How to Sell Invention Ideas Online – 2024 Guide

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Let’s see – you came up with a fantastic invention and you’re positive that this little masterpiece plan of yours could significantly change some things or improve a certain kind of business. A great idea comes to your mind – you might sell it for a nice profit and watch people around benefit from it. Sounds like a dream plan, doesn’t it? However, it’s only a dream – your lack of experience makes you insecure and you’re not sure what’s the best thing to achieve the desired result. Well, if you have never had anything to do with the innovation sector, it’s rather normal and unsurprising to be a little bit frightened to do this. In order to manage to accomplish your goal, it’s fundamental to build a well-established plan which will let you convert your idea into a true business and benefit from the sale of your invention.

Have you ever thought about how powerful the online community really is? Let’s stop for a second and think – what would have happened if the most famous inventors in history had had a chance to sell their inventions and make money? How quickly would the development of the world progress and how much would it be worth to distribute unusual and interesting concepts? Too many mind-blowing questions. Yet, it’s a fact that today we DO have this opportunity. The only thing you need is a great strategy – and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your own hard work and success.

Be aware of the real value of your invention

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Inventions need to have fair prices according to both criteria: the inventor and the person who’ll buy their idea. If you think this is an easy task, well, you’re wrong. The whole analysis that’s supposed to be performed depends on many factors and requires some time before you just sit down, turn on the computer and sell it online to somebody. Parameters could include numerous things like market preferences, costs of production (if there are any), the impact and potential financial advantages that could emerge from this.

So, before you actually do something in order to speed up the sale process, remember that you need to know the value of your own work. And you should always be ready to explain why it’s worth the effort. People like asking a bunch of questions, especially the ones who are searching for solutions online. Therefore, you’ll need to be eager to introduce them to your concept. A quality assessment of your idea is basically the major segment, which should let you come up with the optimal selling strategy.

Research the market

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The second step is market research. This means that you will need to perform a thorough assessment of the market preference and conclude if your idea could prosper in some fields. This will also help you gain some realistic expectations and find out if there’s a chance for you to make a decent amount of money by selling it. Research like this also serves as a great tactic for getting to know your competitors, which could be a fundamental point in case your idea is similar to some other concepts that appeared before. Explore similar business or at least the ones related to your niche, follow the services they’re offering and check their ranking. If they’re successful, take notes and make your own tips on how to improve and become better.. Find out how they obtained their ideas, what products they sell (if they do), what services they offer, and so on. Then just make a list of advantages that your idea has compared to them. If there are no advantages – make some. Be creative. This will add some value to your concept once it’s ready for sale.

Think about the legal side

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Oh well, here comes the boring part. Legal stuff. Let’s suppose that you know that this is an unavoidable sequence as your idea needs to be protected in order to prosper. First of all, make sure that the concept you came up with is actually patentable, as patenting should be the first and essential thing to think about in this situation. Some websites offer an online patent check, through which you can find out more about similar inventions. Also, communities like InventHelp are able to help you with the patent process and provide you with more useful information related to this.

In case you’re not sure that you understand all that legal hassle, don’t worry. It happens all the time. These things are often boring to most people and many of them rely on somebody else when it comes to this part. So, the best thing to do is seek professional advice from the lawyer or any other person who had any kind of similar experience, in case you want to resolve this segment quickly.

Make your own online place for selling your invention

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Maybe the most creative, delicate and compelling part of the process. You know how people make those cool web stores and keep selling their cakes, clothes, gadgets or any other types of products? They look like tiny microcosms full of descriptions, ideas, they allure the customers and get a lot of attention, especially if they’re represented in a good and absorbing way.

Well, it’s time for you to make your own. That’s absolutely right: you need to prepare an online resume of your invention – and you need to do it well. One of the possibilities is to make your own online kind-of platform which will summarize basic information about the invention you’re trying to sell. Of course, it’s not enough to just want it to look great – it’s necessary to put some effort in order to make it look like you imagined.

You can also add some extra details that could be interesting to the potential buyers, a compelling story behind the creation of the concept or similar stuff. This will also be some kind of a full presentation of your work. And once it’s finished and you’re sure that it absolutely rocks, start sharing and proposing this idea to people who might be interested in purchasing it.

Find companies who are looking for fresh things

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Well, and who could possibly be interested in what you want to sell? Another thing to discover. Oh boy, so much exploring and discovering, right? However, it’s all for the good purpose. Once you’re positive that your little online project looks satisfying and fulfills all the requirements for a good presentation, go step further. It’s time for another research. Collect the contact details of all the companies whose business niche is close to your concept’s niche. Make a list of their email addresses and send them a well-made offer they won’t be able to refuse.

Show the attitude while performing your online presentation: a significant dose of security is your friend. Transmit your story to the ones who want to listen or show curiosity and eagerness to find out more about what you have to offer. Also, do your best to establish a well-balanced connection with such people and be ready to speak to them professionally and answer all their queries.

In this article we tried to explain some major concerns regarding the invention sale through the Internet. As you were able to notice in case you followed all the steps – it’s quite a procedure. And don’t think that it’s the simplest thing in the world. But if performed properly, this could be the most up-and-coming move of your life and future.