How To Cut Black Men’s Hair?

There are big differences between black men’s hair and other hair types. In the case of black men, hair has very defined characteristics that need to be considered. There are a lot of barbers who do not know these differences and make big mistakes. But you don’t want that, do you?

That’s why we have developed a very simple procedure to obtain excellent results. This way, you can become a much more complete barber. Although it requires practice and experience, knowing the following secrets will be a great advantage. Theparicots got a complete list of clippers for black men’s hair.


Procedure for a correct result

  • Before you start cutting hair you must do the preparation. In this case, you should consider that black men’s hair tends to get tangled very easily. That natural curly shape can be a problem. That is why you can use the right brush to straighten your hair.
  • As a second step, you should calculate exactly how much hair you want to cut. Of course, this will depend on the style the customer wants to get. Many pruners have the right accessories to get the exact length. So after this configuration, you can continue.
  • Don’t forget the towel for the customer. It may be obvious to mention this step, but you must place the typical towel around the customer’s neck. This way, you will prevent the client’s shirt from becoming unusable when the haircut is finished.
  • Organize the cut that you are about to perform. To get accurate results, you can imagine quadrants around the client’s head. So, after you finish with one quadrant, you should move on to the next. Performing this step allows you to get an even cut in all areas of the client’s head.
  • Get the right cutting direction. To get short haircuts, the proper direction is to go against the grain of the hair. However, you must think carefully if you want to perform this step because if you cut too much you will not be able to fix it.
  • Level off the head areas. In this case, you should check if all the quadrants of the client’s hair are correctly leveled. In case there is any uneven area, you will have to solve this problem.
  • Get the lowest setting of the clipper. Once you get the right cut level you can draw a line from one side of the hair to the other. The goal here is to surround the curvature of the client’s head.
  • Trim the top of the hairline. In this case, you should create a smooth arc. To do this you must follow the movement of the hair. This should be done as you move forward and back to the sideburns.
  • Cut on the side of the back. The different sides of the back should be cut vertically and evenly. To do this, make smooth movements respecting the hairline. In turn, you should make sure it is parallel to the floor and getting even results.
  • Give the final touch. Using an aftershave will give the right touch. This way, you avoid and solve any skin irritation. So, if the customer is satisfied with the result, you are done.
Source: AskMen


What clippers do black barbers use?

Nowadays there are a lot of clippers that can be used to obtain good results. There is no single brand that barbers use professionally. For this, you should consider the best features of this type of tool. This way, you will be able to obtain excellent results in every haircut.

When should I cut my black baby boy hair?

Some people may decide to cut a baby’s hair when he turns one year old. In this case, we can recommend that the first cut be made only when the baby turns two years old. However, if the haircut is done before the baby’s second birthday, then the texture will be more curly and thicker.

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Is it better to cut African American hair wet or dry?

If you are an inexperienced barber, it is better to cut hair when it is dry. On the contrary, when you cut hair with humidity you will get inadequate results. This is because when hair dries, it will look different.

Is it better to cut hair wet or dry?

As in the previous case, it is best to cut hair when it is dry. This way, a more appropriate result can be achieved. Wet hair, on the other hand, shrinks, which can be confusing for the novice barber. If the hair is too unruly, it may barely get wet. This will make it a little more manageable.

Source: Everyday Health

How many heads does a barber cut a day?

Some expert barbers with years of experience can cut between 8 and 10 hairs per day. Of course, this number can be less or more depending on the day. Therefore, we recommend you to follow the tips we have listed to get good results in each case.

What fade looks best?

This is not an easy question to answer. The answer depends on several important factors. In this case, you will need to choose a haircut that suits your style and personality. In turn, you should consider the amount and length you want to achieve in your hair. Taking these factors into account will best approximate the final style for you.

Source: MedPage Today

Final Words

We can end by mentioning that this is not a very complicated procedure, right? So, by applying each of the steps we have described, you will be able to obtain excellent results. In other words, knowing how to cut black men’s hair, will allow you to become a more complete and experienced barber.