How iOS Keyloggers Can Help With Parental Monitoring

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Nowadays, it has become completely normal that each and every one of us possesses a smartphone. In most cases, we are talking about the iPhone. What’s more, the age bar when it comes to kids who have phones has also dropped. A decade ago, it was almost unimaginable that a child would have one of these.

However, as you can see, things have changed drastically over the years. Not only do parents give their young kids phones to entertain them, but they also buy them their own devices. This is something that has caused a lot of debate, but most people take this step because they want to be able to communicate with their child at every given moment.

Nevertheless, purchasing them iPhones and basically giving them unlimited access to the Internet can in a way jeopardize their safety. This is especially true when it comes to teenagers. Let’s be honest, they all use numerous social media platforms, share their location, photos, videos, and some of them might even share their personal information without even realizing it.

Due to this, parents usually believe that they do not have a choice and that the only thing they can do is talk with their teenagers and hope for the best. Still, this isn’t the case. Even though many people would argue that this is something you shouldn’t do, you can use iOS keyloggers to monitor your child’s phone.

What is a keylogger?

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The first thing that we are going to try to explain to you is what a keylogger exactly is. If you try to locate any definition online, you will see that basically, it is software or an app that can be used to monitor someone’s device.

When it comes to iPhone Keyloggers that you can use to monitor your child’s device, you should click here to learn more about how they work. Essentially, when you install this app on the smartphone, you will have insight into everything that a person does via the device. You will be able to read all the text and listen to all the voice messages, see new apps installed on the phone, check out the browsing history and locations, and so on.

You are surely wondering about one thing. No, the person will not know that the keylogger has been installed on their phone. Actually, this is the main reason why most people opt for this type of app.

Why you should use it?

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Now that we have told you how it works in summary, you should do a little online search to learn more about its main features and also to investigate different apps that are available. We are going to provide you with some reasons why you should opt for using these, and tell you how you can benefit from it.

Monitor activities

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Clearly, this is the first and main reason why installing a keylogger on your child’s device sounds like a good idea. Simply put, it provides you with the opportunity to see all the messages and phone call history. Without a doubt, this is the best way to find out if your teen is in contact with someone you do not know or someone who is much older than they are. As you know, oftentimes teens can be naïve and easily tricked by pedophiles and other dangerous individuals, so you have to always be on the lookout.

Oversee their Internet activity

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These days, there isn’t anything that you can find online. This sounds like a great advantage of living in this age, right? However, this can be a problem when it comes to kids that are not always able to understand what can be dangerous for them.

Staying informed on everything that your child searches for online is another benefit of using keyloggers. If you learn that they have been visiting some inappropriate websites, you have two options. Firstly, you can simply use the software to block access to those pages, or on the other hand, you can limit your teen’s screen time.

Follow the location

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We are not trying to be rude, but we have to be realistic – oftentimes teens lie about their current location. It is simply in their nature. They want to have their own privacy, so they might tell you a lie about where they are going.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but still, you want to make sure that they are in school, at a friend’s home, or on their way home. You just want to be certain that they are safe, right? Another thing, when it comes to posting on social media, you should talk with your teen. Naturally, they are going to continue adding photos and videos, but you should advise them not to post their current location. Yes, everyone else does this, but you should try to explain to them why and how it can be dangerous.

Protect them from cyber attacks

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We have already mentioned that kids can be exposed to inappropriate content online, but unfortunately that isn’t the only danger lurking. There are also numerous gambling websites and ads for them that pop up almost every time one tries to google something or open some page.

In addition, this era of the Internet has taken bullying to an entirely new level. In the past, kids would only be bullied in school, but nowadays, many of them are attacked online. There are multiple pages and profiles that are used to make fun of people, and the worst thing is that once something is uploaded to the Internet, it stays there forever. What’s more, these mean photos and posts can spread at the speed of light.

Unfortunately, many teens experience this kind of bullying and it can have terrible consequences for their self-esteem, and in some extreme cases, on their health and even life. Sometimes, they feel too ashamed to share this with their parents because they believe that it’s their fault. Because of this, you have to know everything that is going on in your child’s life, and sometimes, the only way to do this is to use keyloggers on their iPhone.