How to Choose the Best Android Phone for You?

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When it comes time to buy a smartphone, we tend to look at many different models. It is important that we take a number of aspects into account in this process. In this way, it will be much easier for us to find the phone that best suits what we are looking for and we will not spend more money than necessary.

We will give you a series of specifications that can serve as a guide. Since the process of searching for a smartphone can be somewhat complicated, especially considering the huge number of models that are currently available.

Budget: How much should I pay?

One of the first things we have to keep in mind and ask ourselves is how much we are willing to spend. Setting a budget is extremely useful, as it will help us limit the search for devices. Also, we avoid buying one that is too expensive and we are not going to get the most out of it. Therefore, you should consider how much money you have available to spend on this device.

When determining the budget, it is important to know our needs . There are users who are glued to their smartphone all day for work reasons and need a very complete phone, which must bet on the highest ranges on the market. But if you are going to make a fairly common use (calls, browsing …) it is not necessary to spend as much and the mid-range also gives us very good options.

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Operating system

Most people usually know what operating system they are looking for, because they are usually clear about the brand they want to buy. So we will talk about Android today.


The good thing about betting on an Android smartphone is huge offer of brands available . So there are many models and a wide variety of prices so we can much better choose something that best suits what we are looking for. In addition to a greater variety in terms of design.

Another point of importance is the operating system itself. As it is an open source, we have more customization options available, and more will come with the new version of Android later this year! This allows us to change some things so that its use is much easier for us at all times and something that for some users is essential.

Android has the Play Store as the place to download games and applications. The selection available is very wide (maybe too much), but the problem is that quantity seems to be valued more than quality. So, more than once some malware sneaks into these applications and ends up affecting users. The good part is that Google has more and more control systems that regulate this.

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Design and display

The design includes many aspects. For example, the materials with which the phone is made are varied , and have a direct impact on the final price of the device. The cheapest and simplest models on the market, use plastic as the main material. Thanks to this, they are very accessible in terms of price, although the quality leaves much to be desired in many cases.

Most devices usually make use of a metal body, which is more resistant in case there is any knock or fall in addition to having a higher quality finish. It is what we are going to find most often.

In the high range we are seeing a lot of the glass body , generally with hard glass with Gorilla Glass. They are devices that have a much more luxurious , very premium finish , but that are significantly more expensive. In addition, despite being a hard glass, they are much more vulnerable to shocks or falls. So in addition to a cover, the recommendation is to have insurance to avoid problems.

If we focus on the size of the screen, we can divide the devices into three categories:

Less than 5 inches : They are compact, small models that make it very easy to carry and store anywhere. In general, they are usually much cheaper.

Between 5 and 5.5 inches : We can define it as the average size today. Most mid-range and low-end phones tend to bet on a size in this range. In addition, thanks to the 18: 9 screens, much more is taken out of it, making them appear larger. They are a good combination between a phone that is easy and comfortable to hold in your hand, with a screen that offers a good experience.

Over 5.5 inches : In many cases they are known as phablets. We find a wide variety of sizes, in some cases over 6 inches. They are much larger models, and if they use 18: 9 screens, they give us an immersive experience. It is usually a size reserved for the high or medium-premium range.

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RAM, internal storage and processor

RAM is an essential aspect to take into account, since a large part of the operation depends on it. Therefore, the lower the RAM, the greater limitations we will have when performing various tasks. Most devices in the current midrange typically have 3 or 4 GB RAM . Thanks to it we will be able to carry out several tasks at the same time without any problem.

Regarding internal storage, we find many options today. From 16 GB to models with 512 GB. The most common is that we find models with 32 or 64 GB . An amount that should be enough to store everything we need. But the most important thing in this regard is that it is possible to expand this amount with a microSD card . Since if so, it does not matter too much the amount that comes natively, we can always expand it and forget about the problem.

In the case of the processor, if we focus on Android phones, we find two main brands. These are Qualcomm (with its Snapdragon processors) and MediaTek (with Helio and MTK processors). The first is a brand whose overall quality is better, although it must be said that the new Helio processors have a great performance. But, in general, a device with a Snapdragon processor will give us a better performance. The progress of Chinese companies has led to the fact that you no longer have to buy only the most famous and most expensive, such as Samsung, but the choice has been significantly expanded. There are manufacturers like Vivo, which offer phones of the same performance and specifications, at an incomparably lower price, making it worthy-to-buy android phone for 2024. According to Vivoglobal, many models have Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, which se amazing for that price range.

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In the high-end and many mid-range phones, there is more and more with dual camera at the rear . They are usually a combination of lenses, with a wide angle and another sensor. Or RGB sensor and another monochrome sensor, it depends on each model, but they are usually the most common options. Thanks to this we have a higher quality and we can get more out of the camera.

Logically, a model with a double camera is usually somewhat more expensive .  As for the front camera, we have seen a great evolution too. There are models that also use a double camera, although it is not as common.


The battery is one of the parts that generates the most controversy in the phone market. We have seen how other components of the devices have evolved, but in the case of batteries there has been no such development. Fortunately, the higher efficiency of the processors helps to avoid excessive battery consumption in many cases.

The ideal would be a minimum 3,000 mAh battery , which allows us to use the phone throughout the day.  It depends on the use, the battery will suffer more and will have a greater importance. Especially you have to be very vigilant in the case of gaming because playing is something that consumes a lot of resources and the battery consumption is higher.

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These are the most important features when choosing which model you want to buy. Of course there are a few more things you can pay attention to, especially if you are buying more expensive. Like dual SIM, fingerprint scanning, wireless charging, etc.