Top 4 Electric Shavers for Black Men – 2024 Buying Guide

Black men all know how tough it can be to shave the black skin. The main reason for that is the structure of their hair. All Afro-Americans have fuller and thicker hair compared to others. Because of that, they need to find the right electric shaver for them.

So, What Should I Look for?

Before we start with current models, there is something we would want to explain. Some men can use the most simple razor and their skin won’t be irritated at all. However, things are different when we talk about black men. We already mentioned the main reason why this is a complex task. Because of that, let’s see together what you should look for exactly.

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Sharp Blade and Fast Motor

Pulling and tagging during a shaving session is not a comfortable “activity”. However, this only happens when you use not so good razor. If your razor is quality, you won’t need to apply a lot of pressure during shaving. Despite that, the razor will never become warm.

If you want to avoid all these potential issues, your electric shaver needs to have a fast motor and sharp blade. This type of tool will provide you smooth and fast shaves. Logically, do not forget to change foils and blades regularly. This especially counts when we talk about black men with sensitive skin.

Suitable for Lying and Curly Hair

Finding a razor with this feature should be at the top of the list of your priorities. The blade must be sharp enough. In this way, you will easily ensure a close cut or shave. A high level of sharpness will allow black men to easily cut curly and fiat-lying hair.

There is one important thing that you should know. Most shavers won’t allow you to cut the hair from all the angles. Because of that, most men have a problem with ingrown hair. This may lead to different types of skin irritations which bothers a huge number of men.

These two things are a “must” when we talk about electric shavers. Still, which ones have this sort of feature? Well, you came to the right place to find out the top electric shavers for black men.

Enough talking, let’s find them out together!

1. Braun Series 7 790cc

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This model of electric shaver is popular because of various reasons. The good news is that you won’t get a shaver with any additional tools. Every user will get, a cleaning solution, a travel pouch, and a charger. You will get the opportunity to disinfect the blades with an alcohol-based solution. It is great when you get this type of cleaner together with the product.

The function of the shaver is based on autosensing technology. Thanks to this feature, users can easily adjust the power of the razor. People with thicker hair won’t invest a lot of effort to make cuts. We already said this is one of the main issues that black men have.

Despite this feature, there are two more of them that we would like to recommend. Wet and dry shaving are both available to you with this item. In other words, the electric shaver is waterproof. Despite that, there is also an LCD indicator. You can check it in every moment to see the status of the battery.

2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series

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Shavers and trimmers are the main reason why black people often decide on this shaver. “Wahl” brand only designs the products for black men because they understand their concerns. In other words, curly hair will no longer be a problem with this shaver. You will also get two the charging cord and the shaver unit when purchasing the product.

The powerful motor allows you to accomplish your cut smoothly. Despite that, the close shave will ensure that you do not leave any bumps. Still, there are certain disadvantages that we need to mention here. This device is not waterproof and you need to be extra careful when shaving. In other words, wet shaving is not possible with the Wahl Professional 5-star series. You can find this trimer on this website.

3. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700


This model is not just famous because of its quality. Many additional accessories come together with the shaver. The entire packaging comes with the cleaning and charging base, a trimmer, a power cable, etc. You will also get the shaving unit and the smart click brush. All these accessories can make shaving even more entertaining and easier.

Just like previous shavers, there is also an LCD screen where you can see the status of your battery. It can be quite annoying when you are in a hurry and the battery of your shaver is empty. The cleaning and charging base is also a strong alcohol-based solution. You can clean it each time after the shave and ensure safeness for your skin.

Well, there are certain disadvantages that we need to highlight as well. First of all, this model is not cheap. Keep in mind that Philips is a reliable brand that operates on the market for a long time. Logically, they succeeded to defeat competitors because of quality products. However, you will need to split a bit more money to get this tool. Hopefully, you are not going to regret it.

4. Panasonic Arc 5/ ES-LV65-S

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Before we say “goodbye” to each other, we need to mention one more famous brand. Panasonic works for a long time and makes people’s lives easier. This especially counts when we talk about black men and their shaving. If you choose this product, you will also get a linear motor. The linear motor is the most powerful one developed by Panasonic so far.

Despite that, there is a 5-blade shaving arrangement that allows 30-degree angle shaving. As we previously said, the right angel allows a closer shave.

In the end, the functionality of the electric shaver is based on smart technology. The power will automatically increase when something like that is necessary. Despite that, the shaver will adjust its power when shaving different parts of the face. For instance, it will adjust the power when you shave chin, neck, and jawline.


Okay, we highlighted a couple of models that deserve your attention. Fortunately, they are not the only ones. Because of that, we suggest you do not stop your research here. If you want to get more information about different models, we recommend you click here.