How to Help Elderly Parents with Moving


Moving elderly parents could be a challenging mission. Getting older people to become more vulnerable and sensitive to things and moving them can be a very precious moment. To smooth this process, follow the senior moving checklist.

Moving Tips for Seniors

According to internationalvanlines sooner or later, every person will face the question of moving elderly parents who live apart from them. It is a complicated emotional process for both parties, but proper planning can simplify any inconvenience and save nerves.

1. How to Talk to Elderly Parents About Moving


This decision rarely comes unexpectedly, and it gives us some time to talk this problem through. Psychologists recommend initiating the process with an open discussion: ask how senior movers feel about this idea, how they imagine their new home, and what would help them adjust to a new place. Attention here! The first reaction may be sharp, especially from people who used to live their entire life in one place, built a home, and dedicated their lives to those squared meters. Be ready for the second round of negotiation, and don’t hesitate to involve the practitioner.

2. Legal Aspects to Consider

Solving legal matters in advance is very crucial. Complete all registration forms to ensure the elderly parents have access to mail and bank accounts. This process includes signing out of the old place and signing up at a new address. As you deal with the authorities, the whole process may take up to a few weeks.

Another thing to remember is authorization at the local hospitals and other medical facilities. Seniors may require medical help at any moment, and parents should know how to get to the hospital and meet their doctor in advance. It will save them from unnecessary discomfort once they need assistance.

3. Accommodation Search

Finding a comfortable place requires some extra effort when taking care of seniors. It is hard to try someone’s shoes on but think from the perspective of your old parents. Besides the budget, it is necessary to decide on a proper location with limited access to roads and loud areas but immediate availability to medical facilities, care services, and groceries. Stairs or вifficult access can be a determining factor.  Ask parents how much space they need and discuss how many things they want to ship to a new place. It will solve the issue with the size of the apartment or house. It is crucial to remember health needs and to take care of specific furniture and beds with professional mattresses.

4. Packing Period


For you, it can be just staff, but for parents, these small things mean a life. Be prepared that the packing period may last some time. Think of the vacation or a couple of days off, ensuring you have enough time. Keep in mind to have at least a few days during the business week, as you may need to settle the issues in housing companies and take care of some paperwork.

5. Moving Timeline

Seniors are not that flexible. They need to understand the whole way of relocation. Plan the date in advance, so parents have enough time to say goodbye to people and places in the neighborhood they like. Explain the route of transportation: which transport they will take, how long the journey is, what they can take on board with them and how their belongings will be delivered to a new home.

6. Adjustment Plan

Plan something fun for their arrival in a new place. It can be a welcome party with new neighbors, visiting attractions in the area, or shopping, where you can buy together some pots or flowers. Let them choose the design, wall color, and furniture position. They should feel the right to make decisions in their new home. Understand that they may be dissatisfied with something or just be homesick. The adaptation period may last even three or six months, and your task is to be patient and assist seniors with their needs.

Checklist for Moving Elderly Parents


It may sound silly, but you need to start with a senior moving checklist. Otherwise, this process will be chaotic, drain all your energy, and waste resources.

  1. Set up a deadline and make all the necessary arrangements. The senior moving process is often delayed. Parents will always find another reason why they new to stay longer in their usual conditions. But once the rent agreement is signed up, all payments are made,  there is no way back, and parents should know the exact date of day X.
  2. Make a list of belonging. Start with making a few sections of this list, as some items like furniture should be packed and shipped a few weeks earlier to ensure they are installed before the elderly move in.
  3. Household items and kitchenette. Anyone can bet that your mom will fight till the end for her favorite carpet, which has been gathering dust for ages in a closet, and your dad will pack a fishing rod, although the last time he was fishing was in 80-es. This list should be exact and reviewed several times. Keep only items that were in use, at least during the last year.
  4. This is an excellent opportunity to clean the wardrobe and get rid of all these outdated outfits.
  5. Of course, there are things like family heirlooms, old photos, and rare books editions, which are worth carrying to a new place. However, rush packing may lead to relocating the hunk of junk.

  6. Documents and medicine. Last but not least, these items should be carried on personally, but if they are stored in different places, it may be hard to recollect them at the last minute.
  7. Make a garage sale. This would be a perfect occasion to combine a farewell party for your moving elderly parents and gather some money for senior moving services, as the whole story will require some funds.
  8. Pay the bills. Don’t leave any debts behind, as later on, you can get fines and have complications with selling or renting out the properties.
  9. Packing. This is a situation when time and space matter. You have two main tasks: to pack the belongings so they would be delivered safely, and the second all the items should take up minimum space as it will increase the cost of delivery.

But the good news is that at least this part can be delegated to professionals. A few companies in California specialize in packing services for seniors. They understand how to work with senior citizens and make the moving fast and efficient. Learn the market to compare the prices, but TrekMovers is worth considering if you are looking for some trustworthy vendors. They offer quick and ergonomic packing along with pleasant prices and services.

Do not underestimate moving tips for seniors. A properly planned and organized process can save you a bunch of money and time, which you may enjoy with your parents. Trust it to professionals providing senior moving services, and never regret it.