tanzania. Every year, there is a migration season of wildebeest, but there’s something to see all year long. This park is probably the most famous in entire Africa and it’s a synonym for African scenery. It is the UNESCO world heritage site and if you come during the migration you will see a magnificent sight – wildebeest and zebras stretching endlessly into the horizon. There are black rhino, cheetah, spotted hyena, bat- eared fox and jackal. It is a chance to see and experience the wilderness completely untamed.

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Expand your knowledge about the local culture

When you visit Serengeti national park, you will probably see Maasai Mara people. This is the area that they consider their home for many, many years. Their culture and history are very rich and it is certainly the reason why many people want to visit their villages and learn a little bit more about them. They are facing a challenge on how to preserve their way of living when faced with the modern era, but they are succeeding to nurture their customs and heritage.

When visiting Tanzania, it is important to know that Swahili is the official language, but that the English language is also widely used, as well as Bantu. However, even though English is spoken everywhere, it is recommended to learn at least some basic phrases in Swahili before you go so you can express your gratitude towards the locals.

Don’t forget to visit the National Museum of Tanzania, which is in fact comprised of five museums that have a goal of preserving the history of this amazing country. You will be able to see many valuable archeological findings such as Zinjanthropus. Many ethnographic collections will give you an insight into the past of Tanzania, as well as the slave trade that used to occur in Zanzibar, as well as to find out more about the British and German colonial periods. There is also an educational resource center, a display area where the pieces of contemporary art are displayed, as well as the contemporary concert venue. If you wish to see a traditional hut from various Tanzanian ethnic groups, make sure to visit a Village museum.

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Try the local dishes

Tanzanian people are known for their politeness and warmth, as well as the dignity and beauty that you will remember for a long time, but their food as well. Considering that so many tourists visit Tanzania every year, the variety of dishes is extraordinary. There is something for every taste and make sure you keep an open mind so you can explore everything and enjoy it to the fullest.

You cannot go without trying Chipsi mayai which is comfort food made of French fries and omelet – so simple, but tasty. Nyama choma is grilled goat meat. It has a smoky flavor that releases slowly its juices and it takes about 45 minutes to prepare, as locals usually get around with friends and have some drink while the meat gets prepared. It is something that you should definitely try if you would like to get a sense of the way the locals eat and enjoy in their free time. Tanzania is definitely worth exploring and it hides many beauties that are yet to be revealed.

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