How Popular is World of Warcraft Today

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Video games exist for a very long time now, but to be more exact, the first one appeared somewhere back in 1958. Many years passed since the release of the most basic forms of video games if you can even call them that compared to the modern ones we have today, and things changed, especially when it comes to the visual elements.

Some people enjoy a retro game now and then, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to some of the latest next-gen titles. There are all sorts of video games on the online markets and platforms, and if you spend just a few minutes searching, you’ll find one that’s great for your interests.

You don’t have to be a “hardcore gamer” to find a title that you’ll enjoy playing, so even if you dislike video games, we think that you should give them a chance, you’ll most likely end up playing something for a long time.

Today we are going to talk about World of Warcraft, the most famous MMORPG title developed by the also world-famous studio called Blizzard Entertainment. Even if you are an older person, chances are that you’ve heard about this game even once.

There were many “crazy” stories out there about how people easily get addicted to this game, so you’ve probably heard one somewhere on the news or from a friend. Even if you didn’t, don’t worry, because we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about this video game.

The beginning of WoW

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When World of Warcraft first got released, people immediately saw the potential of this game. It was unlike anything that they’ve seen before, and it just got a lot of people “hooked” instantly.

Unlike other games where you play a match and after you win or lose, you just start a new one, this video game allowed you to create a character that you’ll play with for a very long time before you decide to make a new one. If you die, it’s not game over, you just respawn and continue your story.

This idea was something that a lot of gamers found appealing, so the player base of WoW was rapidly increasing day after day.

When Blizzard Entertainment saw that the game is making a success, they decided that it was time for an expansion, and so “The Burning Crusade” was born. That was the first expansion of the game which allowed players to continue their story with new quests, storyline and left them with many enemies to defeat.

“The Burning Crusade” was a huge success for the company, so they decided to keep this up and make another expansion, which was called “The Wrath of The Lich King”, and this had an even better result. There were many new expansions since then, and all of them were pretty solid.

WoW Today

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In all honesty, back when World of Warcraft was released, there wasn’t any competition, because there were maybe one or two more games with a similar idea, but the quality was still far from what World of Warcraft was.

Fast forward a decade, and you have all sorts of MMORPG games that are threatening to bring Blizzard down from the throne. Some examples were Rift, The Elder Scrolls Online, Shaiya, Talisman Online, Conquer Online and many others. Did they manage to do it? No, they didn’t.

World of Warcraft remains one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time, if not the most successful one, but there were are few things happening with the game lately that made players quite frustrated.

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At one point, Blizzard started making the newer expansions very beginner-friendly and easy to progress, so most of the hardcore WoW players were frustrated because it seemed like all of their efforts is worthless. Imagine spending a year to level up your character to the maximum level, and then a new player has the option to pay a few bucks and enter the game with a character that’s just ten levels below the maximum level cap. You’d be frustrated as well, right?

This caused many players to quit the game, but Blizzard didn’t care because they were getting many new players and from a business point of view, WoW was still a very successful game.

WoW Classic

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We can’t deny that the situation wasn’t very critical at one point, because the company was getting “bashed” by many people, but Blizzard came with a brilliant idea to release a very old version of the game, back where everything was pretty “hardcore” and difficult to do. And so, WoW Classic was born. This was another huge success that allowed the more serious players to enjoy their “grindy” experience while allowing the newer ones to have fun on the latest expansion. WoW, Classic was a huge hit and tons of famous streamers and YouTubers that played this game back in the day tuned in for some mind-blowing throwback.

So, how popular is WoW today?

The question that you’ve all been waiting to be answered. The truth is, it’s still as popular as it was back in the day, and before you start disagreeing, hear us out. Even though most of the older and serious players left, the game managed to attract a lot of younger gamers. Why? Because everybody wants to experience what was such a “big deal” back in the day, and when they start playing the game, they realize that it is fun. Maybe it’s not as serious as it was many years ago, but people these days want to have fun, and it’s not like you get everything very easily in the latest expansions.

Currently, Blizzard Entertainment is a studio that works on many other games, but WoW will forever remain one of their most successful projects, and we honestly think that this game will never lose popularity, it’s an absolute evergreen in the world of video games.