Have Fun in Our Home

The covid-19 virus, also known as the coronavirus, has now made the lives of many millions of people bitter. To slow down and prevent the spread of the epidemic, restrictions and regulations have been introduced almost all over the world, yet the coronavirus, and its new mutation, are still present in our lives, causing illness and death.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems is that you can’t calculate who is affected by this virus. Some go through it completely asymptomatically, some get into a very, very serious condition, and unfortunately, there are also fatalities. At the beginning of the emergence of covid-19, we even found that the elderly and chronically ill age groups are most affected by the disease, but we now see that the disease does not pick, attack young, healthy organisms, and can significantly weaken it.

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The epidemic has forced governments to make regulations that restrict the free movement of people and maintain their relationships. Of course, this is reasonable and understandable, as no one wants any member of their family to get this virus and get serious about it. The fear is understandable, as the world is now facing a hitherto unknown attack. The spread of the epidemic can only be stopped if we establish as few personal contacts as possible with our fellow human beings.

In most countries, nightclubs have been closed, and restaurants cannot be seated in the usual way. Schools have switched to a digital education system, and many companies work in a Home Office system. We also face different difficulties when it comes to digital education and working in the Home Office.

Working and learning in a home environment is not easy when, for example, we live in a noisy or busy area, or when children and siblings make noise and make noise, as this reduces our ability to concentrate and allows us to pay less attention to the curriculum or the task at hand.

Time well spent

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Family celebrations, birthdays, parties, and New Year’s Eve parties can only be held in a very small family circle. Since we are forced to spend much more time in their homes, within closed walls, let’s try to find quality engagement for ourselves and our families.

Sports, reading, board games, drawing, painting, cooking are creative and developmental activities, and although the gyms are closed, we still don’t have to give up exercise, we can even exercise and move around in the living room at home.

Of course, we can go out for a hike, walk with the right precautions. But if that’s not possible, or we’re forced to quarantine just because of the virus, it can certainly become boring and frustrating to be locked up. Let’s watch our favorite series, movies, listen to our favorite music, find something we can do a little to resolve the tension caused by confinement.

According to surveys, due to the coronavirus epidemic, streaming service companies such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify have become much more popular during this time. However, for a movie or music to provide a real experience, the perfect sound is very important. Using quality speakers and amplifiers can be ideal for watching movies or listening to music, but if the acoustics in the given room or room is not adequate, we may be disappointed.

We can get noisy, echoing, confused sound, which after a while can lead to ear fatigue and headaches, and we’d rather turn off the music, turn off the movie, and instead of having fun, we’ll just get even more nervous, tense, and grumpy.

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But there is a solution for that too! Minimalist design is becoming increasingly popular in home decor, but it is not ideal in terms of sound. The empty, bare, hard walls reflect the sounds, which degrades the sound. Place on the walls, wallpaper, drywall, shelves, wall decorations protruding from the wall, but if you are looking for an effective solution, buy sound-absorbing acoustic panels that are made specifically for this purpose.

Window surfaces are also problem areas, as they let in external noise, which can be extremely annoying when you’re watching a movie or want to relax at night. If you want to know more about acoustics, read the articles on the Dutch blog Perfect Acoustic. There are a lot of good ideas in it.

Sound-absorbing acoustic curtains, which significantly reduce the infiltration of unwanted noise in our home, are great for noise reduction. Step sounds can be muted with carpet, or we can cover the entire floor surface with carpet, which is high density and thick. There are already acoustic sound-absorbing mats.

Proper sound is also important when playing sports at home, as music and movement together are an extremely good combination. Research has shown that music makes training much more intense and effective, and music has a motivating effect on us.

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But it doesn’t matter how the music sounds! If there is a lot of reflection in the room, the confused sound will be a very unpleasant experience during sports. Therefore, here too, it is worth considering what methods we can use to improve acoustics. Of course, it is also a good solution to buy good quality headphones and listen to music or a movie through them.

Some swear by a calm, quiet, harmonious rest, and like to crouch in their favorite armchair with a good book and immerse themselves in their favorite novel or story, but if the walls ring from the shouting and noise of loud neighbors, it certainly prevents peaceful reading and a journey in our imagination. In this case, too, it can be very useful to attenuate the noise on the walls and window surfaces with appropriate methods.

If the pounding footsteps that live above us make our days bitter, we can also place sound-absorbing panels on the ceiling, thereby reducing these unpleasant noises. Suspended ceilings are also a good solution, but if you want an even more effective solution, you can also place sound-absorbing panels on the ceiling for the best effect.

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Let us not allow the coronavirus to overwhelm us, and even though we now do not seem to be getting rid of this aggressive enemy for a long time, let us hope that, thanks to vaccinations and restrictive measures, the situation will improve and our lives will improve.

Maybe one day you can get back to normal wheel cutting again, but in the meantime, we are trying to make useful and fun use of the time we are forced to spend indoors between the four walls.