How to Look Badass in a Leather Jacket

We have seen many celebrities look awesome in a leather jacket. But when we wear it doesn’t give us that amazing look. So we start thinking that maybe our jackets are made with low quality leather and stitching. Some people think their body shape is not helping them to look stunning. But we are not far from looking badass like models. We ignore some important steps before buying and wearing of the leather jacket.

Here is a step by step guide to looking badass in a Leather Jacket.

Know The Types of Leather

Leather comes in different types like how it was made which animal skin was used it has many levels but for a beginner it is hard to understand all those details. If you are amatuer and wanna buy a jacket made of leather then at least you need to know finished product, how it feels and look. It can also give you idea of which type of leather jacket you are going to buy by determining your budget and quality.

There are four types of finished leather types which are explained below:

  1. Full Grain Leather
  2. Top Grain Leather
  3. Genuine Leather
  4. Bonded Leather
  5. Faux Leather

1. Full Grain Leather

This leather comes with all-natural grains. It is top grade type and costs a lot to manufacturers and hard to work with which makes it the most expensive and time-consuming type of leather. It appears imperfect because of natural grains. But is most durable and it doesn’t age or washed out. The older it gets the better it looks apart from spending more money it looks more reasonable because it is long term purchase.

2. Top Grain Leather

This is the second highest grade leather. Top layers of grains are refinished to give perfect and patterned look. It also doesn’t age and durable as well. It is more common now a days then full grain. It is also expensive but cheper than full grain.

3. Genuine Leather

It is third grade leather but because of the name it looks most premium. It is genuine leather but it is made from pieces which are left from higher-grade leathers and it is mostly used in smaller items like belts, bags and shoes. Some manufacturers also make jackets with it so it is cheaper than those two grade.

4. Bouded Leather

It is the fourth grade leather it is made from leftovers of leather fibers and scraps which can come from different kinds of leather and bonded together to look premium but they are not. It is better to stay away from as they are not durable and gets old. You will regret buying them. No matter if your budget is low still don’t buy a jacket made from bonded leather.

5. Faux Leather

It is also called PU (Polyurethane) leather it is different than other leathers because it is made from plastic not from animal skin. PU leather is 100% artificial and considered as a vegan. Its pattern looks perfect because its texture is made by human. It also smell like plastic or chemical when it is new. It is cheaper than other type of leathers but it is slightly expensive than bonded. Faux leather is not long-lasting like top three grade leathers but obviously it is much durable than bonded leather. If you are looking for the cheapest option or you are vegan then go for it.

Know Your Budget

The first step is, you need to set your budget. If you don’t know how much you are going to spend on a leather jacket, then there is more chance you did not decide which store you will visit. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy a high-quality product without breaking the bank. But if you determine your budget first, then at least you know you will be buying from an expensive store, or you are going for value for money.

Know Your Wearing Style

The wearing style also depends on your body type. If your body shape is a triangle, then it means your body is larger from around the waist than your top body part. Men with this type of body type often struggle to find the right outfits. Just avoid wearing slim fits if you have a triangular body. There is a complete guide at Angel Jackets with suggestions of preferred leather jacket according to your body shape, whether your body shape is an inverted triangle, oval or rectangular. You will be surprised how intelligently they distinguished the best leather jacket style for you.

Choose The Right Store

Do your research about leather jacket shops. You will surely find expensive ones more easily which people would also suggest to you. But if you are looking for stores that will provide you value for money, that is hard to find with positive reviews. Then take your time before spending your money.

Choose The Right Jacket

You still need to make some decisions once you are in store. Because there are some kind of leather jackets like motorcycle, bomber, racer, shearling and many more, there are also some different colors. You have to choose carefully which one would complement your style.

Compliment Your Jacket with Outfits

Once you bought a jacket, it doesn’t mean you can wear with any outfit. For example, if you purchased a black one, then you can wear it on a white t-shirt with black jeans and black shoes it will make you look great. You can make more combinations like this. But be careful while choosing your outfits when you want to add a leather jacket on them. Even some people buy new outfits to resonate their jacket style and you can also add accesories like watch or wallet to compliment your look.

So here is an essential guide for looking badass in a leather jacket. By following these steps, you can pull off your next favorite wearing style. If this was helpful or you have any queries, let us know in comments.