How Much Do Homeowners Pay To Install Fiberglass Doors – 2024 Guide

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Cost of Installing Replacement Fiberglass Doors?

Although fiberglass doors can last for a substantially very long time, old doors warp and break with time. These damages are hard to repair, so you are forced to replace the doors.

Choosing a fiberglass door for replacement saves on energy and adds security to your home.

Fiberglass is a rigid material, which is a bit expensive to buy and install compared to the other materials. However, what you pay depends on the size and type of replacement fiberglass door. See details here.

Cost of Fiberglass Replacement Door

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Besides the size and type, the style of the fiberglass door also influences the cost. You are likely to pay more on labor if your door has sidelights. The lowest prices are for the basic fiberglass doors. The better and best categories of this door cost more.

If your door has basic fiberglass material, you could pay $234-$366. A better fiberglass material costs $372-$480, while the best costs up to $800. The installation fee for each range of fiberglass material is $789, $900, and $1020, all estimations with the highest scale.

If your previous door was not fiberglass, you are likely to pay more. Ensure you hire a licensed and insured installer. This will save you from incurring losses in case of accidents.

You will also have your doors rightly installed. Remember, a poorly installed fiberglass door will not perform as it should.

You should have your door manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the installer does the right thing. This will also help you save because you will have everything you need for installation.

Tips When Buying Fiberglass Exterior Doors

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  • Ensure you get the correct measurements of your fiberglass doors. With this, you will buy the right door size and not incur additional costs for trimming the door.
  • The prices are different for different manufacturers. Check for different manufacturers on the internet and choose an affordable one.
  • Work with a budget. It helps you buy fiberglass exterior doors that you can afford. Don’t set your budget too low, and you also don’t have to break a bank to buy a door.
  • There are many door styles. Choose a type that marries your home’s architectural style and consider your taste.

Choosing a reputable installer

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Buying the best materials such as fiberglass for your door is one thing and getting it installed professionally is another different thing. Note that you can have a quality door but if it is installed improperly, that will most likely amount to nothing.

As such, after buying your fiberglass doors, you need to find an experienced installer to install it for you. Do NOT DIY unless you are a competent DIYer and you can do it without affecting other components in your home.

To get the right installer, you can ask for recommendations from your family members and close friends. If they have worked with a certain installer and were impressed with his services, they are likely to recommend him to you. However, don’t take their work entirely.

Make sure you interview the installer to gauge his suitability for the work. You don’t have to worry about the quality that you will get from here. Furthermore, they also use polyurethane insulation to make the door stronger, tougher and resistant to extreme weather changes.

Another advantage that you will get from them is the variety of options to choose from. You can have color and stain protection. In addition to this, you can choose from a variety of different frames and glass. So if you want some glass addition to your fiberglass door, you can have it. Or you want some customization, you can ask for it. You will have the door of your choice with the best quality locks to protect your home.

But why would you go for fiberglass instead of other options?

You got multiple advantages in fiberglass doors. These include;

1. Toughness and durability

One of the significant advantages of using this material is the durability that it offers. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. So whether you are living in the ice-cold climate of Toronto or you are a resident of one of the hottest places, this door can withstand such temperatures.

The other materials won’t be able to survive through it. If you use wooden doors, they will shrink with temperature change. And if there is rainfall, wood will get swollen.

Likewise, steel and metallic doors get burning hot in summers and will rust eventually with rainfalls. The problem of corrosion will be there. However, that’s not the case with fiberglass. Thus, they will last for a really long time.

2. Provides Energy efficiency

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There is a professional insulation rating standard system and fiberglass offer 4 times this R-value. This shows that you will have high insulation. So the temperature difference outside won’t affect the inner temperature. This provides energy efficiency in terms of internal heating or cooling.

If you have an internal heating system, the door won’t let the external temperature affects the internal one. Thus, your energy system won’t try so hard. Thus, you can save a lot on your bills.

3. Highly secure

Fiberglass material is quite tough and durable, it can withstand external force. So, if someone is trying to enter forcefully, this door won’t let it happen. Furthermore, they also come with some extra safety features. These include deadbolts. Thus, you will be safe inside your home. Furthermore, the material is tougher than wooden ones and they won’t break down easily.

Cons of fiberglass doors

The only con of fiberglass is its price. They are a bit expensive especially when you compare them to other materials like wood and metal ones.

However, even if the fiberglass doors are expensive, they last for a very long time. Thus, you will be paying only once. However, if you use other materials, they will require regular maintenance and are also not that durable. So eventually, the cost sums up to be almost equal.