How to Create Your Own Home Theatre?

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Whether you are a regular movie enthusiast or a real fanatic who is often searching IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes to leave an opinion about some movie or find something new, it is always great to have a proper space in your home reserved only for enjoying in some good action, drama, comedy, or whatever genre you prefer.

Many people choose to watch movies on their laptops, PCs, or even phones. However, if you want to have a full experience that would provide you with a similar experience like you are in the movie theatre, there are many ways for customization, which you could apply, and redesign some area to resemble a mini theatre in your house.

There are many factors that you should focus on when you want to build a proper home theatre, and most important are the devices and comfortability. You will need a high-quality system for audio and video, some good projector, and few seats. Also, you can add some additional devices that could get you cable, like these alternatives, which would provide you with the ability to watch some TV shows or sports events in higher quality.

Furthermore, if you choose to watch something alone, but you don`t want to bother other people in your home and be quieter, the best option for that would be to get some headset or earbuds. Earbuds are more convenient, and you should check some online reviews if you are interested in buying decent earbuds for a more reasonable price.

Apart from additional devices, you will need to get what is necessary for your home theatre. And, in this article, we are going to introduce you to all the essentials that you need for building a home theatre.

Choose a Proper Area in your Home

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The location where you will place your home theatre is maybe the most important thing that you will have to determine before buying any equipment. You will need some proper space, for example, a basement, or attic if possible. You should isolate that space since it can be loud. Any unused space in your home that is big enough for a projector and a few sits would be perfect.

Another great idea for a place in your house is if to redesign your garage, because it is already a separate space, and you will need a smaller effort to isolate it, and it would not be a distraction for the rest of your family.

Install a Proper Sound Isolation

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Installing isolation is another important step since you wouldn`t like to be a disturbance to other people in your home, and half of the neighborhood, if you turn some movie on louder volume. The best way to install proper sound isolation is to get drywalls or some alternatives made from millboard. Besides, isolating the door of that room is also important.

When you have a well-isolated space, you can enjoy in louder sound and special effects, but still, be able to avoid uncomfortable situations with neighbors and other people in your home.

Install Sound System

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During the isolation process, it is recommended to follow it with wiring the walls. That will provide you with less messing with cables that can be annoying. Also, you will have to place wires in the right places. Our advice is to place the center speaker above the projecting platform, and left and right ones to be on the side of it, at a proper height.

Furthermore, since you will need a 7.1 surround system for the best experience, other speakers should be placed in every corner of that space. However, the best alternative for all these cables is to get some wireless equipment. On the other side, wireless speakers can cost a real fortune, while cheaper ones just don`t have the same quality as wired ones. You could also think about ceiling speakers on which you can read more here,

Set up a Projector

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After you are finished with the installment of the sound system, the next thing you will have to do is to get some good projector and install it in the preferred place. Installing process is very easy since modern projectors require only one HDMI cable to connect your PC, and a Cat5 control cable, that will assure more precise projecting of the picture.

According to, some of the best projectors on the market are BenQ and Optoma, but you will have to be ready to pay a quite amount of money on them, but they will surely provide you with the full experience of watching movies in 4K resolution.

Proper Lighting in the Room

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Many people don`t bother about light when they are watching movies in their homes. However, the atmosphere can be improved a lot by installing a lighting system that would provide you with the experience of watching movies in a real theatre. You can add some lights on the walls beside the seats and the floor. Also, lights should be smooth and adjustable.

Choose Proper Seats

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Well, this option is of personal taste, and you can place your old sofa or a few extra chairs. However, if you want to create the ambient from a movie theatre, you can find a lot of furniture such as sofas and loveseats and place them in front of the projecting area. If there is enough space in the room, you can place sofas in a few rows. You can now call many friends for a movie night in your own home.

Video and Sound System

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What is crucial for a decent home theatre, is to have high-quality equipment that will provide you with a proper picture, and pleasuring sound. For an average space that is 5 meters wide, the perfect size for a screen should be around 120 inches. If you find the resolution of movies most important, you should also add some blue-ray player, which would assure the quality of every movie you watch.

Additionally, you can customize this room for more than just playing movies. For example, you can install a gaming console like Play Station or X Box, and enjoy your favorite games in new ambient which would for sure be an amazing experience.