A Comprehensive Guide to Temporary Storage Buildings

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One of the breakthroughs in the construction sector is the commercialization of temporary structures. In earlier days, these structures were only used by a few sectors such as the military and event companies for short-term needs. Fast forward to today and these structures are rampantly and conveniently used for long-term solutions that are affordable, flexible, and fast.

Temporary storage buildings are among the most popular temporary solutions around the world. Almost every sector has storage needs whereas some like logistic and warehousing companies need very big structures.

Do you work for or own a company that requires large storage spaces? Would you like to know more about these solutions? If you are curious, then read this guide to the end.

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What Are Temporary Storage Buildings?

These are structures made of steel or iron frames and fabric, PVC, or steel sheets that are fastened together with screws and nuts or straps. The technology around these structures has been changing for the better, and today, you are likely to find large but sturdy temporary storage buildings to suit your needs.

The structures are ideal for various storage needs in the different departments because they can be customized as needed. For instance, insulated temporary structures are ideal for sensitive goods or in areas with extreme weather conditions.

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Sectors That Use Temporary Storage Buildings

Almost every other sector requires some storage space. Apart from businesses and institutions, even homes may use temporary storage buildings to store items that are not needed. However, some sectors need these structures more, and we will mention the most popular ones.

  • Logistics and warehousing businesses – This has to be the first sector that needs large structures for storage. They handle a variety of goods that must be stored in large storage structures like the clear span storage buildings supplied by the Smart-Space company in the UK.
  • Agricultural sector – When farmers harvest their produce, they might need large temporary storage buildings to store them before they are sold or processed. Some keep these structures for long-term use. The structures may also be used to store machines and farm equipment.
  • Production and processing industries – Manufacturing companies that use a lot of raw materials may need large temporary storage structures. As they purchase industrial tents or temporary steel structures to install their machines, they should consider storage areas as well. They also need storage for processed goods before they are distributed to buyers.
  • Event companies – For these companies, storage facilities are vital. They use them to store the collapsed portable structures like tents, seats, and tables that they hire out for events. If they have a catering department, a temporary storage building is ideal for such purposes as well. Their needs vary depending on the number of assets they have.
  • Military sector – This sector has used temporary structures to make bases for a long time. They are convenient and portable. They need a lot of storage space apart from the dormitories and offices, which are also temporary.
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How to Buy Temporary Storage Buildings

If you need temporary storage buildings in your business or organization, you can buy them with ease. But there is also an option to hire for short-term use. Before buying, there are some considerations to make.

  • Consider your needs – The storage needs in your organization or company comes first. This will determine the size, shape, and materials of the temporary storage buildings you will buy. Some sectors like warehouses and logistic companies need large structures with loading bays and canopies that should be included when buying the storage facilities.
  • Consider the size – Storage units come in different sizes to suit your needs. For long-term use, it is crucial to anticipate and plan for the growth of your business and storage needs. However, you can solve the current storage space needs and buy temporary storage buildings that suit your needs.
  • Consider the time of use – Another important consideration is the length of time you will use the structures for. Some temporary storage buildings are more durable than others. For instance, the light gauge fabric storage structures are suitable for short-term uses while heavy-gauge all-steel structures are suitable for long-term uses in busy companies.
  • Consider the weather – The weather determines the temperature of an area, which is a determinant factor of the temporary storage structures you will need. As mentioned, areas with extreme temperatures require insulated buildings to protect the goods. Areas with a lot of snow and hailstorms may need structures with steel roofs instead of fabric.
  •  Consider the cost – One of the big benefits of using temporary storage structures is saving the cost of the operation. These structures are affordable, but you still need to buy what can suit your business operations budget. Sometimes, hiring makes more economic sense than buying.
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Benefits of Using Temporary Storage Buildings

The use of temporary storage buildings came into popularity for one big reason: they are affordable. According to experts, a business will save almost 40% on construction costs by using temporary storage structures. It is possible to save further money when you compare prices from different suppliers, ask for a discount, or choose structures that are within your budget.

Another big benefit is the speed of construction. Whether you need an urgent expansion of your business or looking to set up storage structures fast, the temporary options are the best. Hiring modular structures is even faster because they are already fabricated and ready for installation.

Another benefit of temporary storage buildings is flexibility. Many of them are portable, so you can move the store from one of your companies to another. They can also be reused for other purposes, especially the clear span structures because they are just large halls. Experts can also customize them with offices, washrooms, and loading bays or even incorporate them with other structures in your company.

Final Words

Temporary storage buildings are essential in many sectors today. Fortunately, they have been adopted very well all over the world. If you have gone through this guide, you now know a lot about these structures, especially the considerations to make when buying or leasing one. With this, you will save a lot of money while meeting your needs.