How Hard is It to Make an App?


We are so surrounded by apps, that we no longer pay attention to the fact that for everything we need, we can find the right app. It seems to us that new apps are just appearing, which is actually true. If you compare the number of available apps five or ten years ago and now, you will get at least ten times the figure today. And have we ever wondered how they are created or what they are at all? These are software that are designed to meet the purpose for which they were made. They can be adapted for smartphones, computers and all other devices. And are they hard to make? It is impossible to simply answer this question.

Of course it is not easy, but it may be easier than you think, because you can make an app even though you are not a web developer, for example. We will give you a detailed explanation of what it takes to create an app, both from the aspect of app development and from the financial aspect.

How hard is the process really?

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Before we move on to the necessary steps to create an app, let’s first tell you in general. Whether it will be very difficult or not depends primarily on the complexity of the application you have an idea for. Many, and we could say that it is the majority, apps are not complicated because they use obsolete features and are not intended for complex actions. They are not difficult to make, but you will not achieve success with them.

If you make one with outdated options, chances are it won’t have more than a few dozen downloads. But if you want your app to be downloaded a million times, then that greatly changes the approach to the whole situation. The idea, though great, is not enough. Even when you create a prototype, it is still very far from an app ready for use by a large number of users. The end product is still a long way from you. And here we come to the conclusion that it is very demanding to make a quality app.

If you know coding, the situation will be a bit simpler, but even then you will have to put in a lot of effort. Because even the idea and knowledge of coding are not enough, because there are also financial aspects, marketing and the like. So we will tell you all the necessary steps you need to take, to understand whether to embark on this endeavor at all or it is too difficult for you.

App and app startup

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To get started, you need to understand that app and app startup are two different things. An app is a technical thing, which you have to create. This includes wireframing, design and code writing. In the end, you will get the final product that will work without errors. But to market an app, you need a startup. Think of it as the business side of the whole process. Here you need to think about how you will launch, then how you will advertise, the marketing campaign, setting the price and everything else, in order to eventually make a profit.

The cost of making an app

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The best apps used by the whole world, like YouTube, Instagram and the like, invest millions of dollars in making of app and maintenance. Of course, not every app needs to cost that much, especially not yours. But if you think you are going to get the job done with a few thousand dollars, you’re not on the right track.

This is a problem that most of people who embark on this endeavor for the first time faces, because they think they can make a great app with little investment. But be realistic and know that you will need a few tens of thousands of dollars to get the final product. You have different options for saving a certain amount of money, but it will cost you extra time and this is already very time-consuming process.

Consider hiring agencies that specialize in creating apps, such as FlexiApps. This should be the best option, as you will achieve the best balance between saving money and time.

Steps from start to finish

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The first step to which you need to pay a lot of attention. Don’t rush, but do the job in detail. If we reckon you already have an idea, in this first step you should do a detailed research to see if there is a market for your app. Is it profitable, will it be for Android or iOS for example and everything else. After brainstorming you need to know what everything will look like from start to finish. Don’t leave much room for improvisation.

Technical characteristics

It is nice to have an idea and a plan, but now comes the time to consider whether you have the technical capabilities for what you envisioned. From the features of the app to the platform you work for, you have to take everything into consideration.


First you will make a prototype by drawing everything. And then it is necessary to make a real prototype, to see what it will all look like in the end. Something may seem like a good idea to you, but when you see it as a product it will not be satisfactory. That is why the prototype is a must.

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Now that you have done all the preparation, before you start writing the codes, you need to design the app. It must be visually appealing and easy to use, as this is one of, if not the most important, factor in whether the app will succeed or not.

Making and testing the app

Now is the time for what most think is the only thing to do in creating the app. And that is making software. Write codes until you get what you want. When you’re done, you need to test the app. First you and your associates, then beta testing, where you will also allow users to test.


Now you have come to the moment you have been dreaming of from the beginning. Everything is ready and you just need to launch your app. After that, it remains to update regularly.

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As you can see, it is not easy to make an app. It will take you a lot of time and money. But if you think you have a good idea and then a commitment to bring it all to an end, then don’t hesitate but get started.