How are Drones Aiding Environmental Solutions?

Global warming, disaster in the Amazon jungle, natural catastrophes…all these topics are popular in the last couple of years. Everything that happens to our planet is our responsibility. We are glad to see that many experts are trying to bring solutions. Still, if people are not acting responsibly, all the solutions can only be temporary.

That is the reason why you need to start from yourself. You probably think that you do not have an influence on society. However, trust us; each person on this planet has the same point of view. For instance, “why would I change my bad habits if my neighbor is going to pollute the environment?”

That’s not the attitude you should have. Small changes become huge after some time. You have to make the first step. One of the things that you can do is to start using drones.

Believe it or not, this small invention can improve the lives of billions of people. Many businesses started to be aware of that and they start using this helpful tool for different purposes.

Anyway, let’s see together how drones can aid environmental solutions.

Drones Can Stop Illegal Poachers

Source: The New York Times

Well, is it even necessary to say that we all need to protect the natural world? Unfortunately, we need to protect them from ourselves. In absolutely every continent, you can find a place where many wild animals live. For example, the importance of wild animals in Africa is huge. First of all, they are an attractive destination for tourists from all parts of the globe. Still, people need them for basic survival.

However, not everyone understands how important they are. Because of that, we have a number of illegal poachers that are causing the reduction of wild animals. More precisely, some species came to the point of near-extinction.

Luckily, drones can help. This tool can capture evidence of the crime.

Besides that, it can also track animal species and investigate them without any consequences. It is something that people already do. For instance, Erizon is using drones to monitor the environment in remote and often inaccessible locations.

It seems that the number of illegal poachers is starting to reduce slowly. Hopefully, better results will come soon.

Delivery and Transportation of Goods

Source: Robotics Business Review

Imagine how many companies in the world are selling something. The trend of online purchasing started to grow together with the development of Internet technology. Each person now has the chance to get a product he ordered without going outside of his home.

That’s maybe a nice thing for buyers. Still, imagine how many vehicles are driving daily to deliver all those goods? Of course, it would be nice if those vehicles work on solar energy. Unfortunately, they do not.

Amazon, the biggest eCommerce platform in the world, plans to start drone delivery. They plan to bring the product to the customer’s address without using trucks or any other vehicles.

Of course, this will not completely improve our environment. With the current technology, it is only possible to transport goods of products to close destinations. For instance, a business will not need to use trucks, cars, or motorcycles to deliver it to the customer. They can use drones.

This maybe isn’t a huge support to our environment. Still, as we said in the beginning, small steps always lead to huge changes.

Wind Turbine, Solar Panel, and Oil Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring

Source: Drone Services Canada Inc.

It is good that people started to be aware of the advantage of these three things. The number of people that uses solar panels started to grow drastically in the last couple of years. Still, it is not enough to just buy these buildings and leave them. Their construction is complex and it is necessary to monitor and inspect them actively. If users do not do that, there is a big chance they will experience some issues sooner or later.

So, how can drones help here?

First of all, monitoring and inspection of these buildings take a lot of time. For example, imagine that you need to check out if there are some issues on the oil pipeline. Walking the full length will take you a couple of days (or more).

Besides that, you will not have to get a heavy truck and spend hours of your time reviewing these buildings. Instead, you can use the drone and do the inspection and monitoring without any consequences for the environment.

Water Preservation

Source: ZDNet

Well, people usually connect the drone with oil and gas. Still, what if we tell you that drones can monitor the most important resource for humans – water?

Some drones come with infrared cameras that allow you to detect leaks in underground water pipes in the desert. More precisely, they have the ability to do that in any remote and hot locations. Lack of healthy water starts slowly to become a problem for the planet Earth. Logically, we are all responsible for this. Yet, we can find some alternatives thanks to this helpful tool.

Drones Help with Agriculture

Source: BRINK Asia

It is not hard to understand that drones and agriculture are a perfect match. First of all, they allow farmers to assess crop health from the above. Besides a better view, this move is also less expensive.

Still, the protection of agriculture is necessary if we want to live in a healthy environment. Sooner or later, these products will do that instead of people. Thanks to this “machine”, farmers can autonomously spray crops with pesticides and fertilizers.

Besides that, it is logical that many farmers want to earn money. Yet, maintaining a farm is not an easy task. It depends on many factors starting from favorable weather conditions. That’s why they use different environmentally damaging practices.

Planting Seeds

Source: Good Drone

It is not possible to skip this part. Recently, there was a forest fire that engulfed part of the Amazon. Many people will tell you that the Amazon forest is the lungs of the planet earth.

That’s a good sign that people need to do something. With drones, we can analyze and find the best terrain for planting seeds. Besides that, the job can be finished a lot quicker than usual.

So, what do you think? Will drones truly improve our environment one day?