How to Choose a Suitable Star Projector for Your House


If you have kids, and you have a nursery room for them, then you need to buy a Kswing starry projector for them. Some starry projectors can not only entertain your sons or daughters at bedtime but also give them a sense of mystery when they fall asleep with the stars twinkling. Most time, the projectors will contain more elements, like moving planets, waves, the moon, the galaxy systems, or anything found in outer space. your kids will sleep well and maybe interested in the mysterious universal.

But when you choose the proper starlight for your kid, you should be careful with the security, Most projectors are made of Laser and Led, and some of lasers are harmful for kid’s eyes, so you should take more attention on these projectors.

Choose a galaxy projector for yourself

Just imagine, when you fall asleep in bedroom, the stars are rotating in ceiling, so relaxing. When you are thinking about something important in your living room, the space surrounding you, I am sure it will calm your mind. And then you can put the twinkle stars in your gaming room, it will make you game unique, you will enjoy a completely different gaming atmosphere. When you are cooking in the kitchen, you will feel like in outer space immediately.

Besides, you can use them when you are holding a party, you can choose proper music with Bluetooth, drink and dance with the music melody, and the light will change with the music too, is it exciting and unique?


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The Main Collections of Star Projectors

Candle Projector, Great Lamp in Camping

Candles are one of the common home decorations, you can use them as ambient light, and enjoy your dinner with your lover. But to be honest, the true candles are dangerous to your house, have you tried the flameless candle? It is a star projector, you can use it as a night light, no flame, it is safe for your house, and your kids can use it when they fall asleep, No fire danger and smoking worries, safety and clean use in your room.

Most flameless projectors are made of plastic, but Kswing candle projectors are made of wax, it has a sense of a true candle, it is a unique try. The flameless candle projector can make the starry sky projection on the wall and ceiling of the bedroom, like a princess’ palace. Light won’t hurt your eyes. 3 AA batteries can light the candle projector, over 100 hours long lasting life. Besides, you can use it with a USB charge, just a power bank, you can light your tent with stars, it will be a great night light choice when you are in camping.

Moon Galaxy Projectors, Your Gaming Room Partner

The galaxy projector can create a vivid starry sky, star shower motion, white moon and ocean wave background on the ceiling and walls, providing a calming and relaxing feel. Moreover, this sound-activated projector has lights that flash when hands clap or music is played.

It has a built-in speaker that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth or a USB plug-in. You can operate the device with a simple control panel or convenient remote control. It offers ten lighting colors and three brightness levels.

Most galaxy projectors are combined with LED light, but maybe you like star projectors added laser elements, you have more light choice to decorate your house. You can use it in bedroom when you fall asleep, take a shower in the bathroom. More over, you can enjoy your party with the rhythm music, you’d better try to use it in your gaming room, you will find a unique feel, just imagine, when you are playing games, stars and moon are surrounding, music beats, you will have a different experience.


Outdoor Projectors, Decorate your Garden for Summer

The outdoor projectors can make your garden more attractive, it may show a star motion, twinkling stars, red and green points on your outdoor walls, trees and so on. With the magic backyard, you can enjoy outdoor party, outdoor theater with your family and friends. Just try it, when you and your husband, your 2 little daughter are watching a outdoor theater, your house shows a beautiful galaxy and star motion, such a beautiful summer.

Beside, the outdoor projectors can not only used in summer, it can be used in Christmas. They are classic outdoor Christmas laser lights, the unique Christmas appearance design, twinkling stars show for Xmas holiday decoration and new year show. Laser RGB(Red+ Green+Blue) color combination match Christmas perfectly. All of the products in Kswing are in lifetime warranty, so don’t worry, you can use the during the summer to 2024 Christmas and even next Christmas.

How much should we pay for star projectors?

The cost of a star projector usually depends on the quality of the materials and any included features. Most consumers can expect to spend $10-$60 for a reliable device.

Most of candle projector are $15-$25 each on Amazon, and they are made of plastic, Kswing candle projector are made of wax, and you can get it in under $15.

As for star projectors, the price has a big difference, varies from $15-$150 on Amazon, it depends on what kind of function do you like.

From $15-$30, You can mount this versatile and affordable star projector to a wall or place it on a flat surface. It comes with nine soothing light combinations that rotate, providing an extra relaxing environment. But the function is very simple, have no remote control, and the rotating light feature is somewhat loud and can keep restless users awake.


From $30-$60, this device takes up less space than other projectors and can produce ten different combinations of light, including a moon pattern mode and a nebula mode, Led+ Laser combination. The device can be charged via USB or power outlet. It has the most function you’d like to use, like music speaker, Bluetooth, remote control, auto off timer, rhythm model and so on. But you can’t control the light with your smart phone, it is the biggest inconvenient.