Guide to Car Damage Claims


Traffic accidents are part of our daily lives. In most cases, the consequences are more or less damage to vehicles, but sometimes, unfortunately, they can be much more severe for drivers, passengers, or road users. For most people, it is difficult to stay calm and react rationally in those moments.

Due to the increased intensity of traffic, the most common case of damage is to cars. Today, most countries in the world have developed a system of compulsory insurance of owners or users of motor vehicles against liability for damage to third parties. This means that all owners or users of motor vehicles are obliged by law to take out an insurance policy with the selected insurance company from liability for damages to third parties.

Traffic accidents occur due to:


• carelessness, inexperience, irresponsible behavior, ignoring dangers, misjudgments,
• speed that is not adapted to the condition of the road, driving skills and abilities and condition of the vehicle,
• non-compliance with traffic regulations and rules,
• non-compliance with traffic signs and signals,
• driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, fatigue,
• poor condition of the vehicle (tires and vital parts as well as other defective equipment),
• poor condition of roads, etc.

However, as we have already said, a small number of drivers in the event of a car accident remain calm. Read below what you should do to get compensation.

Do not leave the scene of the accident


Whether you caused the accident or you are completely innocent, do not leave the scene of the accident. What you can do is to park the car to the side if there was a minor accident with minor damage, and thus wait for the police to come and take the record. Before you move the car, take a few photos that could be useful later in case of damages.

Write down all the details


Although you think there is no need for that, it is very important that you write down all the details of the accident, because the moment you make a statement that will go on the record you can forget the details. We know that some people fall into a state of juice only after an accident.

Hire a lawyer


A lawyer’s job is not only to prevent you from going to prison, his job is also to help you make a material profit, that is, to collect damages from insurance or the person who caused the accident. In any case, Butler Law Firm will make your job much easier because it will do everything for you, from gathering the necessary evidence and documents to representing you at a hearing or trial if necessary. In addition to material damage, there is also non-material damage, ie damage to the fear suffered. The lawyer will no doubt fight for this type of monetary compensation as well.

The amount of compensation is different and depends on the type of mental pain. The amount of compensation for primary and secondary fear is lower than the amount of compensation for mental pain due to reduced life activities and/or impairment, which is again lower than the amount of compensation due to death.

Compensation for the mental pain suffered due to death is possible only to the close relatives of the deceased (parents, legal and illegal partners, children, siblings, grandparents), if they lived in the same household and if there was a more permanent living community between them. Close family members are entitled to, in addition to compensation for non-pecuniary damage, also the right to compensation for certain types of material damage.

Now you can relax


Your job is done, it’s time that your lawyer does the rest of the work in order to get you some benefits of it. It is important to find a reliable lawyer to whom you will trust. It is equally important to agree on how to communicate, and how often you will be contacted to keep up to date with the case. In any case, find a person you trust, and it is best to recommend a person who has already had a similar experience.

The payment process is a process that usually does not take long (7-14 days), although in some cases it can take much longer.

Although in principle every driver is required to have vehicle insurance, there are situations in which the insurance company may refuse to pay damages, which is another reason to hire a lawyer. Keep in mind that it is better to pay a professional and reward him with a certain amount that you will receive for compensation, than not to get anything.

Final thoughts

So, compulsory car insurance serves us to cover the damage in case it is needed. But sometimes insurance has the right to refuse payment even when it is determined that you did not lead to it. For example, if the vehicle is not technically correct, you do not have a valid driver’s license, or you have been driving under the influence of alcohol, forget about the financial benefit.

Also, the insurance company will most likely refuse to pay damages if two cars owned by the same person collide. This collision also includes a collision in your own backyard. If you collide with an unknown vehicle, or if the person who caused the accident escapes and the police fail to find him, you will be left without compensation.

That’s why we go back to the beginning – write down everything that might be useful to you, including license plates, color, or the type of car that was involved in the collision.
The risk that accompanies the development of traffic, in addition to the measures that are taken for safe development traffic, is relatively often concretized into a traffic accident.

Regardless of the reasons for the traffic accident, it is not uncommon for that to happen failure to take adequate action after the accident worsens the consequences and complicating the conditions for repairing the situation for the participants in the accident and the safety of other participants in traffic at the scene of the accident.