8 Benefits of Hiring an International Art Shipping Company in 2024

Packing fine art and antiques and shipping them overseas can take longer than most people think. Moreover, this process may occur to be pretty complicated, especially when you are going to handle it on your own. Let’s be honest, whether you need to ship fine art, antiques, or any other fragile items over a long distance, the safety of your possessions is one of the most important things to bear in mind. For that reason, if you do not want to get your valuables in pieces, outsource your logistics needs to professional art shippers. Dealing with an experienced fine art shipping company is always the right choice, and it is worth paying additionally.

Here you have some more advantages of hiring an international art shipping company.

Benefits of hiring an international art shipping company

1. Time saving

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There is a good old saying, “time is money.” It means that you should not waste time because you could be using it to earn money. In fact, there is no field in which that is more true than in business. You have to think about how much time it will take you to handle the art transportation process on your own. This presupposes packing your art pieces, building wooden crates, hiring additional staff for loading and unloading, renting a vehicle, booking airlines or sea lines, handling customs documentation, ensuring everything meets the highest standards, and more. By hiring an international art shipping company, you can get rid of this hustle and focus on the ‘revenue-generating’ areas of your business.

2. Cost efficiency

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Many large, multi-national companies around the world have in-house logistics departments because they can bear the costs of transportation themselves. However, when it comes to small and medium-sized businesses, there is no need to pay additional costs. It is much easier to make use of the art shipping services and the Shipping cost calculator offered by specialized companies. Besides, by outsourcing this job to an experienced art logistics company, you save money in the long run. What is more, with qualified assistance, the process of shipping fine art becomes much better organized and more hassle-free.

3. High standard of service

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If you are going to hire an art shipping company, you should go with an experienced and reputable one that upholds its brand image and has all the required knowledge and skills to deal with even the most valuable and fragile items. One good example is the NYC-based company Fine Art Shippers, which has been in the business for over 25 years. When working with professional and well-trained art shippers, you can rest assured that your art pieces are handled with the utmost care and attention. Besides, such companies not only pack, crate, and ship your items but also take care of all the bureaucratic procedures, obtain export/import permits, provide insurance cover, and handle customs clearance issues. This all is done to ensure smooth international transportation of art and provide clients with the highest standard of service.

4. Expertise in Customs and Regulations

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International art shipping companies such as SFL Worldwide are well-versed in customs regulations and import/export requirements for different countries. Navigating the complex world of customs documentation and permits can be daunting for individuals or businesses shipping art across borders. Art shippers have the knowledge and experience to ensure all necessary paperwork is in order, reducing the risk of delays or customs-related issues. This expertise ensures a smoother and more efficient international art transportation process, saving you time and avoiding potential legal complications.

5. High-quality packing materials and cutting-edge technology

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When you hire a reliable international art shipping company, you get all the required services in one place. There won’t be any further logistics expenses because the art shippers will handle everything from art pick-up to packing and crating to the final delivery. However, the most important thing here is that you can be sure that your items are properly protected with the best art packing materials and cutting-edge technology. Professional art shippers carefully choose art packing and crating supplies for each item they are trusted to ship and utilize the most appropriate packaging method that suits the item’s shipping requirements best. Besides, their vehicles and storage facilities are equipped with sophisticated security and climate control systems so that you do not need to worry about the safety of your art pieces while they are in storage or transit.

6. Experienced staff

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When it comes to shipping art and antiques over a long distance, it is very important that the items are handled by experienced people. Professional shippers are well-trained specialists who know how to maintain the highest standard of shipping and packing. Art transportation companies often organize special training courses to teach their staff to handle art properly and deal with any kind of art logistics challenges. When hiring art shipping experts, you can be sure that your precious possessions are in good hands and focus your attention on your business or other important things instead of worrying about the safety of your collection.

7. Security of art

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One of the most essential goals of an international art shipping company is to deliver artworks to the destination safe and sound. It is not a secret that there is a dramatic growth in theft rates in the transport industry. Thereby, to guarantee the safety of the transported cargo, art shippers improve their security systems all the time, using innovative and trusted transportation methods. Reputable art shipping companies hire qualified people who have passed various background checks and have extensive experience in transporting such fragile items as works of art and antiques. High security of your art collection in transit, experienced art handlers, and the proper equipment are convincing reasons to choose a professional fine art shipping service.

8. Less stress

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Due to natural calamities or force majeure, shipping fine art over a long distance may occur to be highly tiresome, stressful, and even dangerous. Professional shippers are ready to handle various unexpected events, emergencies, various accidents, and even bad weather. Thanks to GPS tracking and a workable system of communication, they can easily and effortlessly identify the problem and find the right solution as soon as possible. With professional help, you can be sure your items get to their destination in their pristine condition and on time.

In other words, you cannot go wrong with entrusting the art transportation process to an international art shipping company. However, be sure to choose the right art logistics service provider able to meet your needs and requirements. Good luck!