How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost – 2024 Guide

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If you were involved in a car accident and the other driver is at fault, you should consult with a car accident lawyer to help handle your case.

Accidents on the road happen all the time. From minor bumps to total collisions, in almost every case, there is someone at fault. And the person at fault will pay for damages.
But we cannot always determine who’s right and who’s wrong when a car accident happens. For that, you’d need to hire a professional that will prove your legality and help you avoid paying a costly fine.

And that professional is none other than a car accident lawyer. However, hiring such a person isn’t free. With that said, we will primarily focus on giving you the facts in terms of the costs of hiring such a professional.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

1. The Contingency Percentage

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The contingency percentage is a fixed percentage that the lawyer receives if the case is won. This percentage is usually 33%, but it may vary depending on a few factors. For example, a huge factor is whether there’s personal injury involved. If there is, then 33% might rise to 40%.

There is also a way for you to pay a lesser contingency percentage. If the case never goes to court and is settled behind closed doors, then the fee will be significantly lower since the lawyer won’t have to win your case.

If your attorney managed to win a settlement and the jury has made a verdict of $50,000, if you’ve agreed on a 33% then simple math dictates the lawyer will be paid $16,500.
But regardless, do keep in mind that this fee is negotiable and you will have to negotiate with your lawyer about it.

2. Fees And Expenses

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Before we dive into the potential fees and expenses, it’s safe to say that each lawyer charges differently for their legal services. Different firms charge differently for different services. Some firms even charge for certain fees while others don’t.

This shouldn’t be the sole reason to go with an attorney that doesn’t charge, you should be notified of any potential fees and expenses.

But regardless of what you’re being charged for, if you don’t pay for it, then your case will never move past the initial stage. Simply put, attorneys tasked with the handling of your case will demand payment before continuing forward.

We should also point out that some firms will agree on payment after the case has been won.

But with all that said, it’s important to know what you’re being charged with and for what.

• Obtaining Medical Records

Certain attorneys will charge you a flat fee for obtaining your medical records. Seeing as these are very important when it comes to winning a personal injury claim, you should pay for it without any hesitation. Although you could always negotiate on the price.

• Expert Witness Fees

In most car accident cases, taking witness testimonials is an important step towards clamming no wrongdoings. Seeing as you need to take phone numbers and addresses from potential witnesses to get in contact when the case starts, your lawyer can follow up and take testimonials that help you win your case.

• Court Report Fees

This is only but one out of the many court costs that await you during the trial. A court reporter is a person responsible for depositions. In many cases, this is one of the most expensive fees out there.

• Police Reports

The initial police report is an important document that lays out the foundation of the case. Every judge looks at this document, and obtaining it would be in your best interest. Luckily, your attorney can do that for you for a certain fee.

Many such professionals, such as, know exactly what it takes to win in court. And many of these firms will give tell you exactly what it will cost you for them to win your case.

Let’s create another hypothetical situation. Let’s say you’ve settled that case for $50,000. If you’ve agreed on that 33% fee, then that takes $16,500 away from the total settlement. But your attorney has also done tons of extra work and accumulated fees in the range of $4,000 in eyewitness testimonials, police reports, etc.
Then that means your legal fees will amount to a total of $21,500 for both the contingency and everything extra.

3. Other Fees And Arrangements

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Like we said at the beginning, various attorneys will charge differently. Not every firm will ask for a contingency fee from the start. Some will ask for a retainer to be the process, and the rest of the amount will be paid as a contingency.

Then once you win your case, the retainer amount will be subtracted from the total cost as it has already been paid off.

It’s safe to say that almost no attorney charges a flat fee for their legal services. Flat fees are arranged when the case is significantly simple. That means that a flat fee is arranged when there is typically no personal injury involved.

For cases such as these, it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to pay a flat fee of $5,000 and get it done with.

Is It Worth Hiring One?

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Not every situation needs a car accident attorney to handle it. According to Slater&, you will need a lawyer if the case is more complex and involves personal injury.
With a more complex case at hand, the chances of losing in the courtroom are greater.

Having an expert by your side that will handle everything from start to finish gives you the best chance of winning. And this is even more important if you end up suffering from injuries at the hands of the other driver.
These cases usually go hand in hand with personal injury.

Never hesitate to spend a few thousand dollars on a car accident case that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.