How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?

Do you have itchy, red bumps on your body and small blood stains on your bedding? Then there is a good chance that you have bed bugs. So it’s high time to check your bed. Check the seams of your mattress and the conversion of your bed. But also examine your bedding. Look for small bugs, white spheres or black-brown granules. These are likely bed bugs, eggs and droppings.

Inoculandpestcontrol Use a flashlight and magnifying glass to find bed bugs. Eggs, larvae and bed bugs are very small.


How do I get a bed bug bite?

You can get bed bug bites everywhere. Usually you have slept somewhere where there are bed bugs. They are mainly in hotels and guesthouses, but also in people’s homes, sometimes also in hospitals, the cinema and even on the bus, train, tram or taxi.

Bed bugs can enter your home through your luggage (in the seams of suitcases, bedding and clothes). Also through used furniture or other second-hand items.

They crawl out of cracks, seams and crevices around the bed at night. Because they run quite quickly, they can spread easily: through cracks in walls, along pipes and against the ceiling. They quickly enter other floors, other rooms and homes.

What can I do with a bed bug bite?

Try not to scratch if you are itchy. You don’t have to do anything else, the bumps will disappear by themselves.

Source: WanderWisdom

How to fight bed bugs yourself?

Fighting bed bugs is quite a job. Even professional fighters have to work hard on this creature. Bed bugs hide all over your house. They are found in beds, wardrobes and carpets, as well as door handles, sockets and curtains. Fight bed bugs yourself or try to get the bed bug UK under control. You can also try the following:

  • Cleaning, washing and vacuuming
  • Put all your textiles in a bag and seal it tightly.
  • Wash your bedding at 60 degrees.
  • Also wash your curtains and rugs at 60 degrees.
  • Do not move items to another room.
  • Vacuum in all nooks and crannies. Also your mattress and skirting boards.
  • Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag when you are done.

Control bed bugs with spray

Buy bed bug spray and spray on the areas where you think signs of bed bugs are present. You can’t brush this place for a few days now. The poison in the spray continues to work for a while. Bed bugs that later walk over that spot, are still killed by the poison.

Pay attention! Do not spray bed bug spray on your clothes, mattress or bedding. After all, it is and remains poison against insects.

Source: Orkin

Catching bed bugs with bed bug trap

You can also fight bed bugs with a bed bug trap. This is a small box that gives off heat or odor. Bed bugs are attracted to this and get stuck in a layer of glue.

Pay attention! You cannot combat a whole bed bug infestation with this. But it is a good way to check if you are indeed dealing with bed bugs.

Treatment of bed bugs in the home

Are you sure you have seen bed bugs in the house? Then don’t try to get rid of them yourself with pesticides. That almost never works. Someone will come to your house to combat the bed bug. This treats the places where the bed bug is with a pesticide: crevices, baseboards, ledges and seams of beds, furniture and mattresses.

After treatment, you must air the room (s) well for 2 hours before you can re-enter it. During the first week you should not vacuum or clean, so that the pesticide can still work. Bed linen must be washed or steamed immediately at least 60 degrees. A few weeks later someone from pest control will come to your home for a check-up. Often a second treatment is needed.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Fight bed bugs with heat

A final way of controlling bed bugs yourself is with heat. This is done with a steam device or heat gun. The extreme heat will kill bed bugs. Rent a steamer and treat the places you think bed bugs are hiding. Do not skip a spot.

Tip! Before you control bed bugs with a steam device or heat gun, it is smart to put bed linen and clothes in a bag and wash at a minimum of 60 degrees.

The best tip to get rid of bed bugs

Are you unable to fight all bed bugs yourself? Then it is time for professional help. Bed bugs do not disappear by themselves. As long as they feed, they will continue to spread. So there are more and more. So don’t wait any longer and call your local bed bug control today. They have the solution and will help you get rid of your bed bugs permanently.

Source: Forbes

What can I do to prevent bed bugs from entering my house

  • Prevent bed bugs from getting into your belongings when you travel or stay somewhere else.
  • Check the beds first (especially in hotel rooms): especially look under the mattress.
  • Once you know the signature scent of bed bugs, you will recognize it immediately when you enter a bedroom.
  • Do not put your suitcase or backpack on the floor or under your bed, but for example on a steel bench or rack, on the bathroom tiles or in an empty bathtub.
  • Shake and knock out all outside stuff (suitcase, bedding, clothing and shoes) before packing your suitcase or backpack (again).
  • When you get home, do the same: Unpack your suitcase and belongings outside, shake and whisk everything out before entering your house.
  • Wash all your clothes and bedding at a minimum of 60 degrees (or steam).
  • Or put your belongings in the freezer (at -14 Cº) for 1 week to kill the bed bugs and eggs.
  • Check second-hand clothes, furniture, and belongings for bed bugs before bringing them into your home.
  • Do not buy second-hand mattresses.