Interior Design Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Living Room

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Your living room is where you go to unwind and allow your creativity to flow. In this space, you’ll want to create a nurturing environment that also expresses your personality. It’s also important your living room is functional because it’s usually a hub of activity – the beating heart of your home. It’s difficult to achieve everything you want to when decorating your living room, especially when you’re on a budget. You can often feel dissatisfied with the finished product as a result. Don’t worry – we’re here to help you with any interior design dilemmas you might have. These are our tips on how to create a living room that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and expresses your personality.


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The floor is the canvas upon which the rest of your living room is built. It’s important to choose something sturdy and functional for day-to-day living, but also creates a nurturing environment and can be mixed and matched with different aesthetics or color schemes. You should also select flooring which has a timeless appeal because you’ll have it in your living room for a long time. Even the materials with a short lifespan will last five years on average. Carpeting is a popular choice for lounges because of the comfort quality it brings to a room. However, a carpet does confine you to one color scheme and it’s also not practical when it comes to foot traffic and spillages.

We recommend solid hardwood or laminate flooring for the living room instead. Wood floorboards are ageless, unaffected by the interior design trends. They also look beautiful when paired with a rug which you can change out at any time. Browse the selections on an online wood flooring store to see for yourself and gain some inspiration. The same applies to laminate flooring; a cheaper alternative to wood which achieves all the same effects. Both these materials are also very durable and practical, so you can easily clean up spillages and keep everything looking nicer for longer. Visit this website to find the perfect flooring for your living room.


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Walls make up the base of your living room along with flooring. It’s essential to get these both right when decorating so everything else ties together nicely. Our main advice for your walls is to avoid getting patterned or printed wallpaper. Not only can these make an otherwise relaxing living room feel cluttered, but they also look dated and gaudy very quickly because wallpaper fades in the sunlight and interior design trends are constantly flitting from one thing to another. Once again, you should choose something which has long-lasting appeal and quality.

We recommend painting your living room with a pastel or neutral palette. Dark and bright colors like navy or red will make your room appear smaller and dimmer because they absorb sunlight. Colors like white and ivory, on the other hand, reflect light and bounce it across the room. This creates the illusion that the area is bigger and brighter than it actually is. These are perfect shades for your living room. Bringing sunlight into your home will make it feel much cozier, whilst the neutral hues will provide you with a perfect canvas to decorate the space however you like. You’re not limited to certain styles like you would be with patterned wallpaper.


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If you want to spruce up your living room without investing in too many hefty expenses, then you should try introducing some greenery into the area. Buying some potted plants costs less than new furniture and can make as much of a difference to the appeal of your lounge. Plus, this is a different opportunity for self-expression. Have you ever thought about what your favorite plants say about your personality? If you think of yourself as a bohemian, perhaps invest in some succulent terrariums and flowering cacti; while minimalists will probably like how tropical shrubs look against a sleek background. Plants also make living rooms a much more nurturing environment. Not only do they improve air quality, but there’s also something spiritually rewarding about caring for another living being in your home. It’s impossible to make a mistake when it comes to greenery and interior design.

Themes and Furnishings

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Before decorating your living room, you should have a specific theme in mind. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a mismatched jumble of furniture and ornaments. This doesn’t create an aesthetically pleasing finished product, plus it can make a room look chaotic rather than relaxing. If you’re struggling to settle upon a theme, search for inspiration online. What styles do you keep gravitating towards?

Do you want something with a Mediterranean ambiance, or would you prefer a lounge with the coziness of a British cottage? If you chose the 2nd option, a Chesterfield sofa from Chesterfield Sofa Company will be the perfect piece to achieve the British look to your living room. There are thousands of aesthetics to choose from, but it shouldn’t take long to find one that truly reflects your personality.

From here, you can start choosing furniture with the reassurance that everything will be tied nicely together by this theme. For example, if you like the modern aesthetic, you’ll probably choose furnishings with bold prints and unusual shapes. However, if you’re more artisanal, something like a patchwork sofa and upcycled coffee table would suit you better. Don’t fall into the trap of following fashion trends. Instead, cultivate the perfect living room by choosing the furniture that reflects your individuality.


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Your lounge needs more than just wallpaper, flooring, and a few pieces of furniture. To give it a real sense of character, your room also needs accessories. This could include things like decorative plates and unusual ornaments for the surfaces; or throws and cushions for the sofas, which bring an element of coziness whilst also tying together the color scheme. These minor touches are not only inexpensive, but they’re also what complete a living room. It’s like adding seasoning to your food; things are just a little bland otherwise.

By following these interior design tips, you can create the perfect living room which feels like your heart and your home in one.