When And How Often To Use Your Products

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The various conceptions of beauty are a hotly debated topic across the world. Although there is no common consensus on what is beautiful yet cosmetics are used all over the world to improve appearance, which in turn boosts confidence.

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and its market keeps getting wider. The present-day brands are pouring tons of money into their research wings to create products that can live up to the expectations of their customers in the long run. If you, too, are looking for well-researched cosmetic products, there are brands like Swissline Cosmetics that have been in the industry for a long while.

However, cosmetics have to be used properly, at definitive intervals of time. In fact, rampant usage of cosmetics can prove to be counterproductive. Which product to use, how much of it is to be used and how many times it will be used are crucial things to consider before using any cosmetic product.

When And How Often To Use Cosmetic Products


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Scrubbers act by removing the dirt that accumulates during the day, deposited dead cells that accumulate every few days etc. Ultrasound scrubbers use mechanical waves to scrub the skin surface. However, most scrubbers are creams that have rough particles to rub and clean the oil and dirt.

However, scrubbing should not be overdone, and it should be restricted to twice or thrice weekly or even less. This is because excessive scrubbing results in a loss of oil, and as a result, the face looks dry. Also, exfoliating is the first thing to do before using a toner or a moisturizer.

Using Cleansers

The cleanser helps in cleaning the skin by getting rid of deposited oils, dirt particles etc. Cleansers are also used to clean the face to remove residual make-up. When you step out for work, your skin is exposed to dust and pollutants, that cleansing removes.

Also, the skin cells regenerate every few days, that is, old cells become dead and new cells replace the old cells. Hence cleansing the face to remove dead cells and dirt should be done regularly.

Many cleansers contain natural products like rosewater that nourish and clean the skin at the same time. People usually cleanse their faces after they are done with their outdoor activities, that is, towards the end of the day. However, it is advised that the face should be cleansed regularly, and it should be done at least once a day.

Moisturizing Creams

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Moisturizers are creams that keep the surface of the skin moist. If moisturizing creams are applied every day before going to bed, they ensure that the skin remains moist and that extreme drying of the skin is avoided.

Moisturizing creams usually contain substances like glycols that prevent the drying of the skin. These creams also contain antioxidants; this is because daily exposure to oxygen from the ambient atmosphere hastens the damage to cells.

Moisturizing creams are applied to the face after cleansing it. Also, the cream is to be applied in such a manner that it covers all parts of the face, including the neck region. Usually, moisturizers are applied one or two times a day depending upon the amount of natural oil that is present on a person’s skin.

If your face is already oily, you can apply moisture only once. However, if your face is dry, then a moisturizer can also be applied up to thrice daily, but that should be done after seeking an expert’s advice.

Creams That Prevent Wrinkles

Just like greying, weakening of bones, wrinkles are also natural in ageing. Wrinkles appear when the skin becomes loose, hence appears creased. As the age advances, the renewal of cells decreases; old and damaged cells do not get replaced as frequently as they used to during youth.

Signs of ageing might start appearing as early as thirty to thirty-five years of age. Some people start applying creams to slow wrinkle formation when they are in their early thirties. Others start applying such creams only once they spot wrinkles on their face.

Most people apply anti-wrinkle creams at night before going to bed. Usually, these creams are applied after the skin has been cleansed. These creams have antioxidants and substances like collagens that make the skin look younger.

Sunscreen Lotions

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The skin needs protection against the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. Sunscreens form a shield around the skin that protects it from damage. Usually, sunscreens are applied twenty to twenty-five minutes before stepping out into the Sun. These creams get inside the skin and start acting within twenty-five minutes or so.

Usually, while choosing a sunscreen, people consider two factors first, the levels of protection it provides and second, the cream should sit lightly on the face without appearing patchy.

Creams That Fight Acne

Acne are those painful, red bumpy spots that appear on the face. Primarily acne is associated with hormonal changes, yet they can occur in people of all ages. Acne appears as the roots of the hair get blocked with oils or dead cells.

Creams for acne removal can have natural substances like tea tree oil, or they can have chemical substances like peroxides and salicylic acids in them. These creams should be used as per the advice of the dermatologist. Usually, doctors prescribe these creams depending upon the severity of the acne.


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Most people apply skin care products on their own without consulting doctors. Yet the skin is a highly sensitive organ, and if any cosmetic does not suit the skin, it is advisable that people go and visit a qualified dermatologist to take care of the skin. Thus, timely medical advice can help prevent dark spots on the face.

The cosmetic industry is undergoing rapid change. The consumer of cosmetic products is becoming more aware; with the advent of the digital age, a lot of information is available to the consumers. Hence cosmetic companies are creating products that can live up to the needs and expectations of their well-informed customers.