How Live Casino Games Function?

Do you have a strong desire to play live games in a casino but cannot fulfill this desire as there is no casino in your area? There is no need to worry as you can now play live games in an online casino just like you play in a brick and mortar casino. And for countries as Norway where there are no land-based casinos at all, live casinos are a great way to feel a real casino atmosphere staying not only in the own country but also even at own home since a wide range (examples check at of live games are available for Norwegian players online.

A live casino is a new form of gaming in online casinos where players are able to take part in games as they are played inside a casino. You can experience a table game from live dealers and place bets just like you do in a physical casino. All this has been made possible through live telecast and communication through Live chat. Are you wondering how all this stuff do function from a technical point, let’s take a look!

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In a live casino game, the experience and communication of players sitting in different parts of the world decides whether it is a success or not. If this virtual live game makes you feel as if you are sitting inside a brick and mortar casino, you are likely to get hooked to live casino games. Here it is important to understand that a live casino game is just like any other sporting event that is telecast over a video link. This live streaming is done from a real casino and gamers around the world can place bets and they communicate with dealer as if they are sitting next to him.

If you are a gamer joining an online casino game live, you can see different casino tables that are shown using special cameras. For example, if it is a roulette table, the action is shown from the top and other angles in such a manner that it gives an immersive experience to you on your laptop or smartphone. This virtual reality is even more enchanting than standing right there around the table in a brick and mortar casino. There is no one to obstruct your view of the table and the ball that rolls and comes to rest. In fact, you are able to experience adrenaline rush as special cameras show the ball twirling in slow motion as it comes to a stop.

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In live games, a player can participate in table games like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, etc., and can communicate through instant chat not only with the dealer but also with other gamers who are taking part at that moment. This is where live online casino games differ from games that are not live such as slots. In a sot game, you play with the machine and there is no one else to share the experience, but in a live game, you get a chance to interact with other gamers.

Technology plays a critical role in ensuring the success of an online live casino game. After all, the reputation of a gaming site is dependent on the smooth functioning of the live table game being streamed live over a video link. It is this reason why online casinos make use of only the most reputed and trusted software. Some companies that make world class software for online casino games are NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, Amaya Gaming, and Playtech among others.

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Also, you can play a live table game on your smartphone or computer according to leisure time available to you. However, you have to play according to the rules and the stage of the game as it progresses on the table. If you have any queries or doubts, you have live chat to talk to the dealer or other players.

Despite their immense popularity among the gamers, it has to be understood that live online casino games require considerable investment on the part of the casino. It is because of these expenses that live online casino games are offered by only a few casino websites. There is a requirement of at least three rooms for a game to be telecast live via a video link.

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Live studio

This is where the table game actually takes place. Cameras record the event and telecast it live over the web.

Software room

This is where all the technology is at play to make it possible for gamers around the world to participate in a live game.

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Analyst room

This is the room where analysis of the telecast and the activities of the gamers are overseeen by experts.

In addition to the experience of playing the table game with other gamers on your laptop or smartphone, you can also enjoy watching the event on a TV channel. Some gaming websites have their dedicated TV channels over which they telecast events to spread awareness about live gaming.

Important components of a live casino game


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Powerful cameras are very important in any live casino game. Just like any other field game, few cameras take different shots of the table while the others keep track of the wheel. Finally, there is a camera that is used to display picture in picture to allow gamers to get shots of the table and the wheel from different angles simultaneously.


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In a live casino game, it is the game control unit that plays the most important role. It is a machine of the size of a shoebox and it encodes the video that is telecast over the web.

The dealer


Live casino game cannot be played without a live dealer who runs and controls the action. Special training is given to dealers so that they organize the live game and gamers around the world find it just like a game inside a traditional casino.

The monitor

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This is the screen over which the images being telecast over the web are beamed. The dealer keeps an eye on the monitor and takes action accordingly. He can also engage with the gamers with the help of live chat shown on this monitor.


It is natural for you to feel tempted to try your luck in a live online casino game. However, make sure that the live casino allows you to interact with the dealer and other players so you can enjoy the game while interacting with others. Also, check whether you can place bets easily or not. If everything is fine and the casino has a good reputation, you can create an account and start enjoying their live games.