How To Decorate Your Room With An Irregular Shaped Mirror


The light that drops on the surface of an irregular mirror reflects in an uneven pattern because the mirror is not balanced in form or arrangement. In other words, an irregular-shaped mirror is an asymmetrical mirror with jagged edges and unique shapes that gives a specific look to the room. At present, one of the most popular trends is irregularly shaped mirrors.

An uneven mirror will give your monotonous spaces a new dimension by making it appear that your room is larger than it is. In addition, the standard mirror will give the impression that your room is brighter because it will reflect light in numerous directions. Similar to that, due to its minimalistic appearance, it will be a perfect addition to your home. Besides that, you no longer have to embellish your room with many items as only an irregularly shaped mirror will be enough.

There are various types of irregular-shaped mirrors, and some common types are: irregular wall mirrors, irregular floor mirrors, irregular full-length mirrors, and irregular vanity mirrors. If you would like to buy an irregular-shaped mirror, it is better to check out for more information.

Top 7 Methods You Can Follow To Decorate The Room With An Irregular Shaped Mirror

There are several ways to decorate your home with mirrors. However, we have listed the best ways to decorate your room using an irregular shaped mirror in the section below.

1. Setting irregular mirrors behind furniture in compact spaces


Placing a mirror above the sofa space or behind your study table can visually enhance your room. Your whole room will feel spacious and open, all thanks to the huge mirror behind the furniture. This decor idea will be best for you if your room has dimensions of 20′ broad or 12′ width. It gives the impression and makes your room look twice as big.

2. Behind a light source

It is also best to put the mirror in front of any light source, such as a floor lamp, desk lamp, or sconce. It will also work beautifully with a candle. The primary idea of this decoration is to reflect light back into your room since both natural and artificial light can aid to enlarge the room’s recesses.

When light enters the corners or spotlights the walls, it creates a sense of immediate expansion of your space. In a compact room, irregular shaped mirrors placed behind light sources virtually behave as an additional window. Also, if your room is tiny, turn on the lights and see how the location of the mirror changes the room.

3. Set the mirror in the bathroom


Here is another way to decorate your room with an uneven mirror. You can hang a mirror in a well-lit area of the bathroom. If you put it up against the lights, you would not be able to see yourself in the mirror well. It is better to put the mirror on the bathroom’s north or east wall. A full-length mirror can be hung on the door, but it must be carefully installed.

Avoid placing the mirror directly across from the toilet since some believe that it could amplify the negative vibe. Make sure to put the mirror above the basin area as the watermarks can add stains on the surface. It is because a few individuals assume that negative energy is attracted to dirty mirrors. It is better not to put stickers or other things attached to the mirror’s surface.

4. Place a mirror on the ceiling

If you want to decorate your room with an irregular shaped mirror but do not want to position the mirror in common ways or want to be unique from others, it is better to set up the mirror on the ceiling. In addition to that, every time you lay on your bed, you can see the reflection of your entire room, including the floor in the mirror. For that, make sure that the fan on the ceiling is a bit far from the location of the mirror.

5. Behind your bed’s headboard


Another way to decorate your room with an irregular shaped mirror is to place it behind or above your bed’s headboard. Whenever you enter your room and walk towards the bed, you can easily see your reflection and half part of your room in the mirror. In addition to that, you can also install mirrors on the headboard of your bed. For this, it is better to communicate with a mirror making company and a bed manufacturing firm.

6. Make a gallery wall with different irregular shaped mirrors

As we have mentioned, there are different types of irregular mirrors that differ in shape, size, frame style, and overall aesthetic. For instance, you can choose irregular mirrors with the same frame but in different sizes and place them on the wall with a proper alignment to create a wall art.

In case if you have a plain wall in your room without any decorations, this method is the best for you. The primary significance of a gallery-style wall decorated with a group of mirrors is that it would not only reflect light, but it will also give an artistic touch to your room.

7. Put a mirror in front of a window


Here is the most versatile mirror decoration method because you can use it in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and more. It is ideal for tiny bedrooms that have no room for a cosmetic vanity or bathrooms with long windows. If you need to maximize space in a room, it is better to place mirrors in front of windows.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to decorate your room with an irregular-shaped mirror. It is not that difficult to embellish your room, and you do not have to use home decors as well for decorating your room anymore. It is because you can simply choose the type of irregular-shaped mirror and the location where you want to place it depending on your room’s space and other decorations.