How Much Do Casino Dealers Make in Vegas – 2024 Guide

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The casino and gambling business is almost exclusively looked at from the point of view of the customers and players. The guests of online and traditional casinos are simply too important for anything else to get into the focus and potentially steal away the thunder.

This is how things have always been and it is more than okay because it is a customer-centric market. If it were any other way, the industry as a whole would hardly be where it is right now.

As you probably know, gambling is at an all-time high and there are many reasons why.

Although the online variant is the go-to way most modern players play their favorite games like roulette, poker, and blackjack, regular brick-and-mortar casinos are too big and too important to fail. Therefore, they are picking up right where they left off before the whole pandemic situation and welcoming new guests through their doors.

But what about the people responsible for allowing the players to have a good time and providing them with means of gambling? Can there even be a live table game without a proper person to act as the mediator and give you the cards? Of course not, which is why the dealers are among the most important factors in every game where a gambler cannot play alone. You are only really able to play the slots without a dealer because every card and roulette variation needs one to keep things in check, call the turns, and give you the cards. Refer to to get interesting games that can lead you to gain profits in a very short period.

In this article, we focus on the dealers and give them the attention they deserve. There would be no gambling without them so it is very important to talk about them. More importantly, we would like to take the opportunity and examine how much they make, particularly on their jobs at the legendary casino resorts in Las Vegas. If you are further interested in the world of gambling and would like to know more about it, make sure to check out

Average Yearly Salaries

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As with most other jobs in the United States, the best way to judge how well somebody is being paid is based on their yearly salary. Right now, based on the available information and the publicly, anonymously submitted salaries to relevant sources on the web, the average Las Vegas casino salary for dealers is more than $36,000 per year. The lowest submitted was $17,000 while the highest was $77,000. As you can see, this is a very wide range meaning there are different types of dealers working in Vegas.

Based on similar data and related jobs, casino floor supervisors make around $60,000 per year, casino hosts make more than $51,000 per year, while shift managers earn around $32,000. The most popular dealer position is the blackjack dealer, and they make $27,000 on average per year. These are, again, very varying numbers, and not all casinos pay their workers the same, but it is a good rough estimate to have some kind of a perspective.

Hourly Wages at Top Casinos

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Another good way to determine whether or not your job pays well is to check your hourly wage. The US loves its hourly wages since it is the most accurate way of calculating how much your daily and therefore weekly, monthly, and yearly income is. When it comes to some of the top casinos and their dealer positions, the wages are largely similar. MGM Resorts International pays $9 per hour on average, with submitted wages ranging from $8 to $11. Venetian Casino Resort Inc. also pays $9 dollars per hour to their dealers.

However, these seem to be the lowest examples, or the least people who submitted them were in entry-level positions. On this page you can find out more.

A much more accurate hourly wage would be around $15 since there are numerous resorts and high-end casinos where every position pays well. An hourly wage of some $15 is among the best in the whole country and it is something you can expect at high-end venues like fine dining restaurants and special membership clubs all over New England, California, and other expensive states. What we should also remember is that not everyone likes to discuss their salaries, especially online to strangers, meaning the information can never be accurate. But if the average hourly wage is really around $15, it means there are jobs that pay way more than that, almost double. With that being said we can conclude here that being a Vegas dealer is a lucrative job, but also a position where you need to have a lot of skill, responsibility, and savvy.

Tips are Crucial

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Last but certainly not least, there needs to be a few words about the tips. The tipping culture in America is like nowhere else in the world and most employers rely on it. By this we mean they pay their employees lower base salaries if they know they can make up for it in tips. This is often controversial because the employer does not really pay their workers much, but the employees get the money either way. In Vegas, tipping is the bread and butter of the worker’s daily wage since the more the guests make the more they tip.

Considering how much they tend to thank the dealer for their luck and cards, tips go as high as a few hundred dollars per night. Actually, on average, a dealer can expect to make $136 per shift. This is an amazing amount and it makes the hourly wage practically insignificant. Not all of the tips from the table go to the dealer, however, as different casinos have different practices and systems in place. Still, the total amount of tips is split between all the workers that night and a dealer usually walks away with well over a hundred bucks.

It pays to be a Vegas dealer, there is no denying this, but not all petitions pay equally. Long-term workers who have stuck by their employer for more than a few years, decades even, have stunning salaries that rival the highest paying jobs when the tips are calculated in. Therefore, it is all about determination and perseverance. Eventually, all good dealers start to make great money.