Essential Home Security Equipment to Buy With a Limited Budget

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You don’t have to spend a fortune on making your home secure. You can purchase essential security equipment with a limited budget and burglar-proof your home. To get affordable security equipment check out where you’ll be given help with finding Xfinity stores near your location.

Essentially, luxurious security systems are not the only option when it comes to burglar-proofing your home. You can invest in inexpensive equipment to keep thieves away. Even when you have a tight budget, this equipment can help you keep your residential property secure. Here is the essential home security equipment that you can buy with a limited budget.

Door Locks

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Maybe you’ve never changed your door locks since you moved into your current home. Well, investing in smart door locks can be a great way to enhance your home security with a limited budget. Door locks are meant to keep people that are not allowed to enter your home away. But, some people wait until their homes are broken into to replace or upgrade their door locks. To ensure that your doors are not the most vulnerable entry point for thieves, invest in new door locks.

Smart door locks allow users to lock and unlock them remotely using a smartphone app. Some of these locks can be set up to operate in conjunction with other devices that form part of a home security system.

Window Locks

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Most burglars also use windows to break into a house. This happens when windows are unlocked, open, or have faulty locks. If you have old or outdated window locks, your home can easily be broken into. Therefore, window locks should be in your priority list when it comes to improving the security of your home with a limited budget as explained by ADT home security.

Boundary Security

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Most people use spikes to keep foxes and cats out of their gardens. But, these can also be used to deter burglars. Most burglars look for soft or easy targets. Climbing over walls and fences that have spikes or grease is not a preferred option. Anti-climb paint can be used to secure a home’s boundary. This is also called anti-intruder paint, non-drying paint, and anti-vandal grease. If you have a tight budget and you want to enhance the security of your home, consider this option.

Window Alarms

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If your budget doesn’t allow you to invest in a fully-fledged alarm system, consider investing in window alarms. Window alarms can be fitted to glass panels of the windows. The alarms are affordable and small devices that are triggered whenever there is a form of vibration. Once triggered, window alarms produce impressive sirens that scare off burglars that may be trying to break into a home.

Door Alarms

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Keeping the doors to your home locked may be the first defense line of your home. However, the installation of wireless alarms should be your second defense line. Burglars don’t like noises when breaking into a home. Therefore, even when a small alarm is triggered, the noise it produces can chase them away. A wireless door alarm can be activated by opening the door.

An alarm is ideal security equipment to install on doors that are not opened more often or those in dark places. And, the alarm can easily be attached to these doors with double-sided tapes or screws alongside a contact magnetic strip. Whenever the door is opened, the magnetic contact is broken and this shrieks the alarm.


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Thieves don’t like being seen. As such, they are scared by a bright light that shines into the rear and front garden. As such, you can invest in quality lighting if you have a limited budget. You can even invest in motion-sensing lights.

Regular lights can also be turned into motion-sensing lights. A motion-detection adapter can also be screwed between a socket and a regular bulb. That way, the lights will put anybody that scope out your property in the spotlight. Visibility alone is enough to deter would-be intruders from entering a property. And, if they enter the property, the indoor versions of the light will make moving around without being detected difficult.

The Locking System’s Hardware

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Perhaps, you have rock-solid locks but your windows, doors, or the hardware is flimsy and weak. A well-placed kick or slam can let somebody get into your house within seconds. Therefore, inspect the entry points of your home, especially those on your front door and repair, reinforce, or replace them.

Here are some of the important things to consider:

  • Exterior doors – Replace the exterior doors if they are thin, broken, or have a hollow core. Add support with a security bar or a door barricade.
  • Door hardware – Make sure that your doors’ strike plate is installed properly with screws whose length is not less than ¾ inches. That way, the bolt can’t be forced out of your door jamb with ease. Alternatively, you can reinforce the door kits with strike plates and hardware that strengthens the weak points of your doors.
  • Sliding doors – Include dowel or auxiliary foot locks in the door tracks to physically stop your doors from sliding open forcibly.
  • Windows – Invest in window bars that prevent the easy entry of burglars.

A Small Safe

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Perhaps, your limited budget doesn’t allow you to invest in a large safe for securing your valuables. Well, you can get a quality safe for just $100. Such a safe is enough for protecting some of your most valuable possessions from thieves. However, the safe should be fastened to the wall or floor to ensure that nobody can walk away with it in case they break into your home. Remember that the prices of safes vary based on the options they offer. Such options include fire protection, biometric, and digital opening systems. Therefore, consider the options you want when purchasing a small; safe for your home.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have an upward limit when it comes to buying home security equipment. But, when you have a limited budget, you need to consider the equipment you can afford with the amount you have. The home security equipment highlighted here can be bought even with a limited budget.