6 Hip Hop Fashion Trend Ideas to Try in 2024

Hip-hop culture has changed drastically from what it was in the 1970s when it emerged in the suburbs of New York. It used to spread in America like a bushfire, and today the trends are spreading at the speed of light.

The culture of American hip-hop started in the conquest of high fashion back in 1982. It was then that they began to understand the essential need and, above all, the huge potentials of a huge target group and their own style, and who wants to express their lifestyle through their image, without it costing much.

Today, hip-hop is one of America’s largest export items, selling culture and image, in association with popular names: A $ AP Rocky for the house of Dior; Travis Scott for Saint Laurent; Pharrell Williams for Chanel and the list goes on. It is now completely common for Kanye West to appear in American Vogue, or for Marc Jacobs ’latest collection to represent a complete ode to hip-hop culture.

The culture of hip-hop is becoming increasingly popular, so many industries are trying to innovate their products or services based on the characteristics that identify its followers. Currently, hip hop is the most current trend in fashion, and we have a few ideas for you that are a total hit in 2024. Here are some examples:

1. Luxury slippers

Source: Pinterest

Designer Christian Louboutin uses this trend with his hip-hop aesthetic design of men’s and women’s shoes. Louboutin has great success with such collections, despite costing around 600 dollars per pair. Louboutin uses a variety of materials and textures, and snakes are the most popular. It also has a wild multicolor printed version and another one, with elegant metallic tones. In short, the hip-hop trend has led to luxury.

2. Designer hip-hop caps

Source: Complex

This is a collection by designer Jeremy Scott (the same one that created Adidas Originals). This time he decided to use this hip-hop trend in snakes instead of sneakers. Keep in mind that caps are a basic accessory for fans of this culture. It is a limited edition that will be sold as an exclusive and very original product.

3. Cycling Tights

Source: happy LifeStyle inc

Cycling shorts, which were popular in the 1990s, were again popularized a few seasons ago by reality star and trendsetter Kim Kardashian, and have recently been adopted by other celebrity tits who now adore wearing them.

This shorts, originally designed, as the name says, for cycling and training, usually reaches somewhere between the middle of the thighs and the knees, and it has a deep waist. Therefore, if you want to bring one such fashion piece this season, feel free to let your imagination run wild when you come up with styling, because this is definitely the number one trend for summer 2024. Most importantly, no matter how you fit them, mistakes will be minimal.

4. Jewelry

Source: Old Soul Vintage Jewelry

Hip-hop jewelry is the birth of a new century of fashion, it can make you look different. In the crowd, you will stand out for your unique charm.

A few jewelry ideas you can wear this summer, and it’s a total hit in hip-hop culture: The trend of wearing just one earring has slowly come down from the throne, while pairs of earrings in different colors have slowly come to that place. This look was seen at the Oscar De La Renta fashion show. This style is confusing and beautiful at the same time.

Asymmetrical earrings – There seems to have been a big change this year. Change in any sense, color and size … Here we have two completely different minuses worn by the model from the Nina Ricci show. Would you dare to wear something like this?

Old gold necklaces – Gucci is not part of the “madness” when it comes to jewelry. The model wears two similar necklaces of the same length in the color of old gold with pendants that have a symbolic meaning.

Ear “cuff” – This is not an ordinary earring. This is an earring that is worn on only one ear and which is divine and decorative. Self-confident women who have a strong and good style can present this properly.

Big gold chain – It has always been present, since the eighties when all hip-hop performers had a wide gold chain around their neck. No matter if it was women or men, this trend continues to this day, both in street fashion and on runways and Instagram. Check urbangoldshop.com to see how hip hop chains look like.

5. Scarf

Source: Bags of Love

Scarves and shawls don’t just have to be worn just around the neck or on the head, there are so many creative ways they can complement your wardrobe collection, especially when it comes to the summer season when you wear fluttery and light garments.

Seventeen years after Christina Aguilera caused a scandal with her appearance at the MMA awards in a top that was nothing but an infinity scarf, tops that hold only one (but valuable) knot in place are everywhere again.

Retro thirties – Wear a scarf tied at the front, like a bathing suit, with retro glasses, minimal make-up.

Triangle – Most street of all, this top was a trademark of R’n’B singers from the late nineties. Today, however, it has evolved from Levi’s scarves to silk ones and has moved from the stage to the front rows of Fashion Week (but still sometimes with a logo print).

6. Hoodies

Source: Hypebae

Hoodies that you will combine with a short skirt – why not? Hoodies are more comfortable clothes, which have long been considered clothes for everyday or for exercise. However, times have changed, as has fashion, and hoodies have become a great piece that can be easily combined.

With a little creativity, boldness and other details and clothes that you can combine with a sweatshirt, you will look great and have a lot of self-confidence.


Hip-hop fashion is one of the most suitable and, despite its practicality, the most provocative-sexy-style options for every day. At the dawn of its appearance, such clothing was closely associated with African and Latin American representatives of the younger generation who lived in the Bronx, New York. The new style quickly spread to other cities, gaining more and more contours.

Hip-hop style is freedom of thought, freedom of movement and a way of self-realization, shown in behavior and actions. To dress in this fashion direction, you need to have a sense of personal style.